Posted by: Miracule | August 3, 2007

Lasik your way to clear vision

Are you suffering from Myopia or Astigmatism as well? Girls all wanna look pretty and spectacles are a BIG hindrance on our face! Spectacles are also avoided as prolonged wearing causes headaches and is extremely inconvenience while doing sports etc. 

We are power users of contact lens – Permernant, Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Daily & Coloured lens. And the prices of daily lens and colored lens are way more expensive than monthly lens!

I have been a contact lens wearer for more than a decade! And i have suffered from so many sore eyes and eyes infections that i have switched from monthly lens to bi weekly lens and to daily lens which i have been using for the past 6 years. I am extremely hygenic and even with daily lens, my eyes were prone to infections easily.

I cannot wear contacts and i hate wearing my spectacles… what do i do?

While considering to do lasik, i did my research high and low and found my solution!
>> Singapore National Eye Centre, SNEC.


– It is the most affordable at only $1320 per eye!
– It is also the most reliable as it is a government hospital, their equipments all are updated.
– There is no advertising gimmicks such as those of the SLC. (If you did your own research, you will know where this is)
– They have launched the singlasikTM where it’s really a total quality experience that i feel i am taken care of in all aspects including the registration, assessments, consultation etc. 
– You do not have to wait very long, the longest is about 3 months with the more popular doctors,
– The doctors are really very nice which you can really speak to him if you need the surgery to be done earlier

I did numerous research and one very good place is the Flowerpod Lasik Forum.

I made my appointment with the most highly raved by doctor, Dr Leonard Ang. You can either made an appointment via the SNEC website which you can request for other doctors too. Or, you can email to Dr Leonard Ang directly  He is very prompt in replies and is a very nice and caring doctor. In fact he has called me on my mobile a few times to check on my still infected eyes and allowed me to make visits to his clinic FOC, to check on the recovery progress of my seriously infected eyes. He wants to make sure that everything is all right prior to the surgery and tries to help me with my infection recovery, so that i will not be disappointed if i have to postpone my surgery due to my eyes still infected! From what i seen in the forum, other doctors do not do that, so this is really a very good experience. I know i am in good hands! And, going to SNEC, a public hospital, doesn’t neccessary means lousy treatments. In fact, there is a private lasik centre in Singapore that acts very much like the much irritable Taka Jewellery…

Do note the following if you are keen to go for lasik too.

Is there any preparation required prior to the first consultation?

If you wear contact lenses, you will need to leave them out for at least 1 week for soft lenses, and 2 weeks for hard or gas permeable lenses prior to the pre-operative consultation to prevent corneal warpage from affecting the measurements.

Can laser vision correction be done if I am pregnant?

It is not advisable to have laser vision correction if one is pregnant. This is because there may be some changes in the shape of the cornea during pregnancy as a result of the hormonal changes that may affect the result of the treatment. Laser vision correction is not known to harm the unborn baby. Surgery can be considered after delivery and when your menstrual cycle has resumed. Patient should also not be breast feeding.

What is the success rate of the surgery?

In general, approximately 97% of our patients with mild to moderate myopia who undergo the laser surgery are able to attain a vision of 6/12 or better without spectacles or contact lenses. About 70% of these patients will have perfect vision (6/6) without spectacles or contact lenses.

For those with higher degrees of refractive error, the percentages will be lower. Please note that most people may still need to wear reading glasses for near work and reading as they get older due to presbyopia.

What are the side effects? Will I go blind if it goes wrong?

Common side effects are dry eyes, light sensitivity, glare and halos during the first few weeks, most will subside over time. Blindness could occur if a serious complication such as infection or scarring occurs. However, this is very rare. Antibiotic eyedrops are prescribed as a routine to prevent infection. The Singapore National Eye Centre has been performing laser vision correction since 1992. Our surgeons and staff are all highly trained and experienced to provide a safe environment for your PRK or LASIK surgery.

How long is the treatment?

Is hospitalization required? PRK takes about 5 minutes and LASIK takes 10 to 15 minutes to perform. It is done as a day surgery (outpatient) procedure without the need for admission to hospital.

Is it painful?

The procedure is performed using anaesthetic eyedrops so there is no pain during the procedure. However, you may experience some eye discomfort and tearing during the first 24 hours after the surgery. It will gradually resolve by the second or third day.

How long does it take to recover?

For LASIK, usually within 24 hours, most patients will experience better vision which will gradually improve over the next few days. For PRK, the surface of the cornea takes 3 to 5 days to heal and vision will improve thereafter. Stability of the vision is usually attained in 1 to 3 months.

When can I exercise or swim after the surgery?

In general, normal activities can be resumed after 1 week. Please refrain from swimming or water sports for 2 weeks. For LASIK, we recommend that patients avoid contact sports for 1 month to avoid accidental injury to the corneal flap.



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    • How to take care of your lenses: correct way of cleaning, disinfecting, storing and using.
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  2. Hi Miracule,

    I’m a patient of Dr. Ang, done mine last month. Got 6/6 vision but he said my eyes super dry! Hourly on eye drops.

    What about you?

  3. hihi sonel~! so u had ur lasik done by dr ang too!! how much is it now?

    hmmm, u can ask him abt this girl with a super dry right eye. that her cornea moved and he had to redo…. lol. i am the oni person he is still amazed with todate.

    yesh, it’s normal.. for first 3 mths or so, ur eyes will be dry. just faithfully drip the eye drops and use the gel and creams as prescribed.

    i also had 6/6 vision. but is blur cos of dryness. especially in right eye only…

    but it’s going to be 1 yr this aug.. and so far i am liking every moment of it!!!! touchwood… i nver had eye infections anymore. and…. it’s good waking and seeing everything so clearly!

  4. hi Miracule, yes got his contact from flowerpod forum and now he’s one of the fav. He is very confident about the Lasik ops and kept assuring that I’ll definitely get perfect eye side after the ops.

    do you realize that he look different from the picture on the SNEC’ website?

    he said the standard lasik is the best for me. paid S$ 1320 per eye (exclude GST) .. so far spent about S$ 3,100 (include Pre Lasik Evaluation, eyes drops .. and the ops). SNEC charges are not the cheapest in town but I think they people will be professional enough to take care of the patient. The rest I think a bit too commercialise. Besides, consultants are allowed to perform the ops on both eyes in a single day!

    I have no complaints, just sometimes kind lazy and forget to moist my eyes at times! He said my right eyes super dry as well … hmm, just wondering could it be because he started the ops with right eye and that’s the reason .. lol

    Hurray .. no more eyes infection, no long hours of wearing contact lens and spec!!!

  5. hmm, frankly speaking… he is a very nice doc..

    but is ur right eye so dried that after the lasik, the cornea moved and crumpled? that’s what happened to me. thus on the 2nd day after i did the left eye, he had to open my right cornea flap and re do it again. as in to “shave” off some “skin” so that the folds are gone and it’s smooth… thus my right eye took a lot longer to heal. he said that i am his only patient that this happened..

    but anyway, his favorite phrase that he keeps repeating is…. “Beauuuuuuuuutiful!!”


  6. Hello, I would like to share my experience also. I just did my lasik not long ago, sometime before CNY. I did it at the lasik surgery clinic at Paragon. All in all I will have to say, think twice about doing Lasik in this place. I understand nowadays Lasik is more of a commondity right now as you can see it everywhere (at least in Singapore), but that doesn’t mean you can be so “unprofessional”. They have a few options available, each comes with different prices, while you were seeking their advise which one suits you better, they said “IT DOESN’T MATTER”! I felt what they really care is about pushing you to do the surgery, like doing a hard sell on insurance product. Who cares about your eyes…. what the he**- how does it not matter? It is my eyes, not food nor clothing…
    The result actually didn’t come out very good, i am now R6/18 L6/18.
    Anyways, I really don’t like the way they treat the patients. I will suggest you look for other places….

  7. hi miracule! can i ask how old were you when you did the surgery? pardon me as i know age is quite a sensitive matter to some people( watch too much movies already)

    btw, can i ask how high were your degrees? mine is 250 at the left and 300 at the right. hope im suitable! i serioouslly hope so!

    so anyways, im turning 18 soon and was considering lasik. hehe. just emailed doctor leonard. hope he replies and hope he recommends me to do it soon, and not have the need to wait till im 21 😥


    • Hihi, I was 24 then. Exactly same degrees as yours.

      Hmm I think can only do LASIK after 21 is it? Cos need to wait till the myopia stabilize. And whether suitable or not depends on how thick your cornea is. Anyway there are many different methods now, so u can do LASIK definitely, jus using different technology . 🙂

  8. Day 2 since lasik with Dr Ang, saw him just now for post-op checkup. He’s really friendly and reassuring!

    • Hi Danielle,

      Congrats on making your great move! Dr Ang is very friendly and is in good hands as he is also the professor whom is teaching other docs and doig researches too.

      U will nv regret doing LASIK. It’s going to be 5 yrs for me now, since 2007… And I am still enjoying every single great day!! The only problem I had is, after LASIK, when I dream, in my dreams I wore specs!! Before LASIK, in my dreams I do not wear specs.. So weird isn’t it? Haha.

      Recover well!

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