Posted by: Miracule | August 18, 2007

Clinique Moisture Surge Extra

Name: Moisture Surge Extra
Manufacturer: Clinique
Packaging: Small glass container, 50ml
Price: SGD$72

4.5 stars out of 5 stars

Gives an immediate moisture boost and plumps up skin’s resistance to fine, dry lines. Moisturises and soothes dry skin; intensifies benefits of moisturiser. Instantly refreshes skin to present a radiant face. This is a product raved by many makeup artists as it can help to present a smooth skin as a canvas for the makeup artist to start their artwork. = )


Product Information:
The lightweight formula gives an immediate moisture boost and plumps up skin’s resistance to fine, dry lines. It helps to  moisturise and soothe dry skin; restoring the skin’s moisture balance. Formulated with an unique, active aloe water this moisture surge extra delivers an immediate moisture boost. The skin feels silky and refreshed immediately. The advanced infiltration technology intensifies benefit of moisturiser, maintains the moisture balance of skin cells, and helps protect cell membranes against damage caused by dryness.

Method of Use:
Use after cleansing the face for an immediate moisture boost. Pat all over face. Apply throughout the day as needed, even over makeup. For best results, use after exfoliating.

My Penny of Thoughts on this product:
This is really my thirsty skin relief. Especially when sometimes, my skin is peeling around my lips area. My face is instantly re-energised and plump up. When i apply this before my makeup, my makeup is able to stay longer and better. However, i only used when neccessary because i think it’s too expensive to be used daily… hurhur. it definitely works better than aloe vera on the face. Wanna feel like a rich tai tai? Give your face a spa once a week! Your face will simply love it!

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