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Giveaways on Facebook!

Hi babes!

sharing some giveaways that i chanced on facebook! for Singapore only. 🙂

Hada Labo is giving away free samples for their Lotion and Cleansing oil. Like Hada Labo on Facebook now and click on their apps to redeem. 🙂

SunPlay is giving away a travel size sunblock. Like SunPlay on Facebook and click on the app to redeem.


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Ampoules & Masks Spree in time for Xmas 2012!


Ampoules and Masks Spree just in time for the festive season!

Check out for more details. 🙂

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updates on promotion on iherb!

iHerb has added a new shipping method exclusively for Singapore customers called Euroasia Express. It includes tracking information and costs a flat fee of only $8 for orders totaling more than $60!
This shipping method takes 4 – 8 business days (6 – 10 days total). However, the more orders we ship using this method, the faster the delivery will be — as we need to meet a minimum quota of packages to use it.
If you would like to help us increase our shipping volume to Singapore, you can help by:

A. Ordering all your natural products from iHerb: There has never been a better time to stock up on all of your natural product needs.
Shopping at iHerb is like visiting a giant health food store in the US, with over 35,000 brand name products in stock! Plus, you can expect discounts up to half off retail prices:

B. For first time customers or customers whom just want to save on your orders, create a new account with discount code LIM954 to:
–receive $10 off your first iHerb order of $40 or more or $5 off smaller orders
–If you order $60 or more, they will receive an extra 5% off of their entire order!

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Dear Readers,

Thank you for participating in the spree that ended in Aug’12. The spree has ended and everyone has received their ampoules. 🙂

As mentioned previously, due to family commitments, i will only be holding this spree once a quarter or half yearly.

With this recent spree, i have also purchased stocks to last till the next spree. Please see here for the ready stock list, on first pay first serve basis, while stocks lasts! Do note that Ampoules are to be ordered in boxes of 10 vials each. No Mix & Match allowed (which is better as every box would have their own expiry dates printed).

Every order comes with free normal postage. Top up $2.55 for registered mail. Orders $100 and above will be entitled to 10% discount and free registered mail. 

 To confirm order, please drop me an email with your order and i will let you know if it’s still available. Please make payment within 1 day and i will mail it out to you on the next working day. :)

Feel free to contact me at if you have large orders which i might try to accomodate. :)

If you would like to join the mailing list, please add a comment below with your email address. Your comment will be in private mood for confidentiality. :)

Love, Miracule

27 Aug 2012

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Miracule is back to spree-ing again

Hi hi,

finally i am back from the hiatus! Spree has just opened and will closed on 15 August. Ampoules expected to arrive in week of 22 Aug after the holidays. 

If you want to find out more, go to 

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Get USD8 off your order from iHerb

Just a quick update!

the iHerb has a promotion now, you may get USD8 off your first order with iHerb simply by entering the coupon code of  LIM954 in the shopping cart, before checkout.

Tip: create a new account with a new email address if you are already an existing iHerb member! Sometimes i use this way to enjoy some savings.
(Please note that this is a limited-time offer, and the value will revert back to $5 after March 31st, 2012.)

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Miracule will be going away

Hi people,

Just a quick note to let you know that I will be away from 25 Feb to 1 Mar 2012. During this period, i will have little access to the internet and thus will not be able to answer any enquiries. 🙂

take care!

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The Virgin Brow Job

On how i arrived here, just read my previous post on How i arrived at my Virgin Brow Job

I do not have time to do alot of typing now, so i will just share some images. 🙂 I will be back to this post to edit when i am free…  🙂

This is taken while i was on my way to Browhaus @ Holland Village. The therapist whom did the BR for me is Pinkie. Of cos, i will never leave home without drawing my eye brows and above is drawn using the ZA Brow pencil

The first shape drawn by the therapist… i am like “HUH!?!!”

She re-drew for me. after many many requests and adjustments etc, i was also kinda tired and just told her to continue to the hell of it… but it’s funny, cos after the numbing cream she will wipe off everything and inked from there.. so i was very glad the results were nothing like wat was drew above..

This is for fun. Hee, the numbing cream was applied.. dont i look like La Bi Xiao Xin when he is old??

I was getting a little tired of waiting and thus doing a lil cam whoring for fun.

Immediately after BR. The skin around is quite red and i felt like my skin is burning and itchy.. Pinkie said that she never encounter a customer that has this problem, thus it may be due to me using AHA facial wash that resulted in the thinning of skin and thus more sensitive.

Hurhur, i am actually very pleased! i never had bushy eyebrows before so this seems very good for me.. at least now i have clear and defined brows.. and is strand by strand.

Close up. This is the reason why i paid such a hefty price. So far  images i have seen from others who did their creative or 3d eyebrow emboidery else where, the lines were thicker and lesser.. but i love how Browhaus does the fine and thin lines to make it look like my own eyebrows..

Ok, this is how i look further away. you cant really see the redness and no one can tell i did this job before. Which is what i wanted too… i wouldnt want some ignorant people to shout “Hey you tattoo your eyebrows!!” i want to look pretty, naturally and if possible, conveniently.

that’s all for now! 🙂

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How i arrived at My Virgin Brow Job

What is the thing that 99% of the women in modern cities cannot leave home without?

For me, other than $$ and my iPhone, it’s the drawing of my eyebrows!!

If you ask around, most women, regardless of those with thin balding brow arches with hairs so fine and lost tails (like me) or those whom are blessed with thick bushy brows (like my sister).. The one makeup product that we will really use finished and replenish is the eyebrow pencil. Drawing the eyebrows takes so much skills as well as need to take into consideration the time, mood, skin, events going to etc etc. One of the reason why I dislike swimming or outdoor activities is because the eyebrow which I drawn painstakingly will melt after a while… 😦 (and ironically, painstakingly is used here because I can spent so much time but the brows simply do not balance!) if our eyes are the windows to our faces, then the eyebrows are like the roof and structure. It is something on the face when you can change it a lil’ and you look drastically different! Be it a curve, or the angle or the sharpness and the length… If you want to go nude or makeup less, you will still do something about the eyebrows and eyes.

Anyway, enough about the rantings from me. I have gone so frustrated to drawing my eyebrows, especially since I became a mom where beauty sleep time is so precious. I have been researching again and again on doing creative eyebrow embroidery or brows resurrection etc. And I have tried to convince myself NOT to do it again and again, until recently.. I just paid for a package at browhaus to do eyebrow resurrection with them. If you want to know more about what it is, just google “eyebrow resurrection”. My bigger worry now will be that my eyebrow job might not even be able to last 3 months… Because of my super oily skin and also of my AHA facial wash I am using now… I shall ask more about this with the therapist tomorrow!

The price is hefty! Very very hefty for something that is only suppose to last 8 to 24 months only (depending on your skin conditions). But in the end I still chose to go with them because of:

1) it’s my first time! I am afraid of how it will turn out. Whether too Aunty or blotched job or etc. So 8 months sounds reasonable for me to decide if it’s good for me before i will go for something more “permenent”. Just like when I permed my hair for the first time, I asked for the biggest available curls so that I won’t have a shock after the session. So it had to be something easy to “reverse” or live out of.

2) by far, browhaus is the only establishment that does marketing. By marketing, it means that there are many very clear before and after pictures. I have found many proper reviews online where people post the before and after pics, daily pics after the job etc.

3) so far, based on the images which I asked politely from forum folks or seen by people whom posted online. It seems like only browhaus is able to create the very fine lines in directions which is closet to our own hair growth. I do want to look natural. Thus my choice to paying the money and trying it.

4) it’s the only big establishment where I believe if it’s not well done, I will rant of it online and it’s name will be tarnished and people will be warned. I think they should be ok as they will need to train every therapist to deliver the same good work right?

Ok! Today is the eve of my brand new life! Still feeling a little jittery though. I hope it will be good tomorrow and I do not need to “repent and regret”! (if you are a singaporean that voted this year, you will know what I mean by that.. It means to be stuck in a bad situation)

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or endorsed for this and thus i will be able to offer the most honest opinions. I really paid the hefty $ from my own pocket all because I had enough of being a great mom and wife, but ended up with panda eyes, a few wrinkles around the eyes, eyes bags, dehydrated skin and loss of elasticity, the spare tire and loose skin that you can never shake off due to pregnancy.. The list goes on. I just want to feel good about myself all over again. And I hope my next post is all about me feeling very good!!


Bye bye my eyebrow pencil and hello to convenient beauty!

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Reviews on Facebook – Skin79 and Hada Labo

Dear Babes,

I have shared some reviews on unusual Skin79 products – Amino Acid Serum and Pearl Powder compact on Facebook. Like me on Facebook now to read and share more about it.

Along with those reviews were some products I purchased from Hada Labo * ❤ ❤ * as well.

I hoping to get 25 likes soon so that I can have the own uniquely Facebook page name to reach out to more beauty fanatics like me out there!

See you!

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