Posted by: Miracule | August 10, 2007

Egg White Mask

This is one of a very simple and GOOD mask i must recommend!

Immediate results after applying this mask:
* Amazing whitened face
* All pores have “Shrinken”, the face becomes poreless
* Good deep cleansing effect
* Good tightening effect
* Immediate improvement on my daddy and mummy’s deep wrinkles
* The face is supple
* Texture is good
* Good oil balancing as i have super oily face, if i use it, the face becomes less oily 

Do give it a try! An egg is not expensive and one egg can be used on the whole family! Think ampoules, you are using a fresh egg each time you do this mask! and it is suitable for all skin types and gives an amazing results for all skin types people!

My Personal Experience:

We always hear people saying that egg white can be used as mask to apply on the face. But have you tried it?

It started one day when my and my sister decided to try out the egg white mask. We applied a fresh egg mask onto the face and in less than 5 minutes, the whole face feels so tight!! At first i thought that it can be peel off the face, but turn out that it can’t, you need to wash it off. As one egg white is definitely too much for the face, we used it on our parents too and there is still alot left. 

We also tried egg white with pearl powder but i do not think it makes much difference. Don’t waste pearl powder like this.


Crack open an egg in half and pour the egg white into a small bowl or plastic container (i purchase this mask mixer bowl that comes with a brush, sponge and mixer for only $3.90), be careful not to break the egg yolk and let it drop in. If you think the egg yolk is a waste, den cook it. hurhur

The egg white is an amazing skin care product! Depending on what is the problem you are combating, you can use a different application method!

For minimising pores, whiten face, and induce collagen

Using a brush (or your finger, but it will be very messy), apply the egg white all over your face, avoiding your eyes and mouth areas. It’s important not to apply there as the mask will tighten when dried and you will have lotsa wrinkles in these areas if you apply there. Wash off after about 15 mins. You can put egg white on your neck too.

For deep cleansing and to remove black heads

Using a brush (or your finger, but it will be very messy), apply the egg white all over your face, avoiding your eyes and mouth areas. Tear holes for eyes and nose and mouth on a piece of 2-ply thin tissue, and put over the face. For better results, i usually tear the tissues into smaller pieces and put on different parts of my face. Next, re-apply more egg white over the tissues. Wait for it to be dried, and peel off the tissues in a upward direction from your face. You may examine, woots! a lot of blackheads are remove at the same time!

Mixing Egg white with other ingredients:
I heard many others who mix egg white with milk, honey, pearl powder, lemon etc…

However, trust me, it’s not neccessry. Cos it’s more messy and the egg white alone is effective enough. Why increase the cost of your per mask session? hurhur

Do try it out and let me know~!


  1. hye..I’m intrested in ur egg white mask.buT i’ve heard that we shouldnt apply white egg more than once in a week in the it true?

    • hihi, it’s ok to apply more than once a week, say every consecutive days since it’s all natural.

      try not to let it stay on the face for more than 15 mins each time though. 🙂

      • Hi, since usually there will be leftover after 1 time usage, can we put the egg in the fridge and reuse it the next day?

      • yes sim! tat’s what i did! 🙂

      • I have a can of dried eggwhites I use for cooking; can I reconstitute some and use it as a mask with the same results?

  2. hmm, basically, i do not think that it’s a problem to apply more than once a week. = )

    bcos i did apply like 2 days consecutively~ what i did was to store the remaining egg white in a air tight container and store into the fridge…

    it’s too natural, no chemicals at all, so why can’t use it more than once a week?

    oh, i think i know why… if you use tissue paper on the first day, to remove the blackheads… den the 2nd time you use in the week, just apply onto the face with nothing else, to use as whitening and tightening and to firm the face~ dun use it to remove blackheads else your face will peel!

  3. hi. can i know if you place tissue on your face and apply the egg white over the tissue thats on your face?

  4. hihi! well, you apply some egg white onto the face first! then you place the tissue over, and the tissue will stick to your face~ then you can apply more egg white onto the tissue!

  5. Hi! mind telling me where i can purchase a mask mixer bowl ?? ^^ heehee. Love ur blog!

  6. hi dawn,

    hee, thank you very much!!

    i got my mixer bowl that comes with a brush, sponge and mixer for only $3.90 from Sasa!

  7. nyAykS! d egG whiTe goT tOO stiCKy on my faCe..ahhaha
    bUt, i do beliEVe thAt it couLd whiTen skin.:)

  8. you should not do the mask more then once a week because it will start losing it’s effectiveness.

    • hi,,i just started using egg white and i need to observe first…i just read it now this article….hope it will be effective to my pigmentation..tnx for this article

  9. hi judy, i think it depends on skin type or individual, and i realise it really depends on the “brand” of egg u buy too… trial and error u will know… those branded eggs with modified nutrients are NOT so effective on the face…

    but i think every other day or twice a wk is ok… y do u say it lose effectiveness?

  10. i have just tried the egg mask, my face definately felt tighter, am a dark skin so am still waiting to see if ill look fairer, and i will surely try using the tissue paper for the black sports, though got some skin errutpions(pimples) after using, i hope this will end. any advice.

    • I believe this is because egg whites are also used to draw out impurities… (old fashioned tip?/old wives tale? Dunno… Anywhooo) you may get some small pimples very soon after then maybe a day later but regularly keeping this up will maintain great skin an you’ll have less an less of the white heads straight after too 😉 Good luck!!

  11. can i know do i need to stir the white egg before apply it to my face?

  12. hi ein,

    nope. do not stir! just break the egg, carefully remove the egg yolk and apply onto your cleanse face!

    Stiring will introduce bubbles, which when you apply to the face, will not be even. 🙂

    • Hi, I wanted to know if I apply lemon juice will it make a better and more effective skin brightener result than just adding the yolk?

      Thanks! 🙂

      • Yes, lemon juice will be more effective. 🙂

  13. ohh..thanks..i will try it soon xD

  14. how long should the mask be on your face?

  15. Hey, I’ve tried ur remedie and think it’s great… but, how fast will this whiten your skin?? I really need whiter skin but don’t have much time left because I want to change before school starts.

  16. hmm…. to whiten the face takes time… i wouldn’t dare say a time frame but if u use it continuously, gradually it will becomes fairer? afterall, it’s cheap, and natural!

  17. btw, do rem to use sun block else all your efforts will be in vain !

  18. Does it really work for the blackheads?????

  19. I’m looking to tigten pores, remove blackheads, reduce red on cheeks, and make skin look more “awake”. Do you think this mask will accomplish everything?

  20. hi miraaa! and totalllly,

    yes! it works!!

  21. how long does it take to remove blackheads

  22. egg white mask suitable for any skin type?

  23. Hey, can this mask be used on the neck. One of my friend is very much worried about the black wrinkle(2 to 3 lines) on her neck. It almost looks like a black ring on her fair skin. Can I suggest this to her?

  24. I just tried the blackhead mask, and I am now doing the whitening and tightening mask. I didn’t see much improvement on the blackhead mask, but when I look at my face, some of the blackheads were gone. As for tightening .. it tightens so fast! I wouldn’t be doing it too often since I am only twenty =P

  25. wanna ask can i dont use tissue paper and juz buy those plain mask?? will the mask be too thick?? i think its easier to do it that way cuz i’m not very good in tearing and dont wanna waste time in trying to do it alot of times to get one right.
    so can??

  26. i will try it. does it keep whitening your face.

  27. I am an asian from Philippines and I used egg actually on my face. I do it overnight, I just do it when my face feels like rough. This egg mask really good it tightens my face and I look very fresh all day after using it. Stop using egg mask when u get pimples it can be worse Anyway, You don’t need to have that mixer actually, all you have to do is used the egg white that lefts on the skin… If you know what I mean…

  28. hello! actually i used it egg white mask. i think white egg is so effective to tighten your skin and smooth.

  29. Does it take long to remove black holes on da face…how many it can take

  30. And do not throw away the yoke. It is amazing for your hair.

  31. hi! will I have pimples or acne when I apply this mask on my face?

    • actually I read that the egg yolk will help get rid of pimples

  32. I’ve tried egg whites several times and when you first apply you will look 20 years yonger after it drys but once you wash it off you look the same.

    • did you leave it on for too long?

  33. I tried egg mask and it really works but haven’t tried the tissue paper thing yet on my face to remove the blackheads

    • you should try it too! u will love it as well. 🙂

  34. i just tried it on and i must say it’s very effective .
    my skin feels alot smoother and blackheads is reducing 😀
    will definitely try it again !

  35. egg whites will dry your face…so you shouldnt use it too often…once or twice a week should be enough…but anymore…would probably be too much

    • i guess u find it trying cos you left it on your face for too long? try to remove after 5 mins.

  36. hi! true it works. thanx!

  37. hi,i’ve some pimples,so can i try this mask?
    just hope that it wont worsen my problems..

    • hi girl, it shouldn’t worsen the problem.. but i suggest you try only after your pimples heal. 🙂

      • how about acne?is it effective 2 use this mask?

      • Yes, it’s also effective for acne. 🙂

  38. Hi there! When I was in high school I had bad acne. My neighbor told me was to mix lemon with egg and then apply to your face overnight. I just did it once and my pimples were gone. I turned out to be the girl with a clear skin. I swear this. I guess because lemon has vitamin c and egg has vitamin a which are very good for the skin. I did apply the egg after hat but very rarely. That was a long time ago. Now my problem is back and it’s worse because I smoke. So I’m trying to use the egg white again and quit smoking. Thanks for encouraging me to try it again.

    • hmmm r using it overnight or just a minute?r u using it everyday?

      • Hihi, u can only use it for 5 mins most! No leaving overnight!

    • hi tracy, did you use egg yolk or egg white with lemon to remove acne?

  39. My face feels a lot smoother:)

  40. this helps me a lottt…thanks love this one

  41. to tracyboo,do u have to stir the lemon together wih the egg white.?and only can use for acne skin isit?wad can it help besides healing the acne?

  42. Can you use regular tissue paper?

    • hi anon,

      yes. you can. 🙂

  43. Hi! Im going to try this. Ive been off tane and my skin is starting to become oilier 😦 can i put lime on it as well?
    thanks! 🙂

  44. Hi just wondering why you can’t apply egg white around the eyes and around the mouth I thougth you can use it to tigthen the skin to get rid of the wrinkles and get rid of the eye bags as well. Please let me know if I’m doing the wrong thing ok cos I put the beaten egg white & honey mask all over my face, neck, hands and feet as well as I read in some other article and now I’m getting so confuse which is the correct procedure why not to beat the egg and not to mix it with something else.

    • hey tess,

      the reason being that the skin around our eyes and mouth is very delicate and different from the skin elsewhere. the egg will be too rich and dries too fast, which will end up causing more wrinkles around this 2 regions.

      of cos you can mix the egg with something else, however i just thought that it’s not neccessary, that’s all. 🙂

  45. Thanks so much for the review!
    I have a question. So “For minimising pores, whiten face, and induce collagen”, do you apply the egg white DIRECTLY on your face? or on a tissue and then on your face?

    • hi lydia,

      “For minimising pores, whiten face, and induce collagen”, you just need to apply the egg white directly onto your face. No need for tissue at all. 🙂

  46. uh i hear after applying this mask you should stay out of the sun or wear some sunscreen, is this true?

    also, would putting on moisturizer afterwards be a good idea?

    • hi qwerty,

      whether u used this mask or not, by right, you should stay out of the sun or wear some suncreen if possible. 🙂 this is to prevent aging! 🙂

      applying moisturiser is step after cleansing the skin, so it’s ok too. 🙂

  47. omg on youtube (egg mask michelle phan)they didn’t mention not to apply arround your mouth and eyes..
    i did apply the whites everywhere on my face, and now im scared i’m gonna have more wrinkles…
    i only did it only once.

    • hi anna,

      dun worry. once wun do much damage. hee. i think u can apply around your eyes and mouth, but u have to remove in a very short while, as the egg white dries up very fast!

  48. hye.if i use this i have to wash my face using my cleanser and apply toner after dat?or i juz have to rinse my face with water?
    and how long shud i leave the egg on my face?shud i beat de egg?

    • hi fadh,
      nope, u just need to rinse off thoroughly with water. not neccessary to apply toner there after. 🙂

      i suggest not to leave it on for more than 10 minutes.

      i didnt beat the egg, but i read that some people do.. i feel without beating is fine and better in my opinion.. no introduction of air that might cause some chemical reaction and change the texture. haha

  49. I typically use a lemon or put cinnamon in my mask just to make it smell good otherwise the egg white smells really bad!

    • i agree! haha, really need time to get use to~

  50. i saw on michelle phan’s youtube video that you leave the egg white on your face until it feels like you can’t smile properly, which means it’s done.

    • hmm, personally i do not think it shld be done tat way, if u keep doing tat, u are causing lines on your face you know?

  51. Wah cool i hv read yr blog and find it so cool… does egg white really have collegen? i nvr know abt it? plus i nvr know abt not applying the egg white on the eye area cos i always do that and now i hv wrinkles what shd i do????

    • haha shane,

      just stop applyin on ur eye area~ 🙂 and start using wrinkle cream or eye gel now!:)

      • Pls share any eye cream brand and sunscreen? Aftr my cetaphil gentle cleanser. I have combi to oily skin.

  52. Cos i hv done laser treatment for my scars and after mths my skin still look red and i apply the mask it did not really helps cos i thought it helps remove the redness on the skin… and i do hv acnes marks too will it usually help to lighten the scars?

    • hmm, for laser treatment, u shouldn’t be applying the eye whites. it’s not good enough to reduce redness etc. did u try using aloe vera gel or cucumber?

  53. Ive tried this under a youtuber named MichellePhan but ive always put the yolk on after word because it is a natural moisturizer

  54. After washing off the egg white on your face an drying it, can you put on your daily cream e.g nivea, astral cream etc?

    • hi tinker,

      can, of course. why not?

      just that i do not put on anything after that as i find it good enough. 🙂

  55. hi im in philippines..

    tHANKS for the advise and tips on how to use egg white mask.. i tried this for almost 1 week already but i dont see any changes on my face.. but i am comfortable doing it..

    i just want to know how long i have to apply the egg white on my face? is it okay if i applying it every night?

    • hi amor,

      applying every night is ok. 🙂 you do not see any changes probably because your skin is already very good. 🙂

      usually i leave about 10 minutes or so.

      • my big problem is my pimples on my face…. dats y i try the egg white on my face if it works.. i hope it is really effective on my skin.. because when my pimples is gone then the other day it will appear again.. wat shud i do? please help me and give me some advice..

        thank you so much.. godbless

      • hi amor,

        egg white doesn’t really help on pimples. for pimples, you should do proper cleansing. it’s becos the skin is over active and reactive that’s why. try not to pile on too much stuffs on the skin to avoid clogging. and use some antiseptic facial wash like tea tree oil facial wash or something.

      • dear Miracule u mentioned that egg white doesn’t help on pimples but many people told that overnight application of egg white is full for pimples. in fact plz see thi link where alot of egg white tips mentioned for specially reducing pimples.
        so plz do further guide me wat shud i do??

      • hi riffat,

        i suggest you do a spot test first on one pimple overnight. 🙂

        so far i have not tried it on pimples yet.

  56. hey i liked ur advice and one question s tht my skin is dry always and will this egg white mask helps… i want to change my skin type can u suggest me wat should i do

    • hi praba,

      does your skin peel and flakes? hmm, i don’t think you should use the egg white mask.. what about honey mask instead?

  57. i had very bad pimples as a teen, so i started using egg whites (with a tiny bit of honey and milk) and i mixed it up. i noticed immediate results. my skin glowed and had a more even tone. at the time i used it everyday. the swelling and redness improved almost immediately. the pimples healed faster. for those of you worrying about acne… check out this site

    i used it again today for the first time in years (without the honey and milk)and the results were just as good as they were 12 yrs ago.
    apparently its an old chinese recipe.

    i mixed the whites up as i feel is spreads nicely using the mask brush. the bubbles will burst when you apply it to your skin anyway.

    I also heard it’s a great remedy for nappy rash.

    Ten minutes is long enough

  58. Hi i’m Linn

    My skin have make me suffer, when i looked into mirror was feeling sad..cause a lots of acne scar, white head and black head beside two chin..does white egg mixed with lemon the results will be better for my oily skin? How can i minimise my big pores and fade away the pimples marks on my face…should i do the mask everday.

  59. hi from philippines i am only 19 yrs old and i start using egg white is it ok? and the wores is i do apply it on my eyes and mouth is it ok? pls hepl me …..

    • hi mae,

      yes it’s ok for use even for teenagers.

      do not apply around your eyes or mouth anymore. 🙂

  60. hi ,i have lots of scars with my face is this mask can help ?or will u advused me some good tips plssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…….thanks

    • hi fern,

      for scars you have to use more than just egg whites. 🙂

  61. if yoy dont want to waste the egg use the yoke for your hair at the same time !

    • well, just wondering……. won’t that make ur hair really icky or sticky?
      and wat are the positive affects of using it for ur hair

      • it moisturizes your hair

  62. this egg facial really works. i immediatly put lotion on my face after i take the egg off with warm water. my skin is so smooth. i tried this for 3 days straight and i love it.

    • will you see immediate difference?

      • Hi,

        I guess based on the comments by others, you should have gotten your answer. Yes you can. 🙂

    • Hi I’m pearl after using an egg white can I use soap in my face?

      • U can if u want

  63. My 19 year old daughter started me using the egg white mask…My daughter and I both suffer from adult acne, eczema and I from psoriasis too. However, my break outs come and goes. I am allergic to the benzole that is in nearly all acne medicines so I dont use it. My dermatologist says my daughter and I have both acne and eczema on our face, so treatment is difficult. The first time I used the egg whites, immediately I noticed that my skin lightened. By the second time I did noticed my pores had gotten much smaller and then I noticed less pimples and facial hairs (I get very light hair fuzz on my face). I believe my large pores and facial hair were the reason for my acne problems, because when I shaved my cheeks and chin with my husband’s clippers, my face would break out less. Anyway, I use the egg whites once a week along with a daily facial cleansing with Ambi exfolliating wash (I’m black and Ambi is made for black skin). My skin has never looked or felt better!

  64. I saw on youtube that you can actually use the egg yolk for your face too. You can watch it here:
    Your site’s cool 😀

  65. Hello! For the removing of blackheads method right, i apply egg white and then puts on tissue on the more blackhead areas(nose) and then apply another layer of egg white again. However i find it taking so long to dry up. Hence i remove the tissue while it’s still 1/3 wet.. but i see no blackheads removed. Is is that i should wait for it to totally dry up or smtg? Does it usually takes very long for you?

    • ya, you have to wait for it to totally dry up, which in about 10 minutes should dry…

      try using a thin layer of tissue (if it’s 2 or 3 ply, just use 1 ply will do. )


  66. hi miracule…how r u??
    really ur egg white tip helped me alot for reducing pores..its amazing ….but one thing which make me worried is that i had some pimples which was near to finish but after using egg white it grows again..plz can u help me in this reagrds or tell me somthing i dont want to leave egg white mask.waiting for ur reply.


    check this link where egg white tips mentioned for pimples

  68. Thanks so much for this post. It’s pretty helpful!
    I’ve had large pores since last month.. I think I’ll try this soon!

    I have a question though.. When the egg whites dry on your skin, does your skin tend to itch?

    • Hi,

      Nope, it wun itch but of cos, initially you might not like the smell of the egg white. It’s a very Raw smell. 🙂

  69. does i apply sunblock b4 or after moisturiser? Does the egg white mask reduce the oil on my face as i have an oily skin.
    Do u have any natural ways to reduce fine lines and dark circle around the eyes? Thanks!

    • Hi janis,

      U apply sun block after moisturiser. 🙂

      Yes egg white mask can help your oily skin. 🙂

  70. Hi miracule, I m really glad that i came across your blog, i got lot of info abt egg white. I have discoloration on my face around the jaw line and around the lips, looks like some black brown patches, can i get rid of them with egg white? how do i apply yolk to my hair, my hair r freezy, dry? kindly help.

  71. After applying the mask, shall I wash off with cleanser or just rinse with water? Will there be any raw egg smell if I just rinse with water?

    • hi chloe,

      you can rinse off with water only. yes, there will be a raw smell, you can counter it with using a lil’ toner on cotton pad and wipe the face. 🙂

  72. Hi I’m just learinging about this egg white mask… Sounds fun! Just want to know will it work for a oily face… ? When I was younger I used a lot of oily products in my hair and I found out a couple years ago that it was really bad, as hair produced its own natrual oil.. anyhoo… I believe after all those years its coming out of my pores.. so just want to make sure this can work for me… b4 I give it a try! thanks a millon!!!

  73. hi, there. I use egg whitning everyday does it harm thank u Mushy

  74. i use the white egg mask but is not effectively on me… there’s no have changes on my face the pores is also there only…

  75. i discovered egg white a while ago, at one of my younger birthday parties, i always find it VERY effective!! it completes clears the oil from my skin, and unclogs my pores. it doesnt even have to be beaten, just make sure you refrigerate it!! i have a beautiful complexion now, and hopefully wont be getting wrinkles till im 90!!
    * honey does work well with it, for it mosturizes and smoothens the skin!!

  76. I hope to find more positive information later keep up the good work

  77. hi..can i ask if how many times will i do this..? is it ok if i use this everyday.? is there any side effects? tnx alot.

  78. hi, do this mask can help to reduce freckles on chicks.? tnx. pls give me some advice to this problem.. tnx

  79. hey! I read that an egg should stir first until become foamy before applying it to my face.. but it tells that we don’t need to stir? but thanks anyway I use tissue next time..:) but egg white is really effective… i try it many times..

    i ♥ this blog..:)

  80. Hi … i am an indian

    I am aware about egg white is very effectively works for burn from fire as a preventive measure….
    But as far as usefulness for face mask is concerned it is new to me,,,,
    surely i will try n share my experience soon.

  81. can it be used on per teens??? does it have any risks to it? and does it really whiten ur skin???……… if so, does it whitens it alot or just a little? THX

  82. HEYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U GOTTA HERE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USING VASELINE 4 UR EYELASHES CAN MAKE THEM GROW LONGER AND CAN ALSO STENGTHEN IT TOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEROUSLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLSPLSPLSPLSPLSPLSPLS TRY IT!!!!!!

  83. You really don’t need to waste a whole egg. Today I was making eggs for breakfast and afterwards, I just used the very little egg whites still left in the shell for my egg white mask. That way, you get to have breakfast and also do a little spa treatment for your face.

    I also put egg white on my neck and though it isn’t wrinkly, it’s preventive maintenance. I don’t have wrinkles on my face yet, but I think probably doing this mask 2-3 times a week will just keep your skin tighter and more supple. Will have to do it and see. Today was Day #1.

    My face was left very soft.

  84. this works very well add a little NATURAL honey and the acne or pimples dry out! Its incredible!

  85. I’m trying it right now!

    I can feel my face tightening but I’ve yet to see how it will look afterwards. I’ll repost in a few days. 🙂

  86. Hi, my face lighter enough,but when im at home,it look kinda tanned,but my face fair?is it this method will make pimples?just asking 🙂 btw i tri it only on my neck,it work Thanks 🙂

  87. Please try the egg white facial on a small part of your face before on the whole face………I put egg white (yes my face was clear of all cream,lotions and egg was fresh) and suffered a terrible allergy reaction which caused my lips to swell, eye reddened and had break-outs….I’m not allergic to eggs and have normal-combination skin……Just be careful……

    • Hi Shelly,

      thanks for sharing this!

      it’s important to do a test patch ya? how are you now?

  88. Hey, me again. Turns out it’s taken me a bit longer to get back to you, but here are my results:


    I’ve been using it since the 14th (about two weeks now) and I’ve done it 5 times or so, and the results are great. I have such an oily face that I usually need to wash before bed every night and before work every morning. I was washing my face with Noxzema every day for the past two months & now… I’ve only touched it ONCE since I started using this facial. Now I wash my face off with water, and nothing else, and no break outs AT ALL. I have struggled with bad skin since I was like 11, and I have tried so many different things. Proactiv, Tea Tree Oil, witch hazel, and those were the top three best. I don’t really have acne anymore, but I still had the reoccurring blackheads & I had kind of blotchy skin.

    How I originally found this site was actually during a google search of how I could make my skin more even-toned & get rid of acne scars. A bunch of people said lemon juice, but then I somehow found this. Boy I’m glad I did! This works wonders! My face hasn’t been oily since I first tried it. Not dried out or anything. It has made it even-toned and there’s no blotching anymore. My skin looks *beautiful*.

    Thank you so much! (:

    p.s. it really does shrink the pours! i was also searching for a way to do that. This works wonderrrs. Sometimes I steam my face first to open up my pours and then I follow it up with the egg mask.

  89. Hello there 🙂 well im berely 15 years nd i wnt to try this out is it possoble for me to do this cuz idont wnt to get wrinklely if this goes wrong hahaha

    • yes dear, you can try it. 🙂 it’s natural.. just dont smile when using it. :p

  90. Hi there! My mom is using this treatment and wants to know how often she should do it?


    • she can do it once or twice a week. 🙂

  91. hie, i heard from a friend who used egg white and her skin changed to supple n i thought i shud google n there i found your blog. wil surely try it today!

  92. If im using a facial cleanse should i do this after or before i clean my face?

  93. hey buddy… i was just wondering if i could use same egg-white again after 2 or 3 days…cuz there is a lot leftover after one use………..and i m in hostel so i ain’t got no fridge…, just keeping it in an air-tight can would work..??????????????

    • Hihi,

      Of cos not!! Egg white is like raw food. If u leave it at room temperature, many bacteria would have been in it and god knows what it will turn into! Anything that is no no for tummy will be no no for your skin too.

      I suggest u open a small facial party and invite one or two close friends over to share an egg. 🙂

  94. Hi, i want to use this treatment but i also wash my face with clinique. Should i put this on before or after clinique?

    • Hi,

      U use this after cleansing. 🙂

  95. Thankyou:)

  96. Hello, I putting egg whites twice a day. Is this bad?

    • Hi,

      Absolutely NO! Once daily for mask is already considered frequent. Definitely not twice a day. You need to let your pores breathe too.

  97. You can also use the egg yolk for an instant glow too 😉

  98. do u have to watch my face before using the egg?

    • ?

    • Hi Rochanda,

      Do you mean wash your face? Yes, please wash your face before putting on ANY masks. 🙂

  99. Egg yoke is a great moisturizer for your face after you do the egg white mask:)

    • thanks for sharing this tip!

  100. Wow wow n wow! I tried this yesterday n wow my skin feels wonderful! I’ll try the tissue part bt 4 now the egg alone dd a huge change on ma skin .

  101. Pls, what if I have been using(pears oil clear soap) and I want to start using egg white immediately,will it affect me? Or am I suppose to stop using the soap and wait for days before I satrt with the egg white???? Because my face is looking bad,recation to the soap e.g.pimples n black spots……..pls reply..

    • Hi Onyeka,

      i think you can try immediately. 🙂 It’s just a mask.

  102. I ❤ your blog!

    I'm trying this out as I type this (lol) … I'm actually trying the egg yolk. I tried the egg white and yeah, it works although I didn't see much difference. I'm planning on doing this once a week. My face is oily. It's cleared up now, but i get like, pimple flareups on my neck sometimes. and I have a bit of redness on my face near my nose. u_u I read on another site
    that you're supposed to wash your face first or you're supposed to put a hot washcloth on your face. This was my first time doing this egg thing and i forgot to wash my face. Are you really supposed to wash your face / hot wash cloth? I had already washed my face the night before. 😛

    Thank you, though. 🙂

    • Hi Stefanie,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Yes!! You should wash your face first before applying any masks. It’s a must must! The hot wash cloth thingy is not necessary in my opinion, because there is no medical proof that “steaming” will help open the pores for better absorption or extractions.

  103. Ve been usin d eggyolk just for my spots, dunno bout d eggwhite buh am gonna giv it a trial. Hope it works vry wel n fast enough

  104. Hi ! The egg white that you had left in the bowl or container after applying on your face ,can keep for how long ?

    • hmm, best not to keep it.. for me i do not keep it at all.. i used an egg together with my sister and mom, shared by 3 of us.

      best is to invite your friends over for a egg facial party! 🙂

      • ohh i see ! Get it ! Thanks lot ! 😀

  105. Uhm, so, about the egg whites, is it necessary to use it everyday? or just once a week? and another one, I heard that yogurt is also good for facial cleansing.. have u tried it? is it really effective? Pls. reply, thanks 🙂

    • Hi Nina,

      Thanks for your comments. It’s not necessary to use the egg white mask everyday. 🙂 once a week is good enough.

      I have not tried yoghurt yet. Is too yummy and I will be too tempted to lick it off the face.. Haha. Maybe if u tried can let me know if it’s good?

  106. I tink i have 2try d egg yolk

  107. I tink i have 2try d egg white

  108. Reblogged this on Sometimes what everyone needs is love. and commented:
    Going to try this! hopefully I see results. For some reason my acne has just gotten really worse and I need something calm it down. c:

    • Hi blogrider,

      thanks for the comment! how is the result?

  109. hello, i just stumbled across your site while i was searching on google and i must say i really like your blog, i intend to try the egg white mask however my skin is on the dry side with large pores and mild acne scars do you recommend me using it. one thing i want to share with you that works quite wonders is yougurt and cornflower. its a mask recipie that my sister in law showed me, you take yougurt ( pure and fresh is ideal but hard to obtain ) and mix with cornflower in a bowl, the texture you want is not to dry but not overly wet either, apply and wait till dry and than rinse of. the rough texture of the corn flower acts as an exfoliater. i found by experementing adding rose water and olive oil or pure apricot oil works very well for dry skin, for oily skin the plain version is recomended. it brightens and tightens skin and shrinks pores and your skin will feel really smooth.

  110. I have scars and I heard that eggwhites get rid if scars is it true???

  111. Egg white mask, amazing hey its cheap i like it

  112. how are the long term effects? I heard that because the egg is raw it contains bacteria and it an make your face worse especially with acne because they are an open wound.

    • Anyone else can advise sydney? I didn’t use the egg mask for a long while now, since I moved in with my in laws. It’s a bit too messy and awkward to do the mask in front of them. 🙂

      • does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of wrinkles around the mouth

  113. i just want to say after doing egg mask once my skin feels sooooo amazing!!. i love it so much i cant wait to do it again. i think everyone should try this, its simple wonderful 🙂

    i feel so good about my skin after this!.

  114. I tried the egg white mask a few days ago and it was amazing! my skin was brightened and smoothened instantly and the pores were minimised! I love it!!! I’ve heard that organic eggs work better though. Any thoughts on that?

    You can check out my blog for before and after pics 🙂

  115. Hi Guys is it fine to use only the egg white ? without honey,milk,Etc.
    I love this blog

  116. I have very dry skin, Im 22 and I already have lots of wrinkles under my eyes..I applied egg yolks the other day, it felt really tight but i think it reduced the appearance of my wrinkles a lot! I had been using the Caudalie first wrinkle eye cream, nd payed $40 for it, bt i think it made my wrinkles worse so i stopped using it. 😦 Do you think Im doing something wrong by applying the eggs on my eyes?

  117. Works AMAZING! Thanks!!!!:)

  118. -hi!I’m from Philippines..
    I’ll start using the egg white mask. But is there any side effects after i’ll stop using the egg white masks? Did the w.heads/b.heads come back again?

    Please reply.. I need your advise..tnx

  119. This stuff works fast

  120. thank you for info,im confuse in 1 week how many times i could apply on my face?

  121. hello

    i tried it yesterday,after it i washed my face with my daily face soap ,is that alright?

  122. i didn’t get any such instant positive response to pores often m i supposed to apply this egg mask for wrkin on d pores…
    do u guys have any other stuff for pore minimizesation 😛
    need it ASAP!!

  123. hi
    ur tip is gr8.just want to know can i use this mask before going for a party ?if yes how many hrs before and is good if we use makeup after this mask.please reply me.thanks in advance

  124. Can this be used for dry skin?

  125. When i apply the egg white less than 5 minutes my face get itchy. Is that normal?
    Million thanks 😄

  126. Can we put the egg white onto the upper lip? Pls reply. Thnks.

    • Hi, I do apply on the upper lip though.. I only do not apply near the eyes. Hope this helps.

  127. This is a great, inexpensive way to get great skin fast!

  128. Hello Miracule,
    i tried your deep cleansing egg white mask recipe! and WOW I swear I saw white heads on the tissue paper once I peeled it off my skin! I have moderate acne and I just hope this helps. I add a few drops of Tea Tree Oil to the egg whites to give a anti-bacterial properties.

    Thanks girl ! you rock!!

  129. It works wonders i wasted my cash on expensive masks when i could use an egg for the best results. Thank u

  130. This mask burnT MY FACe DONT USE IT!!! IT ***** ***** YOU!!

    • hi Elle,

      Sorry to hear that. I have sensored your vulgurities.

      It’s weird and very unlikely that one could have allergic reaction to egg white mask and unfortunately you could be one of the few. Do u have allergies when u eat an egg?

      Just a rule of thumb, before trying any products on face. It’s better to do a patch test first. Especially for people with sensitive skin.

      Just to share another link on egg white mask and its benefits.

  131. Hi Miracule, i am a great fan of your blog!

    i have tried this egg white mask and its really good!!
    i even do it for my mum and dad, they are in their 50’s
    my dad’s wrinkles miraculously disappeared for a day!
    of cos i believe he has to use more often to maintain youth. i think this egg mask is a good recommendation for family bonding too, cos its natural and fun!

  132. gonna try this!!…sounds great!!thanx for the tip…you mentioned we need to avoid the mouth mean the upper and lower lip…??
    but my lower lip is dark..any tips??

  133. Hi miracule,,
    i was just thinking about my pimples… does egg white mask will help me to remove D pimps……n blackheads….

    • Hi, yes I think it may help. But you should do a spot test first to see if it will aggravate it further. 🙂

  134. i mix lemon with it today was my first time really excited cuz i have a stubborn tan to remove hope its gone in a few weeks want to be light again!

  135. I mix mine with a dash of olive oil an lemon and was told this by a professional makeup artist she swore by this mixture and has amaing skin. I done it yesterday for the first time Nd I really have noticed the difference

  136. good day!
    duck egg or chicken egg? what is the most effective? thanks !

    • hihi, chicken egg. 🙂

  137. How can I make my own mixer bowl without buying from shop?

  138. I mix coffee granuales with my egg white and use whatever is left over as a hair mask before washing….great results

  139. Hi, I just ran across your blog and I just wanted to add something to the egg white mask. If you will wash your face with 3 parts baking soda and 1 part water before you do the mask, your face will not only be tighter with minimal pores but it will absolutely look radiant!! Also do not dry your face after you do the mask or really any time you wash your face because this will wipe away your natural face mantal(this is the protective barrier on your face) and that’s what will lead to break outs,so just let it air dry. Tone your face with witch hazel every night and you will have wonderful looking skin. I do this whole ritual twice a week and have for years and I’m always getting compliments on my complexion.

  140. I have been applying egg white every night before bed for 30 min, rinse with warm water and pat dry. It is amazing!!! It’s been 4 days and I can see awesome results already my skins is tighter, softer and I swear I see less wrinkles especially around my eyes. No more expensive night creams for me

  141. hello!
    How many times should i apply it in a week? …. once,twice, or thrice??

  142. seriously i have just tried it it is really working perfectly , never seen any improvement in any product in one time trying it ; White egg will lighten your skin making it look more and more natural and great , it’s all natural and awesome .

  143. Can do it over night ?

    • Hi, definitely not!

  144. Hi!! May I use eggs mask every other day? Thanks so much sister.!! And I love your Idea that you posted!!! A lot !

    • So please tell me …. How many time I can use eggs mask in one week?!

    • Hi Aouy, yes I used it every other day too! 🙂

      • Hi what age is good to start using this mask is it ok in early 30s ?

      • Hi mia, lol! I started when I was in early 20’s!

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