Posted by: Miracule | August 7, 2007

Evian Brumisateur


Name: Evian Brumisateur
Manufacturer: Evian
Packaging: Portable Spray Can, 50ml
Price: About SGD$15 for 3 cans of 50ml spray @ the Watsons

4.5 stars out of 5 stars

Do you have ultra sensitive skin? Or do you have oily skin that the more oil control product you used, the more oil your face produced?? Then you must try this! This serves as the ultimate toner for those with sensitive skin or oily skin! It’s so multi-purpose that you can use it to tone, hydrate, cleanse and even to set makeup or freshen up during mid day! You can also use it to combat the heat during the hot days. Don’t think that a 50ml spray is too small… it can last me more than 1 month when i not only used it for the face only!

Note: I have a total of 3 great toners (different range in pricings) to recommend for sensitive skin people.. stay tunez~!

Product Information:
This is the ultimate cosmetic staple for every skin type, any beauty regime. Instantly hydrates, tones, nourishes, cleanses, and sets make-up. Evian Brumisateur improves the performance of every skin care product and every color cosmetic. It is the #1 choice of skin care experts and famous make-up artists, not to mention a host of Hollywood celebrities.

At work: Evian’s delightful cool mist rehydrates skin suffering from overheated or dry office air. It also revives your makeup throughout the day, and keeps you looking fresh by replenishing that much needed moisture.

On the go: Use Evian Mineral Water Spray on the plane, the train or in the car to rehydrate, counteract travel fatigue, and handle sticky cleanups. Evian helps you reach your destination relaxed, refreshed, and raring to go.

  • The number one choice of skin care professionals, the ultra-fine mist of the Evian Brumisateur allows the skin to absorb a unique balance of beneficial minerals along with pure clean moisture.
  • Each misting replenishes, re-hydrates and soothes all skin types which is why French women, famous for their beauty savvy, have long depended on this product as part of their daily skin care regime.
  • Use daily before applying your facial moisturizer to improve hydration by up to 14%, combat aging and help your skin look younger. Just lightly mist face, pat excess dry, then follow with your favorite moisturizer to seal in the benefits.
  • Take along the 1.7 oz. Travel Size when traveling by air to fight dehydration during and after your flight. At work, just one cool mist rehydrates skin suffering from overheated or dry office air to keep you looking fresh. At play, it instantly combats perspiration, soothes and rehydrates sun-burned or wind-chapped skin.
  • For use on all skin types, including the delicate skin of babies and children. Made in France.
  • Ingredients:
    Need to say? The famous Evian Spring water from the Alps~!

    Method of Use:
    Spray after washing and patting face dry. After spraying you can let it dry by it self or pat it dry when you are in a rush for time. You may also apply as and when you feel like it.

    My experience on this product:
    Hmm, i have oily skin, but yet the more oil control products i used, the worst it gets. So it’s like what the professionals said, i have got surface oily, but internally dried skin. This evian spray is a perfect tool for me! I used it as a toner, the spring water freshen me up immediately, especially in the morning when i am still very sleepy. It not only helps to tone my face, but hydrate the skin just nice, thus setting it just nice for sun screen and makeup!

    The best part is, i used it anytime i like, to freshen up, to clean my face, or to provide some cooling aid when i am too hot while on the move~!



    1. =)Hello! So this product can be used before & after make up? Do you apply this before or after sun screen??

    2. yes yes! it can be use anytime!

      i usually apply after cleansing… when i am out and need to freshen my face. when i feel tired. when i am too hot. etc etc.

      just spray and move the can qucikly about a distance away fm face, a thin layer of moist will appear. den i pat it in, and use a tissue to pat of excess or let it dry by itself.

    3. Hi, when ya wearing makeup and u spray, den dap dry wil it remove ya makeup den u have to reapply ur make up again?

    4. hihi, depends on how u wanna freshen up…

      if just to refresh, spray a very thin layer…(practise u will noe hw to spray a very thin layer), den dun dap dry… it shld dry itself very fast…. den just pat on loose powder can liao… (Note, dun wear non water proof mascara)

      if u got oily face like mine, i will spray on more (slightly)… den use a tissue to dap excess…. cos it will help me remove the oil and refresh at same time…. den i dap on loose powder too…. cos i put on light makeup oni… not heavy makeup..

    5. honestly i think this product is a waste of money. it’s just compressed evian water. if evian water can be used as a facial toner no one would be drinking it.

    6. hmm.. toner is something that helps to close pores and prep the skin for other skin care product that you are applying on your face.

      erm, if i not wrong, this Brumisateur has other ingredients added to it… else they must well just sell the evian mineral water with the bottle cap replace by a spray top. hurhur.

      it depends on individual.. for me i don’t usually apply any toner at all cos i find other toners not suitable for me… but in this case, it acts as a good refresher for me.. plus it contains minerals as well~ $15 for 3 cans is very cheap to me!

    7. I don’t get this evian hype.. I always thought it was just water.. is it really that great o_o.

    8. have u tried the vichy or avene one ? are all these spray the same ? thanks !

      • hihi allen,

        the sprays are more or less the same.. just spring water from different places.. 🙂

        i feel the evian one is good enough liao.. plus it comes in a small bottle.. very easy to carry around

    9. I LOVE this product! I confuse I was non believe but my feelings have changed- it didn’t take much convincing!! U will never catch me without it in my car/bathroom etc etc I so have problem skin- my skin is so oily in spots and this helps! Esp using it midday by spraying some on then wait a minute or two then with a clean napkin dab!! On the run with errand, or in between meetings, last minute drinks with friends anything to help get that fresh look back!! Even after u have makeup on- still great!! Go get this asap n do like I do by having one that never leaves ur car! U won’t regret it!!

    10. Hi, I went to the Wastons and I couldnt find the spray. May I know where can I get it? Or it’s no longer selling this anymore? 🙂

      • yes dear, it’s still selling, i bought recently… if not you can try guardian too.. some outlets they placed it at funny places that you cant guess, so you might want to look for it yourself.

        i have encountered sales assistants whom hardsell me to buy the avene or vichy spray instead. but i didnt because the price is easily 3 to 5 times! this evian is really good enough!

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