Posted by: Miracule | August 1, 2007

Face Slimming Massage

I have found some videos from the ever famous 女人我最大, demonstrating some face massaging techniques.

It’s suppose to stimulate the accupoints beneath the skin, and by massaging daily, you can look up slimmer and up to 5 years younger!

Do check them out at the right side below~!


  1. hi! Thank you for this tip ^^ it’s an interesting watch, problem is I don’t understand -.-;;; I was wondering what this famous show is called, and the women in it, so I might search for them in english. I’m also interested in that strange green drink *kehe*

    Do you know if there’s a translation avaliable somewhere? Or some english homepage that describe similar massages? I want to make sure I do it right ^^ I don’t want to end up looking older than I am instead XD;;


  2. hi fay,

    The show is called 女人我最大.

    i tried searching for videos in English for you. Hope the below is helpful.

  3. hi i tried finding the facial slimming link on your blog but don’t see it could u please link me?

  4. hi lucy,

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