Posted by: Miracule | November 8, 2007

For your Big Day…

This is dedicated to all Brides-to-be. 🙂 My big day is on 11th November 2008, and i have lotsa preparations to make, and thought, why not share this with brides to be as well!

Having a tough time making plans for your ROM, Banquet, Budgeting, Invitations, Gifts, Bridal Photos and etc?

With so much to worry about, the last thing we want is to look FAT and UGLY… Also, with all the stress, it tends to show on our face too ya? Zits appearing, acne scarrings, dull looking skin, bloated body? There are so much more to take care of!

So i have compile a summary listing of Beauty To Note items, that is comprehensive enough for us to look our very best on our Big Day!

1) Weight & Figure

This is one of the major concerns of every Bride! Keeping the weight down and the figure slim. Even though your weight is ideal! We are always so self concious about whether our arms are too big, if a tummy is showing… To look good and yet be healthy at the same time, losing weight should never be a one time off thing! No extreme losing weight methods too! Cos when you are doing that, you are changing your body’s natural biological memory, and once you stop, the weight and fat will bounce back doubled!

* Do not skip meals, have a sense of Healthy diet instead. Avoid fatty and heaty food.
* Drink enough water everyday. It helps to keep your body and skin healthy. It can also help detox your body too!
* Try to Exercise once a week, so that you have a strong healthy body to walk you through all the many hassles of marriage and a tone body to show off on the big day.
* Can consider using Slimming wraps and slimming creams to target areas of problem
* Meal replacements one week before 
* Remember your Vitamins! 
* Have enough sleep

2) Hair 

Try not to cut your hair one year prior to your wedding. With a longer hair, you can have more styles to choose from. This way, you can really choose the gown you really like and match your hair style to the gown. Avoid doing chemical treatments now, the last thing we want is to have dry, brittle and dull hair. You may postpone perming and hair dye closer to your photoshoot cos it will turn out better in photos.

Stick to your favorite shampoo and conditioner. My current favourite is Charles Worthington which you are able to get from Watsons at $13+ per bottle. I am using the pink shampoo for oily scalp and the orange conditioner to moisturise hair.

You have also try a hair masks once a week. = )

3) Face & Skin

If you are someone who have or tends to have problematic skin, now is the time to start going for regular facials. Go to a beautician that you are comfortable with and avoid changing beauticians. Beauty Salon will usually pressurise you into doing un-neccessary treatments. So please do not be senseless. I suggest going to Beauty Salon for the regular facial which deep cleanse your skin and do extractions. It will also help to remove the dead skin and helps your facial skin revitalise back to the 28 days cells renewal. In time to come, your skin will look naturally radiant and clear. =)

* Always remember to thoroughly remove your makeup and ensure your skin is clean
* Do a clay mask for deep cleansing twice a week (thrice for oily skin, or once for dry skin)
* You can do a sheet masks daily or on alternate days, recommended masks are Dainty Masks or Beauty Diary
* Use epilator to remove body hairs, in time to come, the new hairs which grow are finer and softer
* Do a full body scrub regulary. You can purchase the dead sea salt from Watsons at $27 for 3 hugh tubs which can scrub and helps slimming at the same time.



  1. Hi babe, the tips is really useful though im not getting married yet. Can you recommend me the best epilator u found?

  2. hi geraldine, i am using a Philips epilator called Satinelle. Cost only $30+ purchased more than a year ago. I used on my underarms and legs. I used to pluck the hairs on my armpit (not shaved), so basically this works for me. i do not find it painful at all cos it spins very fast.

    unless u are going to use on Very delicate areas such as bikini hair line etc, den u will have to buy those epilators which have cooling features. But trust me, u wun really use it very often… so 30+ ones are good enough.

  3. Hey there,

    I’m June, I chanced upon your site through google when I was searching info about Meiji Collagen drink.

    And I realized that you’re getting married almost at the same time as me.

    I’m getting married in 1 Nov 08.

    You have a great blog there, alot of good infos.

    Thanks for that.


  4. hi june,

    thanks thanks! congrats on your big day too!

  5. hey, can i ask. Do you have problems for dark underarms? And is the Satinelle still being sold? Thanks in advance. =)

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