Posted by: Miracule | November 8, 2007

Avene Clearance K


Name: Cleanance K
Manufacturer: Avene
Packaging: Small Tube, 40ml
Price: – Will update-

3 stars out of 5 stars

This is not bad if you have slight blemishes – skin problems such as only blackheads, dull skin etc. It helps to control the sebum secretions. Great for people with young skin. The skin becomes clearer day after day as Clearance K promote the disappearance of blemishes, blackheads and other inperfections. It has a surface peeling effect, cleanse skin in-depth and promote the elimination of blemishes. Skin is purified, and once again smooth and radiant.

Product Information:
Formulated with AHAs and BHAs (Alpha and beta Hydroxy acids), Cleanance K has a peeling effect upon the surface of the skin. It also deeply cleanses the pores to help quickly eliminate skin lesions such as:

– blackheads,
– spots
– and cutaneous imperfections.

– Avene Thermal Spring Water 50%
Soothing and anti-irritant, this water is particularly adapted for the care of sensitive, fragile, irritated or damaged skin.
– Zinc Gluconate
Its anti-bacterial properties enable to purify the skin.
– Cucurbita pepo concentrated extract
This natural extract of squash seeds regulates sebaceous secretion. Indeed, and thanks to its chemical structure, Cucurbita extract binds at sebaceous gland level to block excessive sebum secretion. Your skin thus slowly recovers its natural balance.
– a-bisalobol
– Glycolic and Lactic Acid (AHA)

– Salicylic (BHA)

Method of Use:
Apply morning and/or evening to a face that has been cleansed

My Penny of Thoughts on this product:
I find this product useful and good, except for the fact that if i use in the morning, my skin tends to be oilier easily and i think my pores get clogged cos i applied makeup over it. Recommended to be used for maintenance only after you have controlled your acne problems.


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