Posted by: Miracule | September 20, 2007

Smelling Good = Confident, Sexy, Unique!

Someone asked me about Perfume.. I have never done any reviews on perfumes before, because i have allergic nose~ Perfumes usually send me into the Sneezy mode! hurhur.

 But nevertheless, i have found 2 websites that are selling a WIDE range of brands and variety of Perfumes.

D’Temptation offers perfumes that are below retail prices, free delivery if the order is above S$100.

SassyVougue also offers a wide range of perfumes and at no GST!

There is no harm comparing the prices at different places before you made purchase ya? *winks*



  1. but do you think buying online is dangerous? after all we dont know if the perfume is diluted not.. lol. wanted to purchase at sassy vogue, but a lil afraid of getting cheated. so i put off the idea. haha. what do u think?

  2. hi gal,

    i have been pretty used to purchasing online, but oni locally.. just look for for the verisign endorsement, find out abt the co, chk if registerred co, wat’s their address etc.. if u feel unsafe, just chk out if they haf any physical stores u can visit! 🙂

    perfume diluted or not… tat i aint sure.. but if u buy fm stores, u oso dunno if the perfume is diluted or not right?

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