Posted by: Miracule | August 6, 2007

Vitamin K Eye Circle Creme

Name: Vitamin K Eye Circle Cream
Manufacturer: Skincology, Niu Er
Packaging: Vacuum Tube, 15g
Price: NT$450 from BioBeauty, approximately SGD$28 including shipping

3.5 stars out of 5 stars

I have tried Clinque, Biotherm and many others before… But I am never really satisfied with what i have used so far for dark eyes circles and fine lines around the eyes… After seeing how this product is raved after in Taiwan, i gave it a try and……. so this is the best eye cream for me up to date. (Good eye creams are the most difficult to find product. I guess dark circles can never be remove unless you use makeup to camo it.. or go for surgery… so if you really come across an eye cream that is better than this, let me know!)

This eye cream does really brighten up the dark eye circles initially! When i first started using this product, every morning for 1 month plus without fail, i woke up admiring my eyes in front of the mirror~! I never seen my eyes looked so pretty and bright before! And i do not even use makeup to cover at all!! Considering it’s only $28 and i tell you, the results are definitely more obvious than those “branded” eye solutions that i have used before… So this is affordable and workable!

Product Information:
The areas around the eyes are the most delicate, prone to be dehydrate and fine lines. This eye cream has Vitamin K, which targets the dark eye areas. It also has a special protein called 複合多胜肽, which is nano in size and easily absorbed by our skin, keeping the area supple and pump up the fine lines. It’s hydrating but yet does not feel oily.

‧ Vitamin K:Also know as Phytonadione, improve dark and dull skin, brightening the areas around the eyes.
‧ 複合多胜肽:A special type of protein, that is easily absorbed by the skin because of its small molecules. Improves the elasticity of the eye areas
‧ Natural Caffein essense:Improve the dull and dark skin tone.
‧ And others

Method of Use:
Apply twice daily, using a small amount the size of a rice, gently around the areas of the eyes.  It can also be use on areas that need lightening as it contains vitamin K.

My experience on this product:
As i mentioned before, i didn’t have any expectations before using this product. But i was amazed when my eyes were really brighten the next day! For the first time in my life, i was literally spending time every morning to admire my eyes! Geez.. BUT after about 2 months or so, you can’t see anymore improvements.. so it’s important to note that dark eye circles cannot be removed like scars marks…. it can only be improved but not removed…

Also, i started having some milia seeds on the 3rd month or so, so i will suggest you to use it intensive for the first 2 months and apply maybe once a day or a few times per week to maintain that’s all… i aint sure if you will have milia seeds like i do, cos i have super oily face!


  1. hi, I also have milia seeds after using Vichy eye cream. Its also super good for 2 months then no use already.

  2. keke, bcos the eye creams are too rich for our eyes. You can treat it as an intensive eye treatment for 2 months, den use abt 3 times a weeks for maintenance purposes~!

  3. hi do you mind helping me order from the niu er web? i pay you the amount. I dont know how to use the payeasy on the web and i find it troublesome, please drop me an email if you mind helping me out, thnaks loads! =)

  4. kekeke, tisboy is boy or girl? dearie! dun worry!

    i got all my items from Payeasy via this spree organiser in Singapore. Her blog is You can try emailing her at or She is a very trusted organiser, i have been with her since spree #7 till now. =) in fact she is starting a forum really soon.. so it will be alot easier to order fm her!

    = )

  5. hi, have you tried the Niks Vitamin K cream or serum? Is this product better than the Niks one?

  6. hi crystal, nope i have never tried Niks Vitamin K Cream or serum before. But i have tried Clinique’s, Clarin’s and biotherm’s eye cream or serum before. None of the above has visible results. But this Skinology Vitamin K Cream has.

    How much is the Niks Vit K cream? Why not try this first as it’s only less than $30?

    Hope this helpful for you.

  7. hi Miracule, i’m not sure of the cost of the Niks Vit K cream, but its K serum costs over seventy bucks. I’ll like to try this vitamin k cream first, but am having problems figuring out how to buy it online. the blog address you gave above doesn’t work. how do you purchase your current supply of vitamin k eye circle creme? by the way, this cream will help to thicken the skin under the eye right?

  8. hihi, hmm i dunno what you mean by thicken the skin under the eye…

    I purchased from Payeasy spree from the beautiful Life forum.

  9. i see… thanks. i’ll check the payeasy spree out =)

  10. hi..may i know how to get niu er vit k eye creme?any webby for me to order it from??

  11. hihi, i’m interested in this. but i dont know how to use payeasy. do you mind if you help me order and i’ll pay you?? u can reply me via email! 🙂 thanks!

  12. btw, do you think the eyes pouch ampoules will work better than this?

  13. hi charmaine,

    i do not order from payeasy as well. i participated in sprees locally that spree from TW direct. u chk out the above comments k? someone asked where to buy as well.

    this is different from the eye pouch ampoules. eye pouch ampoules is more like a treatment to be done once in a week. wherus this is an eye cream that can be applied twice daily. 🙂

  14. hmm. what age is it suitable for? any idea? 🙂

  15. hi, no idea… but i think u can use it as prevention.

  16. how long can 1 tube last u if you diligently apply it twice a day?

  17. hihi, how long can 1 tube of this eye cream last you if you use diligently twice a day?

  18. hi maine,

    mine lasts more than half a year, but i started using day and night, subsequently only at night, then every other day…

  19. Hey sweetie

    seems like the niu er vit k serum really works for u,
    i have really scary dark eye circles and i would love to give it a try.
    I do not have payeasy and i realised the link u gave above is not in use anymore.
    Pls help thanks!

  20. hi rachelle,

    which link are u refering to?

    hmm i got it through the Beautiful Life forum

  21. hi there,

    the email add provided doesnt work and payeasy is in chinese?!?! pls help! i’d love to get one. my dark crcles are horrible


  22. Hi, i’m going taipei very soon. can u advise me where to buy the vit K eye cream there? thanks

  23. where to buy from taiwan?


  24. where to buy from taiwan?


  25. i am staying in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia.
    Where can i purchase vitamin K, i need badly,because my eye full of dark cicrle.
    Pls help me on this

    • hi hi,

      i am so sorry, but i aint sure how u can purchase tis in Malaysia..

  26. you can actually purchase frm this website. But its slightly ex. But its reliable.

  27. hope this eye cream works for me

  28. I am really amazed by the number of times ppl ask how to get the item and you patiently repeated again and again. If they are too lazy to even tap on the link, read earlier comments or google search the sprees, they arent really keen to get the prds, just ignore them!

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