Posted by: Miracule | August 6, 2007

Lavendar Detox-White

Name: Lavendar Detox-White
Manufacturer: @Nature, Niu Er
Packaging: 2 Step system, 80ml tube of whitening gel mask and 50ml Peeling Spray
Price: NT$350 from BeautyEasy, approximately SGD$22 including shipping

4 stars out of 5 stars

This is a really an effective product to whiten the face! After use, I can see the immediate results of my face whiten and brighten! Strongly recommended for use before your important date~! 

(One of the reasons why i love to purchase beauty products from Beauty Easy is because the products are made using natural ingredients such as essential oils etc, so it shouldn’t be allegic on your face! It’s different from Beauty DIY, as Beauty DIY products are products which you can DIY yourself if you have the ingredients. However, in my opinion, Beauty DIY products are a little messy to apply and not as effective as @Nature or Skincology products, which i believe it is because the ingredients are not as easily absorbed by the skin.)

Product Information:
This is a 2 steps whitening system where the first whitening gel contains Vitamin C, Arbutin and Hyaluronic Acid to whiten and hydrate your skin at the same time. The 2nd peeling spray works by turning the gel mask into a peel-off mask which also helps to exfoliate the dead skin cells when you peel off the mask. You can see immediate results of a brighten and whiten hydrated face. Continuous usage of this whitening system will lighten the spots on your face and improve your dull looking skin.

‧ Vitamin C:For whitening and brightening your skin tone
‧ Bio-White ingredients:Anti-oxidant. Calms and brighten the skin
‧ Arbutin:Improve dull and uneven skin tone, brighten and clarify skin.
‧ Hyaluronic Acid: To keep skin supple
‧ Lavendar:Cleansing effect. Helps to clarify dull looking uneven skin tone. Relax your mind.

Method of Use:
After cleansing the face, apply the Step 1: Whitening Gel evenly on the face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas. After 10 minutes, spray the Step 2 :Peeling Spray evenly onto the face, at a distance of about 20 to 25 cm away from the face. Pat the spray contents into the mask and the gel mask will turn into a peel-off mask. Peel off the mask and use toner to clean of any remaining mask from the face. You can use 2 to 3 times per week. Suitable for all skin types, especially for people with dull & uneven skin tone.

My experience on this product:
I have used other whitening mask before, and i was really surprised after the first usage of this mask! The face appear brighten and whiten! Even my mum was surprise! I would strongly recommend this for combination and oily skin people as this mask is hydrating, but not as hydrating as the red wine mask! My face has become more clarified and radiant. This is strongly recommend to be applied just before the important date~!


  1. Hi i verymuch will like to get this product\, how should i purchase it …can i nt sign up for any membership and just send a chq to the seller to deliver the product or can meet up at seller convenience… and is it only at 22

  2. hmm felicia,

    there is no choice wor.. cos the product is only available in Taiwan.

    The sprees are conducted in Beautiful Life. You just need to register for a nick and able to browse through the sprees that are opened. To purchase this item, look out for payeasy sprees.

    yeah.. it’s approximately S$22, depending on the exchange rate. cheer!

  3. HI I CANT FIND this frm beautyeasy for this product as icant really read chinese, is there any link ican click directly or have they change the packagi…sorry

  4. dear girl,

    i actually got provide the link on top. It’s a hyperlink to the pay easy webbie. You can see the name there.

    anyway, i paste it for you again.

    the websites are in mandarin though..

  5. hi thanks alot fr your help really =) however how should i indicate for the Singapore address

  6. hi felicia, i am sorry, but payeasy in taiwan do not ship overseas. i have tried registering too. but not able to. You have to join sprees that buys from this website…

    in the beautiful Life forum, there is pay easy sprees.

  7. i saw many spree but jus cant find the spree for this product ..can u kindly gif me the link for this product spree…. thanks..

  8. hey! i went to the link you provided, but it doesnt work anymore. could you kindly provide me with the working url so i can view the product? 🙂

    thanks a lot.


  10. Can u pls re chk site as it does not open … also do u knw if there is any english version of this site as i can not read mandarin

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