Posted by: Miracule | August 5, 2007

Meiji Amino Collagen

Name: Amino Collagen
Manufacturer: Meiji
Packaging: 30 day Refill pack, 214 gram (also in can form)
Price: SGD$40 per pack @ BeautyCoveΒ (Retailing at $58 in Watsons and $65 in Guardian)

[The reason why i put this article up, is because i wanna share where is the cheapest (immediate) source i got my meiji amino collagen from. Even when i joined sprees for this collagen, it costs me about $38 and i have to wait long long too~!]

As we age, the amount of collagen decreases.

Collagen holds the key to “youthfulness and beauty”. The amount of collagen in your skin starts to drop sharply after the age of 20. Therefore, replenishing generous amounts of collagen is a shortcut to maintaining a youthful appearance.

If you have not heard about this product, you can take a look here.

“Amino Collagen” contains 5,000 mg of low molecular-weight, fish-derived collagen peptides, a quantity which the body can absorb easily on a daily basis. Drinking “Amino Collagen” every day is like saving the source of “youthfulness and beauty” in your body, little by little.

My Penny of Thoughts:
I have been drinking this collagen drink for about 6 months now. Not that i see any significant improvement in my skin tone or what, however it’s like a health drink. Just like by eating vitamin C, you do not really know how it works you see. I guess it’s like a maintenance programme for me. To help replenish the collagen in my body cos as i aged, my body produced less collagen.



  1. Hi, where or who can i purchase Meiji Amino Collagen at S$40?


    • Where can I purchase this product? Please tell me how to consume it.

      • hey norma,

        where are you located? it is available in all major phamacy in Singapore. πŸ™‚

  2. hmm, obviously you did not read this page?

    at the top of this entry… i provided the link for you my dear~

  3. Hi,

    is Beauty Cove a shop in singapore? Or just a website order? Is it real Meiji product, just wonder why they can sell that cheap?

  4. hi zann,

    hmm beauty cove is a online business in singapore. so delivery within singapore only i guess. i purchased before, it’s the real meiji product. i aint sure how come they can sell that cheap, cos if i know, i bet i am the one selling it liao. Chuckles.

    i guess they spree in BIG Bulks from overseas and resell them locally?

    if you worried abt whether if it’s authentic or not, do not worry. i have purchased a few times, it’s the real real thing. direct from jap.

    if u are just curious why it’s so cheap, then i can’t help u on it.


  5. Thanks Miracule. Thanks for the reply. I would like to try too. Will contact Beauty Cove…

    Btw, do you feel diff after drinking the Collagen? Skin looks better? Hehe… I’ve tried one can before and then stop.. now wanted to try again as i saw some lines on my undereye… worried & sad.. hee

  6. hi zann,

    hmm basically i can’t really tell leh. Chuckles. It’s suppose to be a long term thing. I took since beginning of this year and just finished a can last month. I haven purchase my new meiji stocks yet though.

    I think that it helps to delay the aging process? So basically when you are taking it, you can’t tell Very drastic improvements (cos we are still young bah) but it helps to slow down your aging process?

    I think that Women, once past 21, everything just goes downhill? haha, our metabolisum rate and the collagen regenerating rate etc all Slow down… that’s why we will grow old & put on fats extremely faster than man!!

  7. Oh Miracule… Beautycove got no stock now…
    Thanks for your feedback!

  8. hey. cant really navigate around beautycove webby..and can i know whats the email of beautycove? thankies.

  9. hi melissa, the email is


  10. Hi Miracule, how does the Amino Collagen taste like? Is it awful?

  11. hi crystal, it tastes like milk. Hmm, for a start, i think you mixed with juices etc first. Yukult olso can. πŸ™‚

    though after sometime, i am used to the taste liao. i either drink it with plain water or i mixed into my cereals porridge

  12. Thanks Miracule!

  13. This is really very expensive in Singapore! It is only selling for $25 in Japan. for exactly the same thing

  14. Very nice site. Maria

    • hmmmm,,, its really work or not??

  15. hi people,
    today i just bought a 14 day pack of amino collagen. can anybody tell me whether is there a min or max dosage?
    and also, how long to see the effect? =)


  16. hi girl, the tin pack actually provided a spoon, which is 7g per day, so just nice if u take 7g per day, the pack will finished on the number of days it’s meant for.

    however, there is no min or max dosage, though it is recommended to be taken daily 1 scope for maintenance and long term purposes.

    though i have been taking for 1 yr, i have never really seen the effects though.. :p mainly becos i am a oily skin girl to begin with…

  17. oh.
    so how long is long term. haha.
    because i’m having alot of fine line and laughter line alrdy. eyes ard my eyes. it’s frustrating me.

  18. hmm, i would say, this is more for maintenance purpose.. as in, it helps to prevent more lines from appearing..

    frankly speaking, i do not know wat’s the difference between take or not take this collagen.. cos i am using so much other beauty products as well..

    i think for ur case, u will need to use some moisturising prdt for ur existing lines as well. πŸ™‚

    happy chinese new yr to u!

  19. Hey…
    I heard feedback that if you stop after taking such collagen/vitamin C drinks, your skin will turn yellow. Think once you start, you’ve gotta continue all the way then.

  20. hey girls~

    i think this meiji collagen is much cheaper now! The last i saw is offering about S$34 on some sprees!

    I have stop taking this since late 2007. I did not turn yellow! Hee, if i am not mistaken, u will turn yellowish orangy when u eat too much carrots, papaya, oranges.. but i never heard about turning yellow when you consume vitamin c.

    Anyway, the amt of vitamin c in this meiji collagen is really minimum.. πŸ™‚

  21. Hi….

    That’s just some feedback I gathered from a friend working in the spa. She got a few of this feedbacks thought. Not sure how accurate it is. Maybe they had carrots, papayas and all…. Ha…

  22. Hi Miracule,

    Found your website when searching for da meji collagen powder >p<

    Can now still get the price of S$34/can? can tell me where to get it if u dun mind *wink*

  23. hi lawee,

    sorry for the late reply. hmm, the last i know is some time ago.. i think u can try searching in yahoo auctions. πŸ™‚

  24. Hello Everyone,

    Thanks for sharing the information, it was helpful for me and now I am addicted to it :P. By the way, I found another seller selling the exact meiji amino collagen on eBay for only $39.
    He’s got a 100% positive rating from his past auctions, so I guess he is trustable.

    All the best πŸ™‚

  25. Oh yea, the link to the eBay is here :

    All the best.

  26. thanks furryfur!

  27. Hi hi, you mentioned above that “the tin pack actually provided a spoon, which is 7g per day”. Could you advise how much is 7g in terms of normal flat teaspoon/tablespoon or rounded teaspoon/tablespoon?

    sorry for being ignorant.. coz i bought the refill pack (as it’s cheaper), instead of the tin with the spoon. That’s y I don’t know how much to eat each day. haha..

    Thanks so much!

  28. hi all, i’ve got excess pax that i’ve bgt fr my trip to tokyo…. if u r interested, at $39 nett for each of the 30 day refill pax. email me at:


  29. hullo ladies,

    to see effect (which you should, really), collagen are best ingested on an empty stomach at night prior to bedtime. 3 hours after a normal meal or less if it’s light. the effect isnt absorbed as well with food. best absorbed with water and on an empty stomach.

    for collagen to work, it must work with vit C (which the supplement should already contain). but some people are allergic to ascorbic acid (ie vit C) and another form of vit C call ester-C are less acidic, so do look out for it.

    collagen aids in wounds healing and makes the skin supple. but i personally think you neednt take it if you’re below 23.

    myself is taking Collagen Lift (available from Unity Pharmacy) but it’s pretty darn expensive. im sourcing out for alternatives.

    ps: surfed in from google when i was sniffing out if meiji collagen really does work.

  30. hi shice,

    hmm, a tablespoon rounded is ok. roughly can liao. no big deal if taken too much or too little.

  31. hi all,

    u may contact obuproject if u want to buy meiji collagen at S$39. however, now i am taking collegen powdered form from iherbs. only S$20+ nia. and is the same!! as in dissolved better but taste more horrible too. lol.

  32. hi surrealhush,

    thanks for dropping by~ yesh! whatever you share is all right!

  33. HI Miracule,

    I have accidentally placed an order for the Amino Collagen n it was sent!

    How can I cancel the order cos i might to order with some of friends together,

  34. Hi Miracule, ‘

    May I know if the BeautyCove is in Singapore or Japan?

  35. hi shirley, beautycove is based in singapore. however i do not take meiji collagen now. i am taking another collagen pdt from USA that i find more effective but taste worse. haha..

    i do not own beautycove, so i do not know how u can cancel the order… email them??

  36. dear all,

    heard a lots good reviews about Meiji Collagen. think gonna give a try but just wondering any side effect if I stop consuming? kindly advice. πŸ˜‰

  37. hmmmm, no side effects for me though. i consume for abt 8 mths. do not see significant improvements. thus i stopped. now i am consuming another type of collagen.

  38. Hi,

    I have extra amino collagen to let go. If interested, plse email:

  39. Hi miracule

    wat’s the product from usa called? i may ve friends going new york soon.


  40. Hai, i just want to know that, do have service kind of courier to JB

  41. I would like to purchase Meiji’s Amino Collagen.
    When can you send it to me? How to make payment?
    I can be contacted at 65-98109522.

  42. Meji Amino Collagen damn cheap if direct purchase from Japan. I just back from Tokyo. During promotion, it’s about SGD25 per 30 days refill pack.

  43. I saw this Meiji Amino Collagen like 6 months ago when I visit Singapore. Then in August, I happened to go to Japan and find that it was much cheaper there. So, my instict was to buy eventhough I don’t really know what is it for. πŸ™‚ I don’t understand Japanese at all, so I don’t know what it is said on the can. I asked my tour guide at that time, but she only explain that’s it’s for beauty especially for slimming. Can u tell me whether this is true, that this product is good for someone who intends to loose some weight?

  44. hi miracule,

    what’s the new collagen product you are taking now? whats de cost and where i can get it?

    thanks =)

  45. need to order the amino collagen powder….big mystery to do so ??/

    Please let me know where:)


  46. hi, can a pregnant woman take meiji amino collagen everyday?

  47. Where can I buy Face Slimmimg belt and Meiji Seiko amino from. PLease reply
    Thank you

  48. Hi there,

    I would like to ask the side effects of MEIJI Amino collagen, I bought one but haven’t drink it yet 😦 I’m afraid the w/ the effects it might cause…

    If anyone knows.. Please share.


  49. hi…

    i want to buy the amino. the cost is 40 rite

    how can i buy it…

  50. Hi all,

    Bn reading all your Q&A but non mention anything about over dose.

    I think by side effect for overdose of it was I tend to fart alot and it is very smelling, hehehe, any comments

  51. Hi,

    I have an overdosage of Meiji Amino Collagen everyday. it seem like I tend to fart alot.

    if I will to take
    Ultimate Cleanse for my consitpation will it also give side effect, I mean if I take Ultimate Cleanse & Collagen together?

  52. Hi,

    May I know where can I buy Meiji Amino Collagen from Japan?

  53. I’m very interestd in aminozom collagen poweder

  54. Hi,

    I’m letting go a tin of Meiji Amino Collagen (28 days) @ $45.

    Interested, pls email

    Thanks =)

  55. Hi Miracule,

    My friend has given me some Collagen, I took it but never realised that I have drank overdoses of Meiji Amino Collagen in a day, will I get any side effect?

    If I will to purchase Lemon Flavour Collagen where can I get it?

    Kindly please advise,

    Thank you

    • hi susan,

      i dun think you will have side effect from “overdosing” collagen, just that you will be wasting the money as it will not be absorbed and improve your skin overnight.

      i aint sure where to get the lemon flavour… i guess it’s only available in japan? however you can mixed in some lemon juice. πŸ™‚

  56. Here’s what I found item is from Japan plus Free Shipping! Im going to order..

    NEW! Meiji Amino Collagen 200g #1 in Japan! 28 day supply FREE SHIPPING! Price: 35 dollars

    • Is it US$35 or S$35? Pl advise. The website has no indication on the currency

      • it’s sgd

  57. amino collagen is really good for the skin!

  58. Yupe, I already drink it for 4 years, and it really good for skin.

  59. Hey, great blog. Ummm…..wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase this product in Dubai??

  60. hi,is tat meiji amino collegen is really good for our skin? cause in malaysia got many brand,i dont know which 1 is better?

    • hihi, meiji is established. but i guess other brands works similar. πŸ™‚

  61. Hihi, I am a Robinson’s card member and will be able to get 1 can of Meiji & 2 wks’ supply @ a bundle of $65. With 5% disc (Robinson’s membership) that’s abt $41.20 per can. Anyone keen can email me? I can help to get it for you.. πŸ™‚

    Also, anyone has Meiji collagen’s receipt to spare? (purchased in sg).. The reason being, I need the receipt to vote for the finalist in the Meiji contest .. πŸ™‚ thanks thanks! Willing to pay for postage of the receipt! πŸ˜€

    Email me @ thanks!

    • Hi Clarice,
      wow! this is something new! Haha~ are you a finalist?

  62. hi Miracule,
    I just bought amino collegen today..yeah….just hope can b more pretty ,young….hahahah
    actually when is the best time taking amino collegen? Empty stomach in the morning or b4 sleep?or any time after food?

    • hi alycia, congrats on buying your collagen supplement! Hmm i usually take mine at night before i sleep… cos i believe in “beauty sleep” haha.. i feel that at night because i take on empty stomach just before i sleep, the effect will be better than in the day where you still consume other food. πŸ™‚

  63. hi Miracule, can i check with you for those things like product on Nv Ren Wo Zhui Da where do i purchase than?

    • hi kennyger,

      i purchase them from sprees organised in forums or blogs. u can check out they organise quite regularly. πŸ™‚

    • no side effect cos i have taken for the last 2 years plus. good for overall well being.

  64. I have tried from GNC the “TAUT” claim with 13000mg inside (8 bottle in box). But v. expensive, cannot afford to dink alternate day 😦 calculate for 1 bot for 11.4!!!
    More brands coming up in market, H2O, fancl, naturefarm….etc. But not cheap!

  65. Dear Miracule thanks so much for your infor btw do you have any facebook account??? if have doo add me at

    btw dearie i am also pregnant but only due either on the last week of dec or first week of jan so anything freat to share and discover from you than???


    • hi dear kennyger~

      ooooh! u are pregnant too!! COngrats!!! so now u are in ur 5th mth? it’s amazing right! do u know the sex of your baby already? i am carrying a boy! but i am plague by serious acne which last time dun haf one. it’s those with LOTSA pus inside! and just wouldn’t clear up kind. >.<""" did you also have morning sickness? i was puking all the way till my 5th month! where do you intend to deliver ur baby?

  66. hi Miracule, yes i am pregnant also hee hee i am 18 weeks now and be going for a check up on next tues than will hope by than able to see the sex… my morning sickness stop after 3 months but all the pains and symptons do shows like right now having aches and dizzyness or headaches loh… actually at first when i am pregnant i had alot of pimples also but when after first 2 months my skin becomes dry and peel so i bought the hazeline snow cream the old brand and it works on me… but before i apply i had to apply toner or else i will have rashes…

    i wil be delivering my bb at Mount A as my gynae is over there, so how abt you???

    • hi kennger, apologies for late reply!
      i am in my 28 wks nw, next week going to see my gynae too! ya, that’s very normal. when i have my aches, it’s not just backaches u know, everytime it’s constant for a few days at a certain location. Do you know your rib cages and muscles etc will expand to accomodate the growing BB? tat expands those pain! so… unbearable.. but have to bear with it. πŸ™‚ i didnt try to use hazeline, because i cannot use hazeline before i pregnant, somehow it will cause me to have outbreaks, so i think it’s too rich for me. now my face is very coarse one.. alot of tiny bumps plus serious acne on one side especially.

      oh, i had all the symptoms! b4 i knew i was pregnant, i already having morning sickness liao. but i went to see doc doc tot is food poisoning cos keep vomiting. and gastric pain and heart burn.. now also. >.<"""

      i am deliverying at TMC. πŸ™‚

  67. I being using meiji amino collagen for the past six month i hope my skin will be better now.But i went for my facer my beautician told me that my skin become worse it mean that very dry.I took meiji amino collagen every morning before food. May i know this is the right way to drink or other time pls help me.thank

    • it shouldn’t be like this one, did u use other products on your face?

      maybe u try drinking at night before u sleep, cos u will not be taking other foods, absorption will be better. πŸ™‚

  68. I understand from my friends this morning collagen can bring sugar (dietbities) if you continue drink every it have to stop for three month if you drink every day.Pls help me. thank.

    • hi mdm wong,

      i have not heard from this before. πŸ™‚ i think it should be ok, as long as your follow the instructions as per the collagen intake a day..

  69. U ask me to try at night but at night i drink CHOYA Herb Umeshu . HOW ? Can i take collagen and CHOYA herb Umeshu together ? Regarding my skin i used Estte Lauder for many year for my pigmentation but my pigmentation still the same. or can u pls reconmend others skin care for my pigmentation. And i understand that collagen cannot take for continues it had to stop every three month true or not pls answer me thank.

    • hi mdm wong,
      sorry for the late reply. if you taking choya at night, then you continue to take the collagen drink in the morning. Because it’s not good to mixed.

      for pigmentation, do you use any sunblock in the day at all? it will help from making it worse. You can also look into whitening products as well, especially those serums or essence.

      Collagen is ok to take continuously. Do not need to stop. πŸ™‚

  70. where can i get cheaper amino collagen tablets?

    • tablets i am not so sure… but you can check out the other collagen drink that we are ordering from US directly.. you can read its review by clicking on the Categories “IHerb” on the right side…

  71. is collagen safe for breastfeeding mummies?

    • hi nic,

      it’s safe, however, i guess it’s redundant? try not to take any supplements during this stage as i feel the effects or nutrients will be lost.. watever you take will go to ur milk as well…

  72. hi miracule,

    thanks for your reply!

    oh no i just bought nouvelle amino fish collagen then i saw your reply =S

    anyway is nouvelle amino fish collagen as good as meiji’s? i was abt to buy meiji but the salesperson told me dont know whether if its safe for breastfeeding mummies so introduced me this instead. it is 20 dollars more than meiji’s…

    my baby is currently going to 9 months and i’m still keeping him fully breastfeed. i intend to continue so until he’s 2.. does that mean i shouldn’t take collagen till then because the effects will be lost..?

    thanks in advance =)

    • hihi nic,

      you are such a good mummy! i read from forums many mummies gave up breastfeeding by 6 mths~! i also hope to breastfeed my son for as long as possible. but i think it might be real difficult after 4 mths, as my work is really hectic!

      i am not too sure about the novelle amino fish collagen, as since i found the super collagen ( i kinda ignore all the other brands in singapore already. it because while those collagens brands we found in Singapore offers for beauty (skin) only, the super collagen is for everything! i am seeing improvements in me overall, not just for the skin, but it’s collagen for the whole body such as muscles, bones, ligaments, skin, nails and hair!

      actually collagen will be safe for breastfeeding cos all human bodies have collagen in us ma.. just that if ur baby is a new born, better not as you will not know if your baby might be allergic to the collagen extracted from marine products or not.

      also, it’s kinda like watever you eat and drink, will goes to your milk. thus, i really find it very “wasteful” but i think your son, he might be the kinda man who looks young even when he is 30 plus or 40’s! lolx. i just feel that you will definitely not be enjoying 100% of the benefits if you are still breastfeeding, expecially when the collagen supplement you buy is so expensive! if you are using Super Collagen, then i will think you can go ahead! cos it offers more than just skin beauty!

  73. would like to understand more about collagen because i had try since dec 08 until now but most of my family and friends said my face did not show any different still look so dark because i have pigmentation on both side , would collagen help to reduce pigmentation and darkness on my face.pls help me thank.

    • hi may,

      actually collagen doesn’t help to make your skin fairer! it is suppose to keep it hydrated and pumped, and minimise wrinkles!

  74. hi, can a pregnant woman take meiji amino collagen everyday?

    • hi, i don’t suggest taking any other supplements other than those that is given by the gynae. afterall, having a healthy baby is more important than anything else. πŸ™‚

  75. hi, any idea where to buy meiji collagen online. went to the beautycove website but it seems that is closed down or something

  76. Hi,

    I’m letting go refill pack of Meiji Amino Collagen (28 days) @ $35. Bought too many back from Japan.

    Interested, pls email

    Thanks =)

  77. Hi,

    Have anyone heard of Migoto from Japan? It’s selling quite well in Malaysia now.

  78. I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about it and my mom and sis use the stuff daily. But they use one that is supposed to be better made by Elavonne. And it’s cheaper than Meiji’s stuff. They’ve tried both and like that it’s made in the US.

  79. just want to know whether or not Meiji Amino got any preservative ingredient?? tq

  80. Hj where can I purchase Amino Collagen in South Africa

    • Hi Dear,

      Very sorry, I am not sure. Maybe someone else can help answer your question.

      We are located in another side of the world at S.E.A. πŸ™‚

  81. Hello can i mix the collagen with Milo or Overtine? issit effective?

    • Hi,

      i understand that you can mix it with any of your favorite drinks. But works best when taken together with Vitamin C for better absorption. πŸ™‚

  82. hi. still selling the collagen drink? i interested.

    • Hi, u can look for it at Watsons. πŸ™‚

  83. Hi, do they sell Super collagen drink at watsons philippines? i heard that they sell other brands, not super collagen

  84. i drink amino collagen and i notice my veins in my arms and my hands are getting bigger. is that the side effect of amino collagen?

    • Hi Cindy, how long have you been drinking amino collagen? so far, I don’t have this problem and have not heard anyone with this problem yet..

  85. Hi, is it safe to consume meiji collagen while trying to conceive? And I understand from a frd saying that drinking that will put on weight? I am 33. Pls advise, am confused….thanks

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