Posted by: Miracule | August 24, 2007

My Lasik Experience~!

Hi all, apologies for the non update!

i just had my lasik surgery on Tuesday and Wednesday~! And my eyes are in the recovery stage, i do not want to strain it too much!

the lasik experience is really a once in a lifetime experience! so i decided that i must share this with you~!

i was awake throughout the whole process and can actually see what the doctor was doing to my eye!

first, i had to put on this cap to cover my hair, and the operation gown. then they made me lie down on the operation bed and right above my head is this machine where the doctor looked through to make precise cut to my eye. His smoothing voice is very comforting… he will give me instructions and talked to me throughout the operation which is like less than 10 minutes.

“just stare at the red light girl… you can speak to me but do not move your head”
i just managed an “uh….” cos i was too afraid to move!

“now, i am going to wash your eye…. ”
there goes the really cooling feeling and i can see the water flowing on my eye…

“now i am going to dry it”
keke, i saw him take 2 very very small pipe blowing on my eye!

“okay, now i am going to apply pressure on your eye… relax yourself.. let the pressure slowly build up.. and then you will see total darkness.. when it’s total darkness please let me know…”
my reply was… “uh….yeah” hahahahah

what happened next was really amazing! i saw him take a toothpick look alike thing and the next thing i know, he flipped over my cornea flap!!!!!! Thoughout i had no feeling at all! and i am watching it! when he flipped over the cornea flap, the red light became a really beautiful sight!

“good girl, the most difficult part of the procedure is over… now i am going to start the laser, you will hear the sound of the laser, but there is no pain at all.. don’t worry…”
and goes the sound of laser “pat pat pat….” and not forgetting to mention.. the burning smell…. hurhur

“1/8 done, 1/4 done, 1/2 done, 3/4 done etc etc”

“all right girl! now the laser is done! i am going to do alot of washing on your eye!”
and goes the washing again…. cool!

and then he flipped my cornea flap back! and the red light changed to the orginal sight again! then i saw him took 2 small litmus paper look alike thingie…

“now, i am going to help you smooth your cornea flap, to make it real smooth and align it properly….”

hahaha… it seems like he is sweeping my eye~! all these while i am watching but i dun feel a thing! except for this unexplainable feeling and fear deep in my heart….

and it’s done!

the above is the lasik procedure.. so you repeat it twice for both eyes!



  1. hi,

    interesting account of your lasik experience.

    i’m thinking of getting it done as well, so i was wondering how things are, now that a few weeks have passed.

    any problems at all with computer screens or night vision?

  2. hi yeah..

    first few days was blurry.. but u can see clearly liao… just a lil hazy..

    say the op was on wed… then sat morning i go for the review, i can see very very clearly liao.

    so no prob.. except that first 2 wks, u will feel irritated by the dryness, which goes away when the eye healed


    do it! u will nv regret it!

  3. thanks for the info.

    i’m definately gonna get it done pretty soon.

    thanks again.

  4. smiles~


  5. hey, just wondering which type of lasik n where did u go for ur op? and the total price u paid for?
    since its almost half a yr, is there any discomfort?

  6. hihi orangey19,

    my eyesight are -2.50 and -2.75.

    the lasik that i did is this one >

    it was S$1320 per eye before gst. so far, including consultation and medication.. i have paid abt $3500…

    discomfort is only dryness and fluatuating eyesight due to the dryness. but for me is ok… cos when i wore contacts my eye were very dry too.

  7. I had mine done in December 2007 and I am very happy with the results.

    I had the dry eye for a little while but it goes away once u use up the drops. It was a great experience for me because now I can see again.

  8. yes!

    it’s a great experience! i am loving everyday! cos it’s so much more comfortable and convenient!

    congrats to both of us on the new life!

  9. Any particular doctor to recommand?

    • Dr Leonard Ang from SNEC!! i would highly recommend a government hospital, because they have more funds to ensure that their machines are upgraded and that they are not so “commercialised”

      he is very nice and he takes initiative to contact you to find out how you are doing. For me, i had red eyes very often due to eyelid infections, so he helped me to cure my eyelid infections first before allowing me to operate.

  10. Hi. May i know how long will it takes for the eyes to recover? As i have been wearing specs for 20 over years and have develop this habit of rubbing my eyes when it itch or gets irritated. So the though of that happening seems disastrous.

    • Hi Jovian,

      In fact right after the ops, u can see clearly immediately, except that it’s a little milky/hazy which goes away in a while. i also have very sensitve itchy eyes. so u must really endure and not rub it right after the ops. the doc can prescribe u some eye drops that prevent itching. 🙂

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