Posted by: Miracule | August 7, 2007

What a waste!?

What do you usually do with the products you ain’t satisfied with?

Facial Cleanser, Toners, Moisturising Lotions, Mask etc…… You purchased, but seldom use because you do not like it??

Usually it’ll be kept in the same position for ages till you decided that it’s way past its shelf life and thus expired, and you chuck it into the waste bin…

Hey~ Next time before you do that, remember that money invested, though on a product which u do not like, is still $$!

Recyle them! How? 

You can put these masks into the bathroom, and once weekly, you can apply the masks on your arms, legs, and back especially, and wait for about 5 to 10 minutes before starting your bathing routine~! Just like a spa~!

Gentle Facial Cleansers can be used to clean our you know where.. or even as a body wash~! Especially if you are going to chalets or travelling overseas~!

If it’s an exfoliator, then you can use it to exfoliate your elbows, back, thighs and legs!

Toners can be used to wipe our neck, upper back and arm pits. Hurhur.

Moisturising lotions that you find ain’t suitable for your face can be use to applied on your elbows, knees and the ball of your feet!

Don’t feel ridicule~! Our body is not as sensitive as our face… unless the product lands you in a real bad state… if you do not use simply because you think it’s not as good as it claim or make your face oily etc… you can use them on your body!



  1. good idea. i alway wonder how to get rid of those products that i dun like. thnks

  2. hi cris,

    yeah! at least we managed to finish them!

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