Posted by: Miracule | September 29, 2007

Complan Meal Replacements

Name: Meal Replacement
Manufacturer: Complan
Packaging: Milk powder in packet form, 3 Flavours available: Vanilla, Strawberry & Chocolate
Price: SGD$21.50 for a box of 15 packets, purchased at Guardian Pharmacy

3 stars out of 5 stars

Busy to eat? No appetite? Wanna slim down? This is an excellant meal replacement in the form of a milk shake that helps to satisfy your hunger when you are busy or lazy! This is also helpful for patients recovering from an illness as it’s easy to intake and digest. Great for people who have a lost of appetite or for Slimmers as well! As the saying goes, if you can cut down 100 calorie per day, you cut down 3000 calorie per month!

Product Information:
If you think vitality and glowing health are the privilege of youth, it’s definitely time for a reality check. Complan understands that a healthy, well-balanced diet is essential for continued activity and fitness in later life. That’s why Complan provides complete nourishment in an easy to prepare milkshake, soup or cereal. It’s a good source of protein, energy and is rich in essential vitamins and minerals – the perfect way to give your nutrition a boost.

Ingredients (for strawberry Flavour):
Skimmed milk, lactose, vegetable oil, maltodextrin, sugar, glucose syrup, beetroot powder, flavourings, magnesium sulphate, thickener (xanthan gum) vitamin C, iron sulphate, niacin, vitamin E, zinc sulphate, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, manganese sulphate, riboflavin, thiamin, copper sulphate, vitamin A, folic acid, biotin, vitamin K, potassium iodate, sodium selenite, sodium molybdate, chromium chloride, vitamin D, vitamin B12.

 Nutritional Information:

Typical Values PER 100g
% RDA* PER 57g
% RDA*
per serving

*RDA means Recommended Daily Allowance.

Method of Use:
You can drink Complan either hot or cold, whichever you prefer, and because it’s already nutritionally balanced you only need add water. However, add milk if you prefer a richer, creamier taste. Each sachet provides around 250 calories. This is the equivalent to a light meal: 2 sachets are equivalent to a main meal.

  • Each sachet requires a total of 200ml (1/3 pint) of water or milk, either hot or cold.
  • Pour some of the water or milk into a large cup or mug and add 1 sachet of Complan.
  • Mix into a smooth cream with a whisk or fork.
  • Top up with the remaining water or milk and keep stirring all the time.
  • My Penny of Thoughts on this product:
    Hmm, do you know that meal replacements usually do not come cheap? So far this is the cheapest that i have found, without compromising on the quality. The reason why this complan is selling so cheap now is because they are changing their packaging. Those that are selling on the shelves now are of the old packaging. There is no chocolate flavour available on the market now, and the strawberry flavour definitely taste better than the vanilla one.  🙂

    If you are dieting or would like to lose weight, you can follow this below programme:

    Complan in the morning as a light breakfast, followed by a light lunch and light dinner… and complan at night before you sleep. This is to prevent the yoyo effect and make sure you have a balance diet. I have been taking a single packet for Complan for 3 days, followed by a light lunch and a big bowl of salad in the evening with many fruits in between and i have lost 2kgs. 🙂

    However, if you are looking for a fast way to lose weight, you can try 2 packets of complan each time (which is equivalent to a main meal) for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 days to 1 week. (Not more than that). In between meals, you should take alot of fruits and water too!



    1. I saw chocolate flavour at polyclinic pharmcy onli 1.65bucks, 15 for 21 bucks (:

    2. i love complan and have been drinking it 4 a while but i seen on a web site thats its a weight gaining drink is this true? Coz i really want to lose weight!!! mailme please.

    3. hmm hi geraldine, which web do u see it from?

      Dont worry about putting on weight. It can be weight gaining or weight losing depends on how you eat…. match it with a sensible diet, it will help u slim down!

    4. Hi! I was wondering if you’ve got any other tips besides drinking this to slim down… I’m really desperate to go down to a 50 ==”’ and i’m 56kg now… SO PLEASE? I’ve been exercising and cutting down on food… but yeah, it’s been kinda slow still… ): So help!!! Any other slimming products I could take to increase the rate of losing weight?

      Thanks so much! ^^

    5. and also!! ^^ haha. How long did it take before u lose ur 2 kilos? Did you exercise with it as well? Are u still taking it now?

    6. hi dawn,

      Hmm, i realised that it’s very easy for a person above 70Kg to lose the pounds but it aint easy for someone around 50Kg to lose weight!

      Basically if you have exercise and cutting down on food but do not lose much weight, you should try to detox-ing yourself first! I have an entry on DIY detox-ing which you might want to check it out on~ 🙂

    7. heyy!!! So you reckon I should I try this complan thing? I’m 57 now… …
      If not, do you know any slimming pill I could take/purchase, like Xando or something? Does it work? ^^


    8. hi dawn,

      i dun think taking complan will help bcos u mentioned u are already doing exercise and cutting down on food… i still suggest you to detox your body by cleansing away the toxins inside ur body first. 🙂

    9. by the way, u know losing weight and losing fats is different “theory”? cos u can easily lose some weight by getting rid of the water retention.. but to slim areas such as thighs and tummy is very difficult..

      i do not have recommendations on slimming pills bcos i am fearful of andrea-slim10 incidents. and i believe in the more natural way..

      i found a video on buttock and thighs exercise and i have been trying it for a while.. u can check it out on the main page too. 🙂

    10. Hi,
      I believe that if you have a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch
      and then a light meal for tea and drink 4 litres of water a day and only snack on fruit (not bananas) you will lose alot of weight. I mean i have been doing this and i lost 12 pounds in one week and nine the next and 10 inches off my waist in 2 weeks.
      Amazing but true!!
      Is just takes will power to cut your calorie intake. Keep it under 1200 for the day and your laughing! I’m still a fatty but it’s coming off every week. Happy days!!

    11. hi suzanne,

      congrats!!! yeah~ basically it’s that simple. it’s all boil down to…. we really have to control the intake of food.

      in fact, i use to eat macdonalds at least once a week, since i join the new company late last year, i never eaten fast food much. and surprisely, i feel healthier as well. 🙂

      all the best!

    12. Right, ive been using opiates the past year and lost a lot of weight, well i was a UK size 12-14 before i got to involved with the drug and am now a UK size 6-8 all in the space of a year. im desperate to put on weight and look and feel more heathy. ive had a look at complan in the pharmacey and im going to try it out myself! Just wondereing though whats the best way of drinkin the complan to gain weight?

    13. hi where can i purchase this complan.

      • Hi girl,

        you can find it in pharmacies. I know how CGH pharmacy has them. Not sure if Guardian still carries them or not. 🙂

    14. i really need to lose 2dress sizes, i take complan and cearels in the morning, drink just water all day and repeat same complan and cearel in the evening, i have lost like 3inches round my tommy in a week. what else do you advice me do?

    15. Does complan make u gain weight?

      • hi dear,

        i suppose it wont?

    16. Where can you buy Complan. I searched in NTUC, pharmacy – not available. Please recommend. Thks

    17. yea. i am finding complan too.
      Had got it also few years back at CGH.
      Couldnt find it at NTUC or Guradian anymore.
      hope i can get it in singapore still =(

    18. I’m new to using complan but heard a it is good to lose weight but wasn’t sure . I go to the gym 5 days a week and do lots of cardio. I can buy 500g for $18NZD

    19. I have been using complan now for about 1-2 yrs but I never did know how many I can have a day? Can anyone help? I suffer from a stomach condition and I often can’t eat solid food for a few days at a time so would be good to know if I can have more than 2 a day to help me. Thanx

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