Posted by: Miracule | August 8, 2007

Green Tea Toner

This is a Do-it-Yourself method of making your own simple toner @ home!

All you need is to purchase the green tea bags from the super market @ about SGD$6.50 for 50 tea bags. Remember to purchase a non-sweetened green tea!

To make the toner, put a new tea bag into a small cup, fill in hot water to slightly above the tea bag and allow it to cool…


When it’s cool off, you pull the green tea into a small spray bottle that can be purchased from watson and place it into the fridge.


After washing the face, you pat dry with a towel and spray this green tea toner from your fridge and pat it dry with your hands.

Green tea toner provides an anti-oxidating effect for your face. As it is water without alcohol, it’s provides minimal level of hydration and is non drying for the face.

To pour remaining away and make new toner every 3 days.

In my opinion, green tea toner is not easily absorb into the skin, unlike the evian spray. But there is no harm knowing this DIY method, in case if you ran out of toner! 🙂



  1. I also love making my DIY skin care products. Green tea is awesome, there are so may good things n it. I actually use a standardized powder extract, it has a lot more EGCG which is the chemical that offers all the protection and healing.

  2. I heard green tea toner does wonders for red marks.

    Since it spoils so fast I’m not sure if I should use it though.

    Anyway, great blog! I’m linking you up. Really interesting beauty reviews!

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