Posted by: Miracule | November 13, 2007

Cocoa Firm Contouring Facial Lift


Name: Cocoa Firm Contouring Facial Lift
Manufacturer: Skincology, Niu Er
Packaging: Tube, 30ml
Price: NT$420 from BioBeauty, approximately SGD$25 including shipping

2 stars out of 5 stars

I first tried this product because it’s so highly raved by one girl. However, to my disappointment, the product did not work for me, probably due to the fact that my face doesn’t have that much water retention to start with. Also, maybe i am allergic to cocoa, for the fact that everytime i uses this product, i will have outbreaks and everytime i stop, the outbreaks get better. I guess cocoa is too “heaty” for me. =p

Product Information:
Cocoa Firm Contouring Facial lift not only contains cocoa essense, it also contains caffine and green tea extract, to help your skin keep firm and young. This refreshing gel-liquid is easily absorbed by your skin, instantly firm and tighten up the skin. It also helps to close up pores, revealing a radiant and young skin. Especially recommended for those with loose, sagging old skin.

‧ Cocoa Bean:Contains protein and non-saponification products to firm up the skin and prevent aging and sagging
‧ Green Tea Extract:Helps to keep skin young and firm
‧ Natural Caffein essense:Improve the dull and dark skin tone.
‧ Algae Extract: Balance the skin’s natural sebum secretions, preventing pre-mature aging.

Method of Use:
Apply twice daily, after toning, using a small amount (one pump), massage the gel into cheeks, chin and neck areas. Followed by moisturisesr and other products.

My experience on this product:
Prior the usage of this product, i had high expectations as i read from a forum that a girl is using 4th bottle of the product and is strongly recommending the usage of this product! It was suppose to remove water retention, slims and firm up the face. She also mention that the product also removes her acne scarrings.

Alas! In my opinion, this product is poor in removing any water retention at all. Firming yes. You can feel the Boing Boing feeling after use. The outline of the face is lifted so the V shape is slightly more obvious.

However, as i mentioned, not sure if cocoa products are not suitable for me. I keep having outbreaks when i am using the product. Once i stopped, the outbreaks gets better too. And once i continue the use, the outbreaks come back again. :S

It doesn’t help to lighten scars as well. There is no ingredients in the product that does that.

So basically, this is for people with aging skin, buy only if you face needs some “lifting”. Gonna pass this over to my mum. 🙂


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