Posted by: Miracule | September 1, 2007

Pore Refining Microfoliant Mask


Name: Pore Refining Microfoliant Mask
Manufacturer: Skincology, Niu Er
Packaging: 30g small jar (can use quite long)
Price: NT$320, approximately SGD$20 including shipping
Purchase from: Beautiful Life

3 stars out of 5 stars

Do you have a “strawberry nose” that is full of opened pores and blackheads? Our skin is exposed to so many pollutants in the day and without a good proper cleansing routine, our cells are clogged with dirt. Fret no more! As this mask comes to our rescue! I called this the cheaper sister of the much raved about Clinique’s Total Turnaround 15 minute Facial. In short, this product helps to remove the dead skin from while deep cleansing the pores. With frequent usage, it can helps to prevent blockage and minimise the size of pores, giving you a radiant, smooth and even skin tone.

Product Information:
The key to a healthy, beautiful skin is to do proper pore cleansing! 

Many of us have the problems of opened pores, blackheads and other facial problems that we pile on layers of makeup to conceal the imperfections, which is actually a vicious cycle! The makeup we used can actually clogged our pores and caused more problems if we do not practise a proper cleansing routine!

This Pore Refining Microfoliant Mask actually have a dual fuctions of removing dead skin cells and deep cleansing the pores to remove dirt and excess serum. After use, your face will be smooth and radiant!

<Papaya Extract> : Soften the dead skin
<Pineapple Extract> : Soften the dead skin, deep cleanse pores
<Kaolin> : Remove excess serum, deep cleanse pores
<Hyaluronic Acid> : To keep skin supple and well hydrated
<Aloe Vera> :  To prevent over drying of the skin
<Licorice> :  To relieve the stress caused by environmental polution.
Method of Use:
Apply a thin layer over the whole face and neck, avoiding the areas around the eyes and mouth. Leave on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Using your finger tips, carefully rub in circular motions and the mask will be rubbed off. Afterwhich, rinse throughly.

My Penny of Thoughts on this product:
This product is really similar to my Clinique Total Turnaround 15 Minute Facial Mask! And it’s at only 1/5 of the price! After use, my face is truely cleaner and smoother! However, please do not leave it on for too long, as i find that it might be too drying. The deep cleansing effect is so good that it makes my skin even oiler each time i used it! (Because the skin produced more oil to curb the drying effect) Thus i suggest either you can use it once a week, or as and when only when you feel your skin need that extra polish to remove dead skin and clogged pores. I used mine like once a month. 🙂



  1. hi.. i m interested in this mask.. but m new to this.. could u kindly advise mi on how to go abt purchasing this item? i m from singapore.. thanks!

  2. hi girl, very simple! just join the Beautiful Life Forum!

  3. hi there, is this product suitable for pimples/acne skin type?

  4. hi dear, yes!

  5. i wish to buy niu er vitamin k & green tea new eye gel, where to buy?

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