Posted by: Miracule | January 14, 2008

Astaxanthin Age-Defying Liquid Essence


Name: Astaxanthin Age-Defying Liquid Essence
Manufacturer: BioBeauty, Niu Er
Packaging: Bottle, 120ml
Price: NT$520 from BioBeauty, approximately SGD$32 including shipping

4.5 stars out of 5 stars

Wow wow! This is really you gotta try it before you believe it! This product gives my skin an instant radiant boost and leave the skin VERY Soft and supple! Product is very easily absorbed into the skin and smelled really nice! An extremely cheap anti-oxidating toner-cum-serum in one!

What is Astaxanthin?
Astaxanthin is the main carotenoid pigment found in aquatic animals. This red-orange pigment is closely related to other well-known carotenoids such as beta-carotene or lutein, but has a stronger antioxidant activity (10 times higher than beta-carotene). Studies suggest that astaxanthin can be more than 1000 times more effective as antioxidant than vitamin E. In many of the aquatic animals where it can be found, astaxanthin has a number of essential biological functions, ranging from protection against oxidation of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, protection against UV-light effects, pro-vitamin A activity and vision, immune response, pigmentation, and communication, to reproductive behaviour and improved reproduction. Astaxanthin is one of the latest and hottest ingredients in skin care products for it’s anti-oxidating properties.

Product Information:
This product is a toner and serum in one.  It targets to :
* Keep skin hydrated and supple
* Allow subsequent products used on face to be absorbed better
* Even and whiten skin tone

You only need to pour a small amount of the gel-like liquid and pat onto the skin till fully absorbed. You can also use this product as a emergency last minute date rescue by damping onto a sheet mask and applying it to your face. (However, i would suggest you not to waste it, using it alone daily is already giving very good results!)

* Astaxanthin: Anti-oxidating, lifting, improve and prevents wrinkles and fine lines
* Vitamin E: Anti-oxidating, hydrate and smoothen fine lines
* Butylene-glycol: Hydrate and keep skin supple
* Cucumber extract: Calm and comfort the skin

Method of Use:
Pour a small amount (20 cent coin) and pat onto the face twice daily, after cleansing.

My experience on this product:
I remember i first came across Astaxanthin (虾红素)from the show 女人我最大, Niu Er was saying that Astaxanthin is 500 times more effective than Q10, to which i am like “Serious? How do you measure 500x better?” Then mummy tried the 心机美人 Astaxanthin face mask and she love it sooo much! She also wipe the mask all over her hands and legs and kept on telling me how smooth she skin was! This is really different from the results of Q10. (I have purchased Kose Q10 Masks for her to use as well)

So being a fillial girl, i bought this astaxanthin essence for my mum to use. And being so tempted by her, from testing it out, I am currently sharing the bottle together with her as well. =p

I love how soft and radiant my skin becomes, right after applying it. I really believe it can help to combat against aging as fine lines have disappeared from my skin and i love the silky softness after application.



  1. Hey… I just wanted to ask where did you get this product from? I tried to get it from the WQueen website but it seems that they only do provide for people in Taiwan.

  2. hi liting,

    u can join the beautiful life forum and look out for payeasy sprees.

  3. Hi, are u able to apply this product on the eye area ?

  4. hmm, i did apply to my eye area as well. Cos it’s like a very hydrating toner.

    texture is thick-like liquid, which is absorbed by the skin rapidly, and no sticky feel. in fact very smooth.

    after apply on the face, there is a really blissful feeling about it. nice smell.

  5. HI Mir, Do u use this as a toner? Need to apply moistursior after this? i cant find a good toner, everythin i use cause me breakout lehz.. my skin is beta off without anyting haha.. but i feel guilty leaving the hse wit my naked face.. all the UV n toxics all around..

  6. hi shanz,

    yeap. i use it as a toner/essense/moisturiser all in one. it’s very nice for the skin. just that it doesnt have UV protection la..

    • I just read that this product is a natural sunblock

  7. Oh.. hhee thanks thanks i juz recieved mine yesterday from Vir.. I agree is it quite nice.. but no SPF n oil controlling wor..hehe

  8. hee, no spf is definite la.. which toner got spf?? lol..

    oil control not that much, but at the same time, it’s good to note that the product doesnt have any properties that irritate the face to product more oil too… i think still quite good for my dehydrated yet oily skin..

  9. Hi
    Any idea how one can get hold of Niu Er’s products when one lives in the UK?

  10. Hi, i’m thinking to purchase this. i’m also purchasing Lavender brightening perfect c night complex. knew that you used both before, could you advise which to apply first? are they good to complement each other? thankyou!(:

  11. for brightening, i suggest u use the lavendar brightening perfect c night complex.

    ya.. definitely complementary to each other.. use astaxanthin as like a toner first, follow by the lavendar brightening perfect c night complex.

  12. Do you still have any stock?

  13. sorry i do not sell it.

  14. Hi! =) I was googling up reviews for the Kose Q10 masks when I found your reviews. So you def. recommend this product > Kose Q10, yes? I am a newbie when it comes to makeup or skin care of any sort. I was wondering if this product is really effective in making the skin whiter? Or can you please recommend me a product that can make my skin whiter? And where can I find this awesome product that you speak of? Thankyou!

  15. hmm accordingly to many sources, astaxanthin is 500 times more effective than Q10. however, if u are talking abt whitening…. i haven;t found something that is really GOOD yet. will let u know again.

  16. hi, so do u still use any other types of serum like whitening/moisture? or u only use this + moisturiser?

  17. this is actually purchased for my mum. so i share and use with her. hmm. i find this moisturising enough… so when i used this, i do not even use moisturiser.. p/s i am an oily skin person.

  18. how do i purchase from this website and what the currency. if i live in this u.s can i still make it purchase ? ? please help.

  19. hi joey,

    thanks for your comment.

    the site is in chinese and based in taiwan.

    i am not sure how you order from them, as it must have a Taiwan address before they can deliver to you. i order through online sprees

  20. wow miracule,thats a really good review! could you provide the link for beautiful life? can’t seem to find there any spree for the products now?

  21. Hi. I just found your site today and I love it! Do you know how I can get this in America?

    • thanks!! however this product is only available in Taiwan.. probably you can do a search to see if there is anything similar in us

  22. Sadly, its not that good on sensitive and prone to clog pores skin. Caused my skin to break out 😦 .

  23. i’m very interested in this product, however, u have a full ingredient list of this product.

    I’m afraid of acne since some say it’s not suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin.


    • Hi sorry, I don’t have it with me. 🙂

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