Posted by: Miracule | August 18, 2007

Fat Buster, Calorie off Sockings!


Name: Calorie Off pants
Manufacturer: Xiao Zhu
Packaging: Stocking look-a-like, in black or beige
Price: NT$399, appoximately SGD$25 including shipping. (For those who are interested to buy, please join Beautiful Life)

2.5 stars out of 5 stars

It does helps to tone the thigh and bottom areas. You can feel that the areas are firmer and tighter. However, don’t expect to lose tremendous weight or inches off. It helps in toning~

Product Information:
This specially designed sockings is able to help burn calories while wearing it and help to shape your thighs through the massaging effect caused by friction. The embossing design creates friction during daily movement, massages skin and releases fat at the thigh area. It is made of breathable fabric for long hour usage.

Method of Use:
Use It Anytime, Anywhere! Simply wear the massage shaper while watching TV, reading, working or travelling.

My Penny of Thoughts on this product:
Frankly speaking, i first purchase this product is because i am curious why this product is selling so well in Japan and in Taiwan. And i love the idea of burning calories by sitting or sleeping. hurhur. to put it simply, i am just lazy! But i love this product~ i wear it to sleep every night! as it’s tight, i feel warmth throughout the night. and even when i sleep, i feel my blood is circulating throughout my body. My butt is re-shaped by it! firmer and my thighs are less flabby~

Things to take note:
Please put on the shaper from the wider end, hand wash and wind dry.Do not bleach.


  1. hi,

    can email me for more details and how can i buy it. Thanks very much.. 🙂

  2. wanna ask if the stockings will tear easily?

  3. hmm, not as easy as normal stockings…

    but yeah.. it will tear, if you have sharp toe nails..

    mine did.. hurhur. but i still can wear leh. doesn’t affect the tightness.. cos i do not care, i only wear it to sleep, not out.

  4. hey, u mentioned that ‘don’t expect to lose tremendous weight or inches off’ ..

    but does this product helps in making the thighs look not so as fat as last time?? LOL

  5. for me, it did. it look toner..

    my bottoms too~

  6. hmmm .. okayss.
    then u said that it was tight.
    will i feel uncomfortable when wearing it?? since’s its

  7. and aso, does it helps in losing some weight?? say 1-2kg??

  8. hmm, i nv really measured though. maybe just 1 kg? it’s more obvious in terms of a tighter thigh and stomach..

    one thing to note, sometimes (very rarely), when i wore it to sleep, i will feel uncomfortable like i can’t breathe, so i will take it off. so i guess it does really help to burn calories.

  9. so how do u go about wearing it??
    wear shorts over it or wad??

  10. yeah yeah… just wear it like you wear a stockings lo…. i wore shorts over it.

  11. Hi Im wondering how I can purchase
    them??? Im in Australia.

    I bought a pair while visiting japan and I loved them.


  12. oh loretta, apologies! what we do here in singapore is we partcipated in sprees from singapore that order from taiwan websites. the downside is that it’s all in mandarin…… i think will a problem for u… which part of OZ are u in??

  13. How can I buy it?….

  14. I’m in Thailand. Is it possible to contact the manufacturer directly?… Can you give me the informaiton? or can I buy from you?

  15. hi, if i’m interested to purchase above item? may i know where can i get it? actually i’ve been wish to own this product since this product being promote at the taiwanise tv show “nu ren wo jui da”. i’ve been seaching everywhere, till today i found this website, so can u pls help me. thx

  16. hi there,

    does this work for big muscle calves?
    i got muscle calves and i hate it so much!

    i hope this stocking does work for the calves and the thighs….
    pls let me know……thanks heaps!
    btw…is it possible to buy it in Australia?

    • hi lyshia,

      i think to a lil extent, it will only help a little. this is because muscles are not fats, u cant just burn it off like calories. 🙂

  17. HI. I want to purchase a pair! where can i get it from?

  18. hello, do you know if the waist one works well? because i want to get one, but i dont know if its just gonna be a waist of money

    • Hi Bella

      Sorry for late reply! I guess you can give this a miss. IMO the calories off helps u to burn calories when u are awake and moving about and it’s not exactly comfortable to wear the stocking already. Will help but not exactly fantastic results. Think about it, the stockings etc come in only one size for everyone.

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