Posted by: Miracule | August 2, 2007

Clarins UV Plus Protective Day Screen

Name: UV Plus Protective Day Screen
Manufacturer: Clarins
Packaging: Nice compact bottle, 30ml
Price: Bought at $110 for 2 bottles under a promo, usual price $65 each

4.5 stars out of 5 stars

Hmm, the price feels like it’s a little on the high side. But i been using it everyday since March 2007, and i am still using my first bottle. If you are on the budget side, you can try out Sunkiller Kids which you can get at John Little for about $10. The texture is about the same, it’s very lightweight and gives a matte finished too. If i am not wrong, it should be SPF 33, which is quite high too. = )

Tips from me:
Sun block or sun screens are recommended by doctors as a must for our face. It’s because the sun caused many damages to our skin and make us aged faster. It can also serve as a screen to block against pollutants in the environment too. Choosing a good sun screen that is suitable for your face is very important. You have to find out if you are allergic to the ingredients in the sun screen as alcohol will dry your skin in the long run and high silicone will cause an outbreaks in some people. If you found a good and suitable sun screen, it can serve as a make up base too! = )

Product Information:
This is the screen that overshadows all the harmful effects of the sun. Your skin is finally going to love the light! Clarins innovates once again and developed this exclusive “screen” formula to help protect your skin all day long against UVA, UVB and IR rays (known factors with regards to skin ageing and hyperpigmentation). This product is incredibly matte, it can be applied over your daytime moisturizer and just before foundation. Its lightweight texture is quickly absorbed into skin in preparation for make-up application.

The beauty benefits of this product are:
-An invisible protective film that is quick and easy to apply and does not leave behind any feeling of build up.
-An extremely fine, matte texture that facilitates make-up application and enhances its wear.
-Offers effective protection against UV rays. Skin maintains a clear and radiant appearance.
-Offers a high SPF protection of 40 PA+++
-Oil Free

-Contains 100% natural mineral filters and is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.
-UV filters (SPF 40 PA+++) effectively protect the skin against the harmful effects of light.
-White Tea extracts offers powerful protection against pollution and free radicals.
-Dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic.

Method of Use:
Use after cleanse, toner and moisturiser. Dap 5 drops of the sun screen on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Lightly rubbed the product into the face. Wait for about 5 mins before applying your makeup. Wait about 15 mins before going under the sun.

My Penny of Thoughts on this product:
Have you tried any sun block or sun screen products before? The texture of the products always leave an oily feel on the face! And maybe after 5 mins in the outdoor, my face will feel like the flat stove where they cooked roti prata – OILY that is… Thus i dislike apply sunblock, until my doctor advises that sunblock is an important step as the sun aged and caused many damages to our skin.

I hunted for a long time, before finding this, which i deem as my perfect sun screen~! First of all, the texture of the product is so good that you do not feel any oily residue after applying. Secondly, the milky white sun screen makes the skin looks translucent and radiant! Thirdly, it offers a high protection of SPF 40 PA+++~!!!



  1. A tiny bottle of 30 mL sunscreen does NOT last 5 months if applied properly, the amount of 30 mL lasts around 7 days worn on face, neck and hands if applied daily.

    And the price, @_@

  2. Hmm, i aint sure how you are applying yoru sunscreen…. to me, i have been applying alot… 5 drops each time to face and neck only… and i am still on my first bottle which i purchased and use in May 2007 till now…

  3. You’re probably getting SPF 2 if you apply so little. If you’re using it daily on your face and neck, the bottle should have run out after 1 month or less.

    • i doubt so, if you go to the clarins counter, they will tell you the same application method

  4. hello can u plz tell me the active/medical ingredients ex. titannium dixide and also its percentage plz. i think its on the bak of the bottle, i want to noe bcuz i bought the same thing in canada, but it doesnt have the pa+++ on it…
    i want to noe if they re different.. thanks so much

    • Hi sorry, but I threw away the box thus I dun have the ingredient list with me.

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