Posted by: Miracule | August 2, 2007

Missha Green Grape Yogurt Pack

Name: Green Grape Yogurt Pack
Manufacturer: Missha
Packaging: Vitamins Container look-a-like, 110g
Price: $8.90 from Missha

0.5 stars out of 5 stars

Suggest you give this a miss~! The money can be saved to buy about 3 nail polishes from Missha instead. Missha Nail Polishes are Cheap and Good as well. only that the colours are very limited. hurhur

Tips from me:
I believe the product is more suitable for people with dry skin, as it will deliver moisture to your skin and help make it look radiant. However if you have dry skin and is looking for a hydration mask, i would recommend you to use the Red Wine Mask instead. (The red wine mask is GOOD, will do a review on it later)

Product Information:
This easy to use wash off mask with fresh green grape scent provides for a softer skin and is moisturized by using the massaging effect. Scrub particles extracted from the green grape, exfoliate aged skin cells providing smoother and cleaner skin.

Green Grape Extract 10%
Yogurt Powder 55mg
Contains other ingredients such as water, lactose, cellulose etc too.

Method of Use:
Apply an appropriate amount all over the face avoiding the areas around the eyes and lips while massaging softly. After 5 to 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water

My Penny of Thoughts on this product:
The smell of this product is really very nice~! But to my disappointment, the texture of the mask is about jelly-lumpy, plus the shape of the container, you really have to dig your finger in and it’s not easy to scoop the mask out.  The scrub particles are negligible… and even when you apply, you can’t feel any scrubbing effect. I thought that maybe the green grape extract will soften and exfoliate the dead skin away… After wash off, i felt a oily skin effect. ( i felt like an indian… no offence, it’s the aftermath of the smell and feel). I did not feel any difference after using the mask, except that the skin feels oily. Doubt that there is any deep cleansing effect as well.


  1. hey! may i know how you got ur red wine mask! (: would love to get one for hydration!

  2. hi karen, thru sprees from live journals or forum!

  3. nice review 🙂 but i don’t think i will use this mask because of my oily skin. I have the mango yogurt pack. The label says it is for all skin type but it is a bit too rich for me and caused whiteheads. Maybe you will be interested to try it. The scent is very yummy ^^

    • oh no, i do not like missha product at all. don’t think it is suitable for me. same as the feedback from my sister. 🙂

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