Posted by: Miracule | August 8, 2007

A Basic Beauty Routine

The problem with the advertising clutters and being a woman in this new age,
we tend to over purchase unneccessary and duplicated functions products.
Thus resulted in us being lost and using too much products on our face!
I have been there, so i know that!

Always remember that simplicity itself is a beauty.
Being beautiful is just as easy as what Clinique’s 3 Step system promotes:
Cleanse, Tone and moisturise!

Cleansing is the most important step in our skin care.
In fact, most of the problems that we have on our face is a result of clogged pores!
Thus a proper makeup remover must be done at the end of the day.
Even if you do not put on makeup, it’s advisable to use a gentle makeup remover
at the end of the day to remove away the environmental pollutants & etc.
Next, you should follow by a good gentle facial cleanser that is suitable for your skin. 
Do you know that if you do your cleaning well, you do not really need an exfoliator?

Next is followed by toning and moisturising….
And me being an oily person, i do not usually tone and moisturise my face. 
I only use the evian mineral spray to tone and hydrate my face in the day.
I do not relied on a toner to cleanse my face again as i make sure i do a really 
good job in cleansing my face…
(Note: Good job in cleaning the face doesn’t mean using a harsh cleanser!)

Followed by the sun screen.
Sun screen or sun blocks are very important as it helps to shield the face from
damages caused by the sun! My doctor once told me that, i can don’t apply anything
on my face, but i must apply a sun block if i want to have good skin…. Remember
that you have to wait for at least 5 minutes for the sun screen to be absorbed into
the skin before using any makeup and be out in the sun only after 15 minutes after
applying the sun screen.

At night, after double cleansing (with makeup remover and facial cleanser), I will tone
my face with Evian mineral spray again and apply a thin layer of Aloe Vera as a sleep
in mask before going to sleep. I also apply aloe vera around the regions of my eyes
sometimes too.

Daily Essential Beauty Routine:
Day   : Facial Cleanser –> Toner –> Sunblock –> Makeup
Night: Makeup Remover –> Facial Cleanser –> Toner –> Eye Gel 
            —> Leave on night masks

So, where do the rest of the products comes in? Personally i called it the targetting
game… Because our skin is different during the different times of the year, and it
has different problems and needs to be attended to. I make it a point, not to solve
more than 3 problems at one time. I feel that if my skin get too used to a product,
the product will lose it’s capability, not because it’s not working anymore, but it’s
because my skin conditions has changed… so i will rotate the targetting products
depending on my skin.

The Targeting Game:
So depending on what is the problem i want to combat with currently….
i will do the below before apply the leave on night masks.

–> Apply Retin A, Clarins Lotus oil or dot clay mask on my pimples 
       (depending on types of pimples)

–> Apply Vitamin C and Herbal Corrective Lightening Serum EX to
       lighten acne scars and to whiten face continously for about a week

–> Apply Lavendar Night brightening face lotion and Vitamin K eye cream to
       whiten and brighten my face and cure my dark eye circles continously for a week

–> Rest a few days with just the daily essential beauty routine to let me skin breathe.

And now you will be asking.. I have got so much masks how do i get to use them?
keke.. this comes in under my weekly maintenance schedules. haha!

My Weekly Maintenance:
–> Dead Sea Mud Mask to deep cleanse the pores about once to twice per week

–> Lavendar Detox-White to whiten & brighten and gentle exfoliate about once a week

–> Nu-skin Clay Pack Mask to calm the pimples and absorb excess sebum when
      needed. It’s gentle enough to be used everyday.

The rest of the masks are used, on a when needy basis.

= )



  1. Hi! do you know where i can get the dead sea mud mask? also any suggestions for a body exfoliator and oil treatment to make it soft? thanks!

  2. hihi k,

    i got it thru sprees from payeasy in Taiwan. The product can be found in but you have to understand mandarin though.

    body exfoliator, u can try DIY with fine sugar, lemon, aromatic oil etc.

    are u in singapore? cos i tried some jamu shops (malay beauty shops) and they sell lurlur body scrubs which whitens and soften the skin as well. and best of all. it’s really cheap!

  3. got no acne but needs a glithering skin what should i use

    • hi girl,

      you are so fortunate! just do regular exfoliation and moisture your face! You will look glowing 🙂

  4. Hi Miracule,

    My whole back body is full of pimples. Do you have any solutions on this? It seems that apricot scrubs (st Ives) does not help much… 😦

    If u heard any good products on this.. do share..:)

    Appreciate that

    • hi hunny,

      pimples on back are like pimples on face.. you shouldn’t be scrubbing the pimples! this will cause the bacteria from one pimple to travel and spread and will cause more pimples instead!

      do you have facial mask (those clay types) that you seldom use or dislike to use? apply them onto your back when you are preparing to shower.. (i know it;s difficult to apply on our own back, but just rub on wherever you can reach and since the mask are those u dislike or cheap cheap kinda, just slap them on. hurhur) the mask can help to dry up the pimples and also lighten the marks. 🙂

  5. Hi Miracule,

    i just found your blog recently. Do you have any remedy to for yellowish skin? I am quite fair but my friends have been telling me that my face is abit “yellow” instead of the glowing fair and pinkish face. wondering if you could help? thanks in advance 🙂

    • hi dear,

      yellow skin is due to your inner body system. you reminded me of my classmate whom was fair but very yellowish, it turned out that her menses always last about a month and she is low on iron! after seeing the doctor with iron supplement, she turned pink actually.

      i would suggest you look into your diet and have a good well balance diet. do you dislike eating meat like i do? i take a lot of spinach and broccoli to make up for the iron loss. u can also try drinking ribena daily. 🙂

  6. Can I use the Evian Brumisateur over my mineral make up? Or should I use it before…Sometimes it looks too powdery and makes me look older…
    I use the mineral make-up and blush as it looks so natural…
    I will appreciate an answer, Love the Evian!!

    • Hi dear, definitely yes to both your questions! I used the Evian spray both before and after makeup. As well as any time of the day when I needed to feel refreshed. It works well for hot weather as well as cold and dry environment.

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