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A Great Exfoliater for the Face

What is the baby brush method of exfoliating?

When you exfoliate, most people use st.ives, other topicals, towels, or various other abrasive ways that irritate sensitive skin, and cost a continual supply of money.

Instead of doing all that, there’s an easier way. a Baby Hair Brush!  And it’s a budgetary yet very effective method!

Safety 1st Hospital's Choice Gentle Care Hair Brush & Comb

The below is adapted from
It very interesting and i am going to try it out.
Will Update again when i bought my brush and try it out.
In the meantime, please click on more to find out more. hurhur

Remember, mild acne is usually a combination of a few things (topical wise) = Dead skin cells + Oil. We’ve seen people with oily faces but no acne. That idea made me ask “Technically, oil alone is not the culprit, but also dead skin cells that we cannot see caused from the products we use on our face such as BP, etc). So I put the theory and question into effect and lead to some interesting results.

Most people use body exfoliators for their face, which is also bad since it’s really abrasive. Think about it, a baby hair brush is a really gentle tool for the scalp of a baby’s head, design to gentle brush the hair to one side. It’s so gentle, that it can be used for our skin.

I, and many others on this board, have put this idea into use after trying it out first.

Where do you buy it, how do you use it, and how often?

You can buy it from Baby’s R Us or any baby store. It is only about $4 and you won’t ever need to buy an exfoliating product/cleanser again. If you aren’t sure, go in there and ask them where they keep baby hair brushes, and they will show you. You can even buy it offline if you can find it. Mine is the “american red cross” brand, it came with a comb too (which you don’t need but it’s okay).

You can also buy it from amazing, I haven’t tried it but it should be the same thing. This is what it should look like, no matter where you get it from:…=UTF8&s=hpc

How to use it:

I find the most effective way to use it is in the shower. When you get in, before washing your face, let the water stream over your face. Then use the baby brush while it happens, this way it keeps the bristles warm, and won’t irritate your face. Using it cold and dry is harsh. Then once you do, use your normal cleanser, this way it will cleanse your pores better and get all the oil out well. And then of course moisturize.

How often:

I would do it twice a day, it doesn’t take too long, it won’t irritate you, and it will do it’s job. because we produce 50,000 dead skin cells a minute

So as you can see, it’s very important!

Caution for existing white heads

If you have existing white heads when using this, be SURE to clean your brush with soap and water and wash off residue before use. And be sure to go over those spots really gently, as it won’t pop them, but don’t hold down hard. I had a white head and it did not spread for me.

My results?

I used to have plenty of small red bumps on my face, the type that not all form into white heads, but they kept forming! I always washed and moisturized, what was the problem? I “felt” clean enough…. until I started doing this. I felt my skin smoother than ever, and it started to glow after a week, sloughing off all the old skin! Almost like a safe microderm session. My skin still produces almost the same amount of oil, but the difference is that the oil doesn’t clog into my pores as I expected smile.gif. My face is clearing up big time and it is SO SOFT.

Cleanser and Moisturizer:

Use a gentle cleanser. Over the past 10 years, I’ve been through various cleansers, and ones that are not acne medicated are best. Gentle ones, like Purpose liquid cleanser works pretty well.

Be sure to moisturize effectively. For a good moisturizing tip, use aloe vera gel, mixed with a bit of cetaphil. I found this out through just experimenting. Here’s a good reason why you should do it this way.

Aloe vera thins out the moisturizer, gives it better spread, so it’s not too thick.


Aloe Vera: This penetrates the skin quickly and deeply. This allows water and other moisturizers to sink deeply into the skin, restoring lost fluids and replacing the fatty layer. It permits the uronic acids, which strip toxic materials of their harmful effects, to penetrate deeply and allows the cleansing astringent qualities of the gel to work better. By increasing the circulation of the blood to an area, Aloe Vera sloughs off dead cells and fosters the growth of new ones. This helps foster the regeneration of scarred or blemished skin tissue and provides a protective coating on the skin to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. This antiseptic action also stops skin infections (acne) in oil-clogged pores. It heals blemishes with little or no scarring. This accounts for the multitude of cosmetic preparations these days contain Aloe Vera. [UW-Aloe Vera]

– Aloe vera penetrates skin deep
– Acts as a carrier for moisturizer to moisturize much deeper.
– Replaces moisture to the skin much more rapidly
– Helps regeneration of damaged skin and protects your skin from bacteria growth
– Dries very minimally, and in combination with a moisturizer, it does not dry at all, but moisturizes

Other methods of doing the baby brush


I don’t know why some of you exfoliate either before or after the cleanser; it’s much easier and faster to exfoliate while cleansing at the same time.

Here is my routine:

First of all, I’ve found out that the baby brush gets much harder/rougher the longer you have it. The little hairs start to stick together more and they become more pointier. Even if you soak the brush in hot water for 15 minutes, it doesn’t really help.

I’ve found something that works WONDERFULLY. What I do is (this is mainly if you use a liquid cleanser) squeeze one pump of purpose liquid into my hand, lather it up, and spread it all over my face. THEN, I squeeze another pump into my hand, and I take the baby brush and push it down into my hand really hard (into the cleanser) and go in circular motions to make the brush soft and soak it in the cleanser. After I do that the baby brush is soaked in the cleanser, and the hairs (bristles?) come apart and are not rough at all. They spread out more so the exfoliation process is much more relaxing and gentle. I’ve found this to be the best method so far. I urge you to try it out.


I wanted to follow up with my results. I’ve been using the baby brush for a month now and I’ve tried it several ways. I tried very, very gentle brushing/slightly firmer/and firm motions. I tried circular, sweeping outwards from the middle of face to the sides and also sweeping in all directions.

What has worked BEST for me:
-very very gentle brushing (the less irritation the better, and it still is effective in getting off dead skin cells)
-brushing from middle of face to outer edges
-doing it 1x a day versus 2x
-splaying bristles out instead of putting brush straight on face

I think if you overdo it with the exfoilation you’re only going to aggravate your skin (which i did in my experimentation) and that leads to more acne and nobody wants that. Anyways that’s my experience thus far. And YES I believe it does help with the skin tone because it can shed those old layers of skin cells off quicker evening out the complexion cool.gif

How to keep the brush clean

We are still not 100% sure how to keep the brush completely clean from bacteria, but what seems to be the popular method is using antibacterial soap, and lathering it with really hot water and making sure to do this for at least 20 seconds. It’s best to keep the brush dry after using it so it does not harbor more bacteria than necessary. Also be sure to clean it each time before using it.

If you have any other ideas please let us know and we can edit this portion of this thread smile.gif

Also, it may be wise to buy a new brush every few weeks since it’s so cheap, if you prefer or if you feel it’s starting to get too dirty, especially with build up. Or if it’s going too soft. Whichever you prefer. 


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