Posted by: Miracule | January 14, 2008

Grandma Mask

Name: Pu Li Ah Man Invisible Mask
Manufacturer: Taiwan Pu Li Ah Ma
Packaging: Bottle, 100ml
Price: Approximately SGD$20 including shipping

3 stars out of 5 stars

This product is very popular in Taiwan and now in Singapore Sprees as well. Popularised by SKII, we know that fermenting rice result in a yeast extract called Pitera, an ingredient that helps to keep skin youthful & radiant. Some people claimed that this mask works better than SKII but at a much much affordable price! Why spend 100 over dollars on SKII while this can give you around the same effect? Natural rice bran extract gives a special and simple fragrance and leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh & you may notice your pores minimising as well!

Product Information:
The properties of this Ah Ma Mask include deep cleansing, moisturising, whitening, pore minimizing, reducing dark spots and acne.  

Flavours available:
Lemon (Refreshing)
– Good for people with acne or big pores. Helps to heal your skin and make your skin texture smoother. Balances the oil secretion & enables your face to be less oily over time. Reduces pore size as it helps to tighten skin too.

Lavender (Moisturising) – Helps to whiten, reduce fine lines, gives your face a bouncy bouncy touch to it as it replenishes moisture lost. Helps to rejuvenate the skin & regenerate skin faster, giving rise to younger looking skin. Promotes circulation.

Red Wine (Whitening) – Whitens skin, reduces wrinkles, tightens skin, reduces pimples & improves the texture of your face.

Rice, natural yeast, 12 natural plants herbs extract formula 

Method of Use:
1. Shake bottle before using. Spread mask on face (or any other part of your body) and leave on for 30 mins
2. Use luke warm water to wash off after your skin has absorbed the ingredients.
3. Recommended to use around 2 – 3 times a week.
4. Best not to use paper masks with this to prevent drying out. Just put it directly on your face for optimal absorption.

My experience on this product:
First and foremost, i must warn that the product doesn’t smell very good! However most people got use to the smell after a few usage. Results wise, i ain’t as satisfied my fellow friends. But then again, i used SK-II miracle water before and do not feel the advantages as it claimed as well. Personally, i feel that yeast extract is not so suitable for my oily skin as i do not know why, but it caused my skin to become oilier than usual when others experience it to be help in oil control! Thus, the results really depend on individual.

Also, if your skin is sensitive to alcohol, then you shouldn’t be using this product as you might experience stinging sensation together with redness or itchiness.

I have read from different areas and MANY people feedback that using this product gave them an instant radiant look and face is visibly less oily.

Comment from other:
“Used ah Ma for more then 15 days. Skin get less oily. Black and white heads on my nose are getting lesser, skin get very smooth after applied. I leave on for 30 mins and wash off with warm water. Ah Ma kind of firm my skin at the sametime exfoliate the dead skin…”



  1. wat do u suggest for removing blackheads?

  2. hi maine,

    blackheads… hmm, regular scrub aka exfoliation and you might want to try the egg white mask.. cheap and good! =)

  3. well, where & how can i buy pu li ah ma?

  4. hmm as of now, i aint sure… i think u can try searching on yahoo auctions?

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