Posted by: Miracule | July 31, 2007

Face Slimming Roller

Name: Face Slimming Roller
Price: S$3.20 including normal postage from The Angels Shop

4.5 stars out of 5 stars

Why still wait? Buy and try now~! It cost even cheaper than you lunch you know! 

Product Information:
Exercise your face now with this face slimming roller to get slimmer and smaller face. It’s easy face slimming with this Face roller.

This face roller has two wheels which aids in face blood regulation and massage the face:
1) effectively smoothen face muscle that are exhausted and stiff.
2) improve the edema condition of face. (Face that look swollen and bulky with excess fat or fluid)
3) Can also be used to massage the neck area to improve blood regulation & smoothen neck muscles.
4) Remove double chin (双下巴)

Method of Use:
After washing your face, roll the roller starting from lower jaw upwards to the center parts of the face. Repeat this for 10 minutes. To be use everyday for best results. So don’t be lazy and start exercising your face everyday! Apply a little strength to squeeze the handle to get better effects ( see picture below.)

My Penny of Thoughts on this product:
It started off with me asking a friend of mine, how come she looked so much slimmer recently and she asked me if noticed her face being sharper and slimmer… Yes i replied and she shared with me her secret which is this face slimming roller~!

I did a check on Yahoo Auctions and the cheapest was selling for $6.90 without postage!! Bugis village is also selling the same product at about $8 plus! Boo!

Found this The Angels Shop which costs only $3.20 including normal postage to your house!

You can do it anytime, anywhere at home EVERYDAY! Massage the face for about 10 minutes (not more than that, as excessive massaging on the face will caused outbreaks) and best of all, you can operate it with only one hand, thus leaving the other free to continue to check your emails and stuffs!

It might be even better to used after applying face slimming creams or gels. But my advice is, not to apply anything that you ain’t sure onto your face..   a recommend product to use together with this will be Clarins Shaping Facial Lift.



  1. How quick till you see results?

  2. hmm, i was lazy to use~! but if u use 10 min everyday, you can feel the difference yourself.

  3. I want to buy this product-Face Slimming Roller.Where can i get this in Malaysia?or i can buy it online?

  4. wow.. malaysia.. i aint sure where is it selling in Malaysia.. But you can try the Angel Shop (link is above) to see if they can mail to Malaysia to you. 😉

  5. Hi as the angels has no more stock on the face
    rollars, can i know which shop at bugis sells it. thanks

  6. hihi, i suggest u wait for the stock? they usually top up de leh.. u can ask them…

    else u got yahoo auction to find.. got pple sell $6 plus….

    Bugis sell $12 i heard… if u wanna know.. it’s 2nd level in the bugis village there.. u can walk ard to ask… i dunno the shop unit number wor…

  7. Sara, i just bought a face roller yesterday. u can find it at Bigboo. =D at only MYR6

    Thanx miracule for sharing ur experiences. i luv this blog. =)

    take care

  8. With the face roller I will suggest only roll it upwards and not both ways. If you roll it up and down, long term is that your skin will sag. So just roll it from chin up, then remove and start back at the chin again.

  9. do you use the roller after cleasing but before you apply toner and moisturiser or roll after you have applied toner and moisturiser?

  10. hi crystal,

    good question! cos my face is oily.. i usually wash my face, wipe dry den use the roller…….

    then b4 i sleep i will wash my face again den apply toner serum etc etc

  11. thanks gal! by the way, how do you use the roller? are we not supposed to roll it up and down? i’m referring to Miki’s comment above

  12. Hmm, from my chin, i move it upwards,
    den remove it… and fm chin move upwards again lo… to push it up.. hahaha

  13. hi hi, do u know where can i get this in malaysia. Julia mention about Bigboo….hmm where is that?

  14. hi nicole,

    i am sorry, however i aint sure where it’s available in Malaysia though..

  15. Hi, nichole, u can get it from The curve “SASA” shop. I just bought it. However it costs about rm 16.00. Very expensice.

  16. hi, i just got one from reading your review. after searching everywhere, i found a place that sell is for $3.37 USD with FREE shipping (worldwide) OMG!!

    shipping is a bit slow, but hey the shipping is free i can’t really complain.

    you can get it from

    the direct link is

    thanks for your review! i hope my face will look slim enough for my grad pics.

  17. how can you stop the music from the site?

  18. er.. press pause under currently playing?

  19. Heyy I was wondering how long you’ve been using it for or how long your friend used it to see results

  20. eh about how long do we use it a day to see result faster?

  21. hmm, a wk plus?

  22. I’ve been using for 2 weeks and see no results at all. 😦

  23. hi i want to order the face coller and nose shurpinge clipper pleage give me th webaddresses how i can order thanks

  24. sara ,i just bought this in Sasa for using it now as im typing this =)

  25. hi shm mmi,

    i am sorry i do not sell it. i just review what i bought. i think u can try searching for it on yahoo auctions or i heard there is a shop in bugis village that’s selling this.

  26. hi,
    just came across your blog and i find this a very interesting device. Gotta buy it too.

    My friend was telling me there’s this lady who teaches traditional grandmother anti-aging know, old age secrets that you can’t learn at beauty schools. Apparently, the lessons cover everything from facelift massage techniques, anti-aging facial exercise, homemade beauty recipes, and other tips. She doesn’t use anything from the bottle,but just stuff you can get from the kitchen. And if u attend her workshop, she’ll give you a free anti-aging face massage. Just think it’s good to learn this because once you know the techniques, you can just do it yourself and do not have to waste money on expensive beauty products that promise so much but don’t really produce any results.

  27. hi aishia,

    wow! that seems like a great course! did u attend? if u did, please do share with me some anti-aging techniques!

  28. Question to Aishamaria:

    Where can I attend this course with the lady to learn natural anti-aging techniques?


  29. hi..umm..have eu ever heard of slim mouth piece?..does it work??..and is there any product that can make nose look sharper??

    thanks yah!

  30. Gosh it’s so ex in Singapore! I bought it at $1USD from Daiso in USA..

  31. hallo…
    i want to order it…
    could u please give me ur details..thankz…..

  32. Tried this years ago, didn’t work for me.

    Now I am using a small “medical” device called “Lip Trainer” (featured in one of the Channel 5’s health programme; meant for my nose problem and my girl’s sleep disorder problem) but both of us have slimmer and toned face now as a “side-effect”. Finally I have a pointed chin, double-chins gone ^_^.

    Co-workers ordered this for double-chin and sagging jowl after she saw the effects on me. Working well.

    Cost : S$84.00 (excl GST), and only available in clinics and hospitals…

    Google “patakara lip trainer” for more info

  33. Where can i buy face slimming roller?Maybe in Indonesia? And nose clipper?

  34. omg i love your blog! its a god send!

    i have a big face too, but ever since using clarins face slimming pdt, my face slimmed down abit

    but i want it to be slimmer.

    tried clicking on “angels shop” but nothing came out except for live journal.

    where else can i get this wonder pdt, and would the ones out there be equally useful?

  35. please mail me on where to get this.
    thanks (:

  36. does the face roller really work?
    i live in the usa / america.
    whatever you want to call it.
    and i said that becuase people
    were saying names that i have never heard
    Yes i know where to get one.
    i just want to know if it works.
    i have a very skinny body,
    yet a chubby face.
    i feel i look really…werid.
    If the face roller does work,
    where can you use it on your face?
    chin and cheeks?

  37. Hi,

    Just discovered this website while google searching for facial exercise. Does this product really help? Any one used before pls share your experience..
    This site is really very informative..


    • now using tis king of roller too..maybe i did not use it so doesn’t work wit me..but it is a cheap item u can try!!!… Its small n convenient to bring it every where… i got it at Prangin Mall Penang,M’sia..It cost less than Rm5….

  38. where can we find this in canada?

    • dear, i am not so sure abt that.. sorry!

    • LOL i got mine at the everything for a dollar store haha and its not as cool looking but it works just as well. I live in Alberta, so i’m not sure if theres another store somewhere else…

  39. YAA Adding this to my bookmarks. Thank You

  40. Does it work ?
    Like does it lose double chin and facial skin[especially fat cheeks]?

    • hi mancy,

      to a certain extent, it does.. but then again.. i am lazy to continue and…. be realistic.. it will work only if you are hardworking, combine with some tightening products.. but definitely, dont expect to totally slim down ur face drastically. 🙂

  41. well my mom tried it, it really did work.
    well she didnt notice the difference but me and my dad did, even my mom’s friends did.
    at first i thought face rollers are cheap, but actually they do work! they rock!

  42. Hello Miracule,
    I was wondering if your bottle of Clarins is tiny. The largest one i’ve found online is 50 ml/1.7 oz and it sounds like its really little for how much they charge. How often would you recommend using it and how much do you you use per usage?

    • hey helen,

      yeah, i would agree that it’s a little small. by right you suppose to use it everyday twice. yupz, i find it too expensive to maintain using it.. so i stopped. 🙂

  43. where i can find this in finland ????????

  44. hi,

    i’m desperate to find a face slimming product. i’m normal size, and i love my body 5’3′, 50kg. I just need to slim down my face, cuz sharp features are just hoT..!!!

    for any of u out there who have tried this product, does it really work?

    for any of u who tried buying it via online did they manage to deliver it to u? how long does delivery takes?
    it says that it’s free shipping worldwide, I live in Malaysia, are there any Malaysians out there who has tried buying it via this website?

    where else can we get it in Malaysia (Klang Valley) and how much did u get for it?

    chEErS..!!! 🙂

  45. Hello Miracule,
    u have saved me hundred of dollars for face reshaping that i wanted to do early this month (trial cost).

    i have a skinny body and chubby chin n yes, i agree with Hannah that slimmer face is HOT now!

    i bought my face roller for only MYR16 last two days n today my colleagues noticed my slimmer face. i used it day n night n even using now while typing this. I bought the one w battery operated n use it without any slimming cream. According to the instruction leaflet, i have to use it for 20 min to see the result. I have an oily skin and will that 20 min long cause breakouts? Please advice. Tq

    Btw, Elaine, which shop in Prangin Mall that u bought and is it better operated? Tq.

    • hey marrisa!! so happy for you!

      hmm just use on your chin area will do. ya, actually massage are not recommended for oily skin because it’s easy to cause breakout.. just wash your face before u use the massager, and after using, wash the massager to rid of the oil that goes onto it. 🙂

    • where did u buy it for Rm16?

  46. hello^^. may i know where can i buy this in the phils.?

  47. how can i buy the face roller massager?Where?

  48. im gonna try it!! its really cheap…so hey not a big investment but i hope it works anyway.

  49. some great info here!
    i’m adding this to my bookmarks…

  50. You can get a better version of the roller at Amazon

    Bought one myself.. works well.. instructions are in Japanese but I dun think you need much instructions.. the one i got also works on double chin.. you can attach and remove the additional roller piece for the chin.

  51. How do I go about ordering one of those? There doesn’t seem to be instructions anywhere on how to order one.

    • hihi,

      it’s a long time ago since i ordered mine. if you stay in singapore you can try out diaso. else try googling 🙂

  52. Hey! How do i get one of this? I really need it! My face is super duper fat 😦 Please get back to me at my email! Thanks.

  53. Daiso at IMM selling only at $2

  54. Oh myyy! Thank you so much! Exactly the information i need for it! hahaha I looked this up because i have a very plump face, i was deciding to get straight across bangs but my face needs to be slimmer. I already had a roller from long ago (I got it for FREE 😀 they were handing it out in front of a store called the Body Shop in Korea! I got like 3 LOL) Anyways thank you sosososo much![: OH but mine if pink not orange haha 😛 Thanks again!

  55. I bought only RM5.7 LOL. 😀
    the nose roller is RM.3.70 or so.

  56. Hey thx for blog. I just bought one for fun at Daiso… We just have a new store in local area. (I’m in aus) Would not have known what it was if I did not watch tvb shows. Anyway I thought it must be something that asian girls do and doesn’t work but it sounds pretty promising from this page!!
    I swear some tvb female stars get a slimmer face over time. I think it might be plastic surgery but I don’t know the name of the procedure. Have been trying to find out cos I’d like it done too… But the maybe they have just simply been using a cheap face roller!!!
    Anyway day 1 hope it works 😉

    • hi Vic,

      it will definitely improve. 🙂 that’s because we never “exercise” our face! good luck!

  57. so i bought one and i tried it out. you know what i did. i was doing 20 mins a day and then my chin started to get bigger( swollen).. lol so i stopped doing it for awhile and then i notice i have a lit pointed chin now. 🙂 happy.. don’t do too much thou.

  58. In the PHILIPPINES, you can buy this at Daiso stores, Japan Home Centre stores, or Saizen stores for just Php 88 (about US$ 2). It depends if they have it in stock. The only Daiso stores I know are located at Festival Mall Alabang (Muntinlupa City), Alabang Town Center, and Pergola Mall – BF (Paranaque City). I got mine from Daiso – Festival Mall Alabang just yesterday (Sept. 24, 2011). There could be a branch near you. You can also check this out:

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  59. Do you think this would be helpful to *slightly* slim down a round face? Or do you think it would make my face look disproportional?

    • Hi Victoria,

      I think it’s all right. 🙂 it’s not expensive at all. No harm trying. 🙂

  60. in the philippines you can buy it in ali mall in cubao quezon city.. the shop is called saizen.. its very cheap (88 pesos equivalent to 2 dollars)..

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