Posted by: Miracule | November 16, 2007

Clarins Face Treatment Oil – Lotus


Name: Lotus Face Treatment oil
Manufacturer: Clarins
Packaging: Small bottle, 50ml
Price: SGD$73

5 stars out of 5 stars

I bet you will feel as amazed as i do when i first heard about this. How do you like the idea of putting oil on your face?

But i must tell you that this is one of the best products of Clarins. And it’s one of those MUST HAVE items. It is a really good product for balancing the oil secretions on our face. It not only balance the oil, it is extremely good for pimples, acne and blackheads as well. And it has such a naturally good scent which helps to relax our minds for a good night sleep too!

Product Information:
Face treatment oil with 100% pure natural plant extracts. Use at night as the perfect complement to Aromatic Plant Day Cream to help rebalance combination skin prone to oiliness. Promotes a youthful, radiant complexion. Helps rebalance skin prone to oiliness during the night.

Beauty Benefits :
– Helps normalize sebaceous secretions.
– Helps “tighten” the pores.
– Helps prevent moisture loss.
– Nourishes and leaves skin supple and soft.

Rosemary (Alleviates,De-stresses)
Sage (Stimulates)

Method of Use:
– Apply in the evening to complement Aromatic Plant Day Cream.

My experience on this product:
I first came across this product when i was at the Clarins counter at Takashimaya. We all know that Clarins products are made from natural extracts and the raves and so on. So i asked the sales assistant about Oil control products and she showed me this. At first i was stunned, like “HUH? Apply oil to control oil?!” I tested the product and didn’t like the texture as it really felt very oily. I mean, i couldn’t think about putting oil on my face.. can you?

Nevertheless, i gotten a sample from her to test out the product. The first time i apply on my face, i apply everywhere that is very oily in the day… i do not like the feeling at all. And the next day i didn’t feel that it could help me control oil at all. So i stopped using the product.

Until there was this period i had this acne problem where i tried loads of stuff on my face and couldn’t tone down the problem. So out of desperation, i tried dotting my pimples with this lotus oil, and the next morning when i woke up, amazingly, the swollen pimple subsided! it was literally flatten!

This product really smells very good. and it also helps to prevent blackheads. close pores. regulate oil secretions. extremely helpful when it’s the time of the month and u had the unexpected zits appearing. Note: if your pimples is hidden below the skin, meaning those that do not have a “head” for you to squeeze, fret not, this is extremely good for those too! Plus the smell is so relaxing!

But not that it is not so much of making your skin radiant though. Still a very good product which is worth the investment. And can use for VERY long. you only need a apply a little each time.

No matter how much raves a product received, you will never know if it’s really suitable for you. Try to get samples from cosmetic counters or ask your friend for a lil to tested out the product first, before investing on a unsuitable product



  1. Hi,

    Can i check for the lotus oil.. do u leave it over night? cos i went to the counter to get samples, the lady ask me to apply b4 washing face.. apply on the nose only. and wash it off.. so I am unsure of its application.

    Pls advice


  2. suitable for combi/oily & sensitive skin?

  3. i leave it on overnight wor.. but i only dap on troubled spots..

  4. yes, it’s for oily combination skin and sensitive skin as well. 🙂

    you can get sample from the counter to try out.

  5. Hi Miracule

    i have tiny pimples on my cheek (about 4 )- more like little roots- to be honest you can hardly see them but the fact that i know that it is there irritates me- do you think that the lotus oil will help?

  6. I was visiting a friend at her job(cosmetics counter at Dillard’s) and showed her my HUGE, whitehead. She immediately took me to this product. I put it on at the mall. Hours later, you could barely see the pimple!

  7. hi samantha,

    yes i say it will helps! i recently applied a serum that is too rich for my skin and thus resulted in mini breakouts. the lotus oil helps alot!

    and Angela testimonial will be convincing as well. cos yup! it really helps alot!

  8. Hi Miracule

    Thank you so much for your advice. I am going to try out the Lotus oil tonight. I already have my sample. Unfortunately, I now have lots of pimples on my chin and my foreheard and a huge, huge pimple on my cheek. it is really depressing me. but i have been through a very stressful period in my life. i lost my mum on 11th August 2008. she was only 55 years and her death was so sudden and unexpected. i dont have any sisters so i really, really do appreciate your advice. i will let you know what happens. These pimples are so itchy and they are depressing me.

  9. hi, would this help on acne scars? if not, what would be good?

  10. I just wanted to recommend a face cream that has powerful antioxidants in it. It actually have real blueberries in it.
    Its the Made from Earth Three Berry Face Cream. . .
    Everyone more reliable ways to improve and maintain your skin’s youthful appearance. Here are acouple tips on how to protect your skin:

  11. I am SO glad i purchased the “Made from Earth” detox and renew products. Its is the healthiest microdermabrasion out there….and its all chemical free…
    I have only used them for the last 2 weeks and WOW! I almost didn’t use it last night because i thought my skin was already pretty smooth but i couldn’t resist – i was just too excited.
    First, let me say that i am 29, a student in graduate school. When i first went to college for many months my acne progressively got worse. I tried Proactiv but it was too drying, other drugstore brands (that used to work until my skin worsened), and even went on a prescription for a month for acne (i hated it).

    Then i began trying products to retain moisture – and i LOVE the Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer for that. Having success with it encouraged me to try their detox also – which is the “rooibos Tea Face Scrub”.

    I wanted to try it because while much of my blemishes are gone, my skin doesn’t look very healthy. I have some scars that blend with my freckles and my skin tone looks terrible. I wanted professional microdermabrasion but i am a college student – not gonna happen on my salary. Plus, I am super healthy and dont want to put any harmful chemicals in my body or on my skin.

    Luckily i did splurge and spent around $120 on this kit and i am so glad i did.. .it comes with a discount of you buy both rpoducts together. . .
    It has removed some of the dry skin patches near my nostrils and left my skin even softer! Softer than i ever imagined! The combination of the scrub daily and the enhanced moisturizer have greatly reduced my blackheads and my skin feels firmer.
    This will be in my skin care routine FOREVER! For a graduate college student, this is a bit pricey – but it works! So stop wasting money on cheaper things that don’t work and try this.

    I bought online at …some reviews also said its cheaper to buy online

  12. hi deary, its a wonderful blog you have here! i have a
    challenge with severe pimples, blackheads and black spots on my
    face. i have tried so many acne-away products to no avail. kindly
    advise on what product i can use and how to get it cos i live in
    Nigeria. Thanks!!

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