Posted by: Miracule | August 4, 2007

Herbal Corrective Lightening Serum EX

Name: Herbal Corrective Lightening Serum EX
Manufacturer: BioBeauty, Skincology, Niu Er
Packaging: A small bottle with a dropper, 30ml
Price: NT$450 from Payeasy BioBeauty, approximately SGD$28 including shipping

4 stars out of 5 stars

This is a really good product to combat those dark spots on your skin, including freckles, age spots and even acne scarrings! It’s great to lighten, whiten and brighten your face!

Product Information:
This is an advanced lightening formula with more active ingredients that work synergetically to lighten and improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. The natural extracts of cucumber and thyme helps to lessen pigment concentrations in the skin such as freckles, age and liver spots. Made with Arbutin, Bearberry Leaf and Mulberry, this product helps to whiten the face and lighten the spots, turning your dull looking skin to being radiant! This serum is anti-aging, whitening, lightening and hydrating

‧Ellagic Acid:Whitening, Strengthen the skin’s natural defences ability against stress-induced melanin, brighten and whiten the skin
‧α-Arbutin:Prevent Melanin darkening and the appearance of dark spots. Improves clarity of the face.
‧Bearberry Leaf:Improve dull and uneven skin tone, brighten and clarify skin.
‧Mulberry:Calming effect and clarify the skin.
‧Isoflavon:Protect the skin and prevents aging.
‧Thyme Essential Oil:Calming and enhancing resilience, anti-aging
‧Hyaluronic Acid: To keep skin supple

Method of Use:
Twice daily using finger tips, apply a small amount to black spots. Can be applied to face, neck, arms, upper chest and back of hands.

My experience on this product:
At first i was skeptical about this product… i have got no freckles or age spots… but alot of scars left behind by acne… But when i try to apply this product on my cheeks and on my fresh pimples and pimples scars, i was amazed at how fact the scars recovered…. it really help to lighten to brown marks caused by pimples! The best part is, this serum is not oily and absorbed really fast into the skin within minutes. My face appeared more clarified and radiant.



  1. Hihi, it’s me again. Is this serum rich?

  2. hmm if you are asking about the texture, it’s very watery and easily absorbed into the skin.

    If you are talking about rich as in if the product is very concentrated. Yes it is!

  3. i would like to order

  4. hi siti,

    you can join Beautiful Life forum @

    There is a Payeasy Spree which orders this and the lavendar products from Taiwan. 🙂


  5. Hi i find is there any way i can get this product in singapore

  6. hi felicia,

    thanks for reading this~!

    hmm, well, you can join the Beautiful Life forum, and purchase the item in the Payeasy sprees there… Cos the product is from Taiwan and is not available in Singapore.


  7. hi me again, sorry=) is this product gd for pigmentation and brown spots or frckles or do u haf any gd product to intro this treament

  8. hi sorry i register in the beautiful life however i dont kno which link to clink to purchase the lavendar detox white so canu kindly guide me to the payeasy sprees… thnks

  9. yeap! this is good for brown spots and freckles! it’s meant for it aut ctually! b

  10. hi felicia,

    Once you login, you can go to Sprees Now On at to see what are the sprees now on.

    However the pay easy spree has just ended.

    Don’t worry, there is a new pay easy spree almost every week cos the products there are so in demand!

  11. Hi,

    can this be use on flattened pimples? I have some spots left by pimples which is still red in colour and didnt go away for quite sometime.

  12. hmm hi charlene, apologies for the late reply! Nope this product cannot help in flattening pimple! Did you squeeze ur pimples??? You did right?! lolx.. that’s usually what happened if u squeeze urself. your pimples now is it on the surface already healed but there is a lump inside?

    Hmm, to flatter your pimple now, you might want to apply some products with salicylic acid. You can find out more about it here.

  13. hi, i’m not sure if there is lump inside, but i believe that its just reddish scar?

    If you come across any product that is useful for my condition feel free to email me.

    Thanks alots! =]

  14. hi charlene, yes this can help!! Me too~! before i used this, my face have the leftover scars from pimples, u noe those reddish & purplish marks?? Now those were gone! This helps to lighten my pimple scars! And whenever i have new pimples, i just apply this when it’s healing and the marks will go away very fast.. cheers!

  15. hi, is the scars like completely gone? and how long did you take for the scars to go away?

  16. hi, yeah, the brownish/reddish/purplish mark completely gone…. hmm, takes about 2 to 3 weeks, applying daily. =)

  17. ohh, ok. Thanks lots!

    Will try the product =]

  18. Hi, I was wondering how I would order this product, I clicked on the link, but I cannot understand anything. If you know of another website to order please let me know, Thanks!

  19. hi rachel,

    apologies! As this product is from Taiwan, i am afraid it’s only available in Chinese~ Not sure where you can get it in English though..

  20. Can this product help on sun burn at around my eye area ?

  21. Can it helps on sunburn ? If yes, can I apply it around the eyes area

  22. hmm, i dun think it’s good to apply to the eye area.. cos it can correct age spots, freckles, scars.. but not dark eye circles…

    sun burn wise, i suggest u apply aloe vera to heal ur skin first, den whiten later

  23. Hi , is this a whitening essence to achieve brighter, radiant skin , or is it for targeted areas to apply on pigmentation, age spots, pimple scars, etc?

    i’m looking for a whitening essence for overall complexion. was thinking is this more suitable or Astaxanthin Age-Defying Liquid Essence or Niu er Biobeauty Advanced Hydrating C Whitening milk more suitable? i want something more on whitening.

    hope you can advise! thanks(:

  24. Sorry, to add on. actually, i want something more for brightening, not whitening. means after using will get nice radiant complexion ((: hehe

  25. hi xanne,

    this is for spot correction.

    astaxanthin is more for smoothness and hydration.

  26. the scars really completely gone..?? like finally found help~ thanks.. wondering if the forum has any payeasy spree recently..

  27. hmm, for mine, yeah.. it’s heal faster than without.. there are also some stubborn marks left since last time.. surprisingly, oso faded.

  28. do we need to use hydrating serum after this? or this already hydrating enough?

  29. i would say it’s hydrating enough. i am a oily skinned girl. 🙂

  30. do u use on yr whole face or just on the spots?

  31. can use on whole face.. also can use on areas u want to lighten only… i mostly use on pimple scars. 🙂

  32. Can I know how to order if I want to buy it

  33. Hmm great review! Do you apply this onto your spots & marks before/after or without moisturiser?
    I’m having difficulty with this serum because currently I’m using two. This & another for intensive hydration.
    Do get back to me. ty 🙂

  34. Pls let me know if you still have any stock for Herbal Corrective Lightening Serum EX 2, like to try.

    If have, what is the price?

    How to go about to order?

    Pls revert to my email.


    • hi irene,

      sorry, but i do not sell this. 🙂

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