Posted by: Miracule | January 15, 2008

Exercises for our Butts and Thighs

The moment i hit a quarter century old, my body seems to age tremendously.
Metabolisium rate drops sharply.
My body gains extra padding and becomes more “Shapely”
Weight just keeps on going up.
Sound familiar to you too?

Being extremely vain and self concious now that my big day is drawing nearer and nearer, i regretted not exercising regularly and taking youth for granted and so on… The mind just keeps on replaying to see when it all went wrong and since when i started piling on the weight and fats etc.

BUT let’s face it… thinking will not help. Buying any pills and slimming equipments will not help if we are not disipline.

so… Gambateh and Preserve!

I have found the following exercises on the internet to slim our Butts and thighs. I am doing the Butt Lift exercise every night before i sleep for the past 2 weeks. I would say, it does help cos my bottom is visibly smaller now~ and it is the most simple exercise without using any external “props”


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