Posted by: Miracule | November 17, 2007

Calendula Soothing Water

Name: Calendula Soothing Water
Manufacturer: Beauty DIY, Niu Er
Packaging: Bottle, 150ml
Price: NT$199 from Beauty DIY, approximately SGD$13 including shipping

4 stars out of 5 stars

How do you like a toner that is so natural, without alcohol, control oil and yet keeps the skin well hydrated? This is really good! And very value for money! For the amount you pay, you wouldn’t even get anything decent and so good in watsons! if you are someone who do not have the habit of using the toner because you do not see the need to, try this and you will fall in love with using the toner! You use it not because you are hardworking or you do not want to waste your money or because you have to…. you will be using it because you love how it feels after using! My opinion? This is really cheap and good!

Product Information:
This is a toner for combinations and oily skin people. It doesn’t contain any alcohol like the usual toners. Containing Calendula extracts this toner helps to close opened pores, hydrate, refreshed your facial skin! It also helps in heaing blemishes and sensitive skin symptoms. This is suitable for guys to use as a aftershave as well.

‧ Pot Marigold Extract:Calms and softens while hydrating the skin
‧ Burdock Extract:Natural toning effect. Helps to close opened pores and balance sebum secretions
‧ Licorice extract:Refreshes and comforts the skin
‧ Other Ingredients: Tightens and smoothen, improves dull skin tone

Method of Use:
Apply twice daily, after cleansing.

My experience on this product:
This is suitable for all skin type, particular those that are ultra sensitive to many ingredients and those with oily and combinations skin as well. I use this product by dripping 3 to 4 drops to my palm and apply directly on my cleansed face. It get absorbed easily into the skin and within one minute, i feel refresh and happy! My face is less oily, and knowing that this product does not contains alcohol at all, i feel more at ease using it everyday and everytime i feel like it!


  1. Thanks for the detail info and feedback on this toner. I am interested to try it. May I know how much is Watson selling it? Is there any ongoing spree that I can purchase this at a cheaper price.

    Would really appreciate your reply. Thanks.

  2. hi helen apologies for the miscommunications! This product is from Taiwan! Not available in any watsons at all. What i implied was that you cannot get a product that is so cheap and yet so good in watsons!

    Yes, you can spree from Beautiful Life Forum >>Check under links for Shopping/Spree

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