Posted by: Miracule | September 1, 2007

Hot Weather Beauty Tips

Looking stylish and relaxed is a difficult business when temperatures soar, especially when heat is accompanied by high humidity in Singapore.

I have compiled some tips i found/used for our hot weather. 🙂

Make-up tips for hot weather:

1. Use moisturiser sparingly under your make-up and avoid applying it altogether to your nose and forehead if you have an oily or combination skin.

2. It’s a myth that heavy powdering absorbs sweaty make-up. The initial benefit of powdering disappears very quickly in hot weather. Stick to a light dusting over the central panel of your face. This will absorb shine but leave you with a natural, fresh look.

3. Avoid heavy make-up, particularly matte foundation, as it will run and leave you with a smudged look.

4. Opt for light and luminous colours. They stay fresh looking for longer.

5. Light shade lip gloss looks fresher than heavy matt lipstick in dark colours.

6. Use a light-weight and fragrant body lotion on your exposed skin areas. It adds a sheen without appearing sweaty.

7. Carry a can of Evian Brumisateur with you so that you can freshen up your makeup or body whenever or wherever you are

8. Drink lots of water to remain well hydrated and healthy.

Dressing tips for hot weather:

1. Get it right underneath and let your skin breathe. Choose underwear in natural fabrics, preferably cotton or silk.

2. Keep your clothes simple and avoid anything that is too tight. Choose cotton, linen or silk for comfort and avoid man-made fibres.

3. Select your footwear carefully. Try not to wear the same footwear for too long. Remember to air your footwear frequently to avoid the smell~

4. Keep your accessories simple and minimal. Sometimes, just wearing colour co-ordinated beaded sandals is sufficient to look glamorous.

The key to looking cool in hot weather is, “keep it simple”. Wear simple styles with simple make-up.


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