Posted by: Miracule | March 5, 2008 Detox Booster


Name: Detox Booster 10 Daily Doses
Manufacturer: Health from the Sun
Packaging: 10 vials, 1 vial (0.5 fl oz) (15 ml)
Price: Selling at S$69.90 at Watsons or Guardian in Singapore

4 stars out of 5 stars

Do you know that it’s always easy for a 80kg person to lose 30kg to become 50kg, but it’s extremely difficult for a 50kg to become 45kg? i for one am desperate to lose that weight! i am still considered on the slim side, my heaviest being only at 48+kg. However, I been putting on weight since the later half of 2007, probably due to aging and lower metabolism rate. My average weight since when i was in secondary school is 43kg. thus imagine me panicking with the needle fluctuating between 47 to 49kg and my wedding is Nov 2008!

Today i just completed the last bottle of the Detox Booster. So far, this has been the most convenient and proven effective weight loss solution that i have tried personally. i find that by dieting without detoxifying doesnt works very well for me.

Started on 25th Feb 2008 ,49kg. Completed on 5th Mar 2008, 45.5kg. Loss 3.5kg. 🙂

Product Information: Detox Booster is a new approach to weight loss, combining a carefully selected range of herbs to cleanse and purify the body, in convenient vials. Just ten vials of Detox Booster over ten days will ignite your fuse and get your successful weight loss plant off the ground!

This new blend of concentrated herbal extracts contains active plant nutrients which target and detoxify fat cells, stimulating their breakdown and motivate your body’s ability to burn stored fat. Detox Booster also promotes internal cleansing to rid your body of impurities and excess fluids which hinder efficient weight loss.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 vial (0.5 fl oz) (15 ml)
Servings Per Container: 10
Amount Per Serving % DV
Calories 45
Total Carbohydrates 12 g 4%
Dietary Fiber 3 g 12%
Sugar Alcohols 9 g
Proprietary Herbal Blend 13 g
Green tea leaf extract (Camellis sinensis), Mate bush leaf extract (llex paraguayensis), Papaya leaf extract (Carica papya), Cola nut extract (Cola nitida, Cola acuminata), Tumeric rhizome extract (Curcuma longa), Black elderberry extract (Sambucus nigra), Fennel seed extract (Foeiculum vulgare), Celery leaf and tip extract (Apium graveolens), Chicory root extract (Cichorium intybus), Barley malt root extract (Hordeum vulgare).

Other IngredientsGlycerol, water, fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), sorbitol, natural lime tea flavor, lemon juice concentrate.

This product contains caffeine (approximately 9 mg per vial.)

 Suggested Use:
Each morning for 10 days, dilute one vial of Detox Booster in 8 oz of water and drink in one shot, or dilute one vial in 32 oz of water and consume throughout the day. Shake well before using.

For best weight loss results, follow the Detox Booster 10-day program with our original Diet & Detox 16.9 fl oz liquid program. This will allow your body to continue the cleansing process and remain energized.

Warnings: Detox Booster may have laxative effects. Do not exceed the recommended daily does of one vial per day. The Detox Booster program may be repeated several times during the year. This product can only assist weight loss when used as part of a calorie controlled diet and fitness regimen. For adult use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Due to the natural characteristics of plant material, normal settling may occur.

Do not exceed recommended dose. Not intended for use by persons under 18. Do not use if pregnant or lactating. If you are under the care of a physician, please consult your physician before using this product.



  1. Hi,

    i really love your blog! U have provide me with so many information and i always visit this website to learn more abt different type of products

    can u briefly explain how i can go abt buying products from taiwan?

    thanks a million in advance!!

  2. hi sam, thank u so much for your comment!! i am estatic!

    there is alot of good products from Taiwan, and i got them by participating in sprees.

    We have this forum called Beautiful Life, where we organise regular sprees to purchase the good stuffs from Taiwan at the most affordable prices.

    You might want to join the forum at

  3. Hi there,

    Did you combine this with any other diet regimes eg no carbs diet etc? Or did you just went about your usual ways while taking the detox drink?

    Also, did any of the weight loss come back in the last 6 days?

    Am tempted to try the product but wondering if the weight loss effect will last.


  4. hi foxy,

    i do not combine with any special dieting or exercises at all. However a point to note is that my appetite is lesser while taking the detox booster (1 vial a day in the morning).

    i followed this programme immediately after the 10 days of detox booster with the Diet and Detox Liquid ( However my weight did not drop further and it has maintained at 45kg.


  5. Thanks, Miracule. I just bought the detox booster and hope I can lose some weight soon. Like you, I was in the lower end of 40s in my school days and have ballooned since starting work. Recently just pushed past the 50 mark and is very distressed! Gymming 2 times a week doesn’t help too.

  6. hi foxy,

    how is ur detox booster?? =)

    i started the dotox booster followed by the detox diet, the whole program ended on 15th mar.. as of now, i am still maintaining at 45.5kg…. heehee

  7. Hi Miracule,

    I am in the same exact position that you were in! I am 49kg right now and I just want to get back to my lovely weight. I need to fit in my clothes as nicely as I did before.

    People still think I am slim, but I don’t feel as good.

    I’m soo going to follow your detox plans!

    Did you feel energised while you were following this?

    Wish you luck on maintaining the weight!

  8. hey! sorry to ask you this… but what programme did you follow after this 10 days regime? A detox diet? As in…. ???
    LOL. I WANNA LOSE … erm…
    5 kilos and it’s SO HARD…
    Cuz I can’t resist to sweet food.. esp. desserts.
    i’m 56 now ht. 172
    and i wanna go down to 51/52…
    And when I say, “Yupp, I’m gonna go for a diet!”
    EVERYONE would be like, no Dawn = =u’re slim enough…
    But that’s becuz u can’t tell wearing school uniform =0=”””’

    Well yeah, PLEASE HELP ME LOSE THAT 5 kilos!
    haha… If I were to buy those vials, it’ll cost me $41AUD.

    There’s also in the tablets form… You reckon I should try that?

    Btw, UPDATE MORE OFTEN! ^^ & thanks!

  9. Hi Mir

    Like to check with u the detox 4321 from this website

    and the one that u did a review on isst the same or different?

  10. hi girl,

    it’s different. one is detox booster, the other is diet & detox.

  11. hi dawn,

    hmm i started with this 4321 detox booster for 10 days, followed by 4321 diet&detox for another 10 days. after 20 days, my weight is abt 45.5kg

    rest 1 mth. watch out wat i eat.. cut dwn on fatty n high carbo food.

    recently started the nature’s secret ultimate cleanse, which is cleanse the internal system like ur kidney, liver, digestive system, skin etc de.. tat make me poo poo normally like twice a day?

    my weight is 44.4 now.

    wish u good luck too!

    i tried many ways of slimming… i find that without detox-ing, it’s REALLY very difficult to lose any weight at all…

  12. As for the 4321 diet&detox u mentioned above, is it pills?? or… ??
    SORRY! mind giving me the link?

  13. did you get the pills or the drink? ^^

  14. and how much weight did you lose initially with the detox thing only?

  15. Hi Miracule, your review makes me so tempted to get one and try! Do you have to continue drinking it to maintain or you just finish the whole programme (detox booster and diet detox) and do nothing about weight lossing?

    Also, how do they taste? Did you experience any side effects?

    Thanks a bunch!!!!

  16. I would like to add that this is sold in for 14+ USD! Don’t buy for guardian and watsons. Hehe. iherb typically takes one week to reach my home.

  17. hi wendy, thanks!

    hmm, i only finished one program of 10 days detox booster and 10 days diet detox. then after 1 to 2 weeks, i started on the Ultimate Cleanse Herbal Detox Tablets.

    The tastes like lemon tea. no side effects. i only feel less hungry and in fact, more energetic.

  18. Yes Angie!

    iherb is really cheap and good! They are efficient! in fact it costs below SGD$30 to buy and shipped over to sg!

  19. Hi Miracule, I’m currently tying out the 4321 detox booster and right now at my 5th bottle today… however I seems to lose abt 1kg or none… does the effect take very slowly? Or could it be possibly m havin my menstruct so feeling more water retention and bloated ?

    I was still having my regular meals while undergoing this period,… c ould it be I cant eat much ?

    …. by Envious fel …

  20. hi gals, may i know how to buy stuffs from iherb? can i just buy 1 set of detox booster? do i need to hit any min amount of money in order to minimize shipping charges?

  21. oh..ok..i realised how to calculate shipping already. But if you buy in bulk…the shipping will be cheaper per item! anyone interested to buy in bulk with me?

  22. hi felicia,

    like i said, this preps you for detox. not so much for helping to to LOSE ALL THE POUNDS.. and definitely varied from person to person bah.. when i was on this, 20 days program…. i drop from 49+ to 45+.. and i do not feel hungry most of the time. i take one shot in the morning. in a BIG glass of water.. how do u take it?

    i think 1 kg already very gd liao leh. and ya, maybe cos ur menses.. bloatedness etc leh… hmmm…. why didnt u take after ur menses?

  23. hi jastine! yes~! no min purchases required lah.. now thye have 25% off international shipping to sg! so it’s still cheap!! abt S$28 to sg including shipping only~! u can try!

    btw, when u sign up u can use my referal code “LIM954” so u have additional US$5 off your purchase~!

  24. hey miracule…i dun understand how you calculate it to be S$28? when shipping via DHS is alreaDY USD$24??? sorry to keep asking but was just curious how to get the stuffs online. Thanks so much

  25. Hello Miracule,

    Thankyou for communicating with me … actually ive just finished my 10 bottles detox n ive see myself lost a kg and did nt regain that kg back..

    During my period of detox i took together with the tablets actually… caued the “guardian consultant ” actually intro me to take together ..

    Right now I still decide to take back this 4321 detox for another 10 days.. caused I find during this period I have a good flush in the morning and this drink of which i mix in a 500ml water and drunk the day … keeps me hydrated cause im a person that drinks less and surprisingly I quite like the flavor… So do you find this advisable?

    But of course after this box I would stop .. so hopefully I can lose another kg.. hopefully…

    Keep you informed … Fel … =)

  26. Hi Miracule,

    Been reading your blog couple of times before decided to place the order via iherb this morning. Also, quoted your referral code for the discount.

    Am kind of depressed lately due to the sudden weight gained. Tried reducing my food intake but then it doesn’t work on me!! I don’t normally snack, I eat proper meals and goes to yoga once a week, still don’t lose the kilos (intend to lose 3-5kg). Worse still I’m going to attend my best friend wedding next month. Sigh … doesn’t want to looked “fat” in the picture ….

    Keep you posted whether the detox products work on me.

    Really appreciate your reviews and beauty tips! Also, congrats to your upcoming Dec wedding.

    Cheers …

  27. hmm true. once u reached a certain age, we encounter a certain weight gain. maybe due to slow down of metabolism rate etc.

    thus i strongly recommend detox. i personally tried many methods like don’t eat, or exercise etc. but i find them not effective. and yet i am those “kia si” type where i do not dare to take any slimming pills like the andrea de cruz case.

    i did some research and found out that detoxification is good as it helps to cleanse the toxins trapped in ur body over the years. imagine. if u are 25…. there are 25 yrs of dirt inside that is acccumulating more and more.

    but please be forewarn that this 4321 works for me. but i oni drop like a few kg which to me feels more like removing the water retention. it’s also a good way to kick start the ultimate cleanse detox system. 🙂

    good luck to you!

  28. Miracule, got both my products last evening. Very happy and yet a bit scared that I couldn’t lose those kilos … Left 25-days before attending my buddy wedding dinner.

    Just a bit confused with the instruction stated …
    Correct me if am wrong. We are supposed to finish the 10-day Detox Booster before starting the Diet and Detox Liquid?

  29. yes sonel,

    start with the 10 vials one first.. den followed by the 1 lit bottle one. 🙂 let me know ur progress~

  30. thanks miracule.

    so far, am into the 3rd day …. no serious poo poo or stomach aching. perhaps, my internal body system is seriously toxic and need few days to cleanse. lol

    am so paranoid of not even losing one kilo! can’t wait till I finish the whole thing …. but I realized one thing that I don’t feel hungry easily since the 1st day I took the vial.

    cross my finger …. need to lose some kilos in 3weeks time.

  31. it’s been 5 days i am using the 4321 booster and i haven’t see any change on me .
    i hope it’s work after 10 days i am done with the product.

  32. hi SoNel,
    Hmm, when i was taking it, i don’t have serious poo poo or stomachache too.

    ya. when i am taking it, i dun feel hungry easily! thus by default when i am taking it, i also ate lesser!

    Hi NiloFar,
    I guess it really depends on individual’s body system. Did you tried weighing yourself? cos physically, after the 20 days program, i do not “see” much difference in myself even though i weighed like 4 kg lighter… but i do feel more enegertic and less bloated.

    losing weight and fats is no easy feat.

    as the saying goes, there is no ugly women, only lazy women. 🙂

    after this 20 days program. i rested for a while and took Ultimate cleanse too. it’s only about 1 to 2 months later, i really see a significant change in all over my body..

    of course… the breasts gets smaller too… 😦

  33. Hi Miracule,

    Wow was so happy for you too .. 42.5kg is rather envious at your age le… however I feel u shud nt go tanning .. wat if your face break out due to sun exposure esp if your skin is sensitive…

    Hey Miracule can i jus ask how do u maintain this weight and further after the ultimate cleanse ?
    Did you go for dieting? I personally love carbo food did you cut on that ?

  34. hi felicia!

    sorry for the late reply! my weight now is between 40 to 43, depending on beginning or end of day or before or after lunch. haha.

    after ultimate cleanse, i just sort of feel that the body is renew, metabolisium is also better. though i did also cut down on carbo stuffs. i just simply ate less rice etc. (Desperate leh! wedding is just 3 mths plus away!)

    but i have stopped ultimate cleanse currently. no suppose to take more than 3 weeks. cos it will drain ur body of all nutrients cos of rapid detoxification…

  35. hey Miracule,

    haha .. u reminded me of those days i also cut off for my wedding .. Oh but rem to must take BREAKFAST on your wedd nite.. JIa you..’p

    oops and rem don t sun tan …

  36. hey sorry i was referring BREAKFAST on your wedd day hee…

  37. Hi Miracule! I was surfing on the face roller and found your website quite informative! I’m on my 2nd bottle of Ultimate Cleanse too. Agree it is very good for seriously constipated pple like us. During PMS I can dun go for 5days!

    I usually buy from and din know is selling it so cheaply! To be able to reach 42kg is incredible for u! I’m tempted to try out what u recommended to get to 45kg. Also my Ultimate Cleanse is finishing soon so I would like to try out Health Plus Inc., Super Colon Cleanse.

    Hopefully I can go below 45kg too. 🙂

  38. hi Miracule,

    seem that this detox pdt doesn’t work on me. am done a week a go with the program and don’t see any results …. so i guess it really depends on individual.

    might start ultimate cleanse .. and if it is still don’t work on me .. i think will start my exercise regime! sigh

  39. hi miracule

    im in the exact same situation as you, 48kg wanting to just lose 3kg
    i just brought it today, so im starting it tomorrow.
    just want to ask how tall are you?

    btw you site is awesome!

  40. hi felicia,

    thanks!! will take your advise!

  41. hi rine, yeah iherb sells alot cheaper! i think it’s the size of the corporation bah..

  42. hi sonel,

    sorry it didn’t work for you. i think it really depends on individual..

    but it’s a simple and easy way to kick off any detox or slimming methods, as i feel this does help my body to recognise and get used to, before any other form of harsher detox

  43. hi jasmine,

    sorry for late reply. i am 1.56cm only! very petite! haha… and that’s why i cannot grow sideways, else will really become “everyday” batteries! haha

  44. I’m so motivated to try detoxing.. Does anyone wants to share shipping on for Diet Liquid 16.9 oz & Detox Booster 10 Daily Doses?

  45. My fiance insisted that i check my weight
    oh my god whooping 105kg,29 years,1,65 tall this is definately serious overweight.100% overweight

    Bought detox 15 days ago,
    Easy to drink i feel very energetic,lost sugar cravings and sweets,leel lighter not bloated anymore,

    I will check my weight again in the next two weeks

    I took my recent photo last week and i will take another one in tho weeks time.

    Watch the space ladies i believe this product is working for me!!!!!!!

  46. hi miracule,

    1. May i know did you do any particular kind of exercise to accelerate the weight loss?

    2. Should the detox be taken before or after a meal and did you take it in the early morning?


  47. hi i think your blog is great 🙂
    after reading your review on the detox booster a couple of times i decided to get it too,
    am really nervous on whether it would work out for me,
    is there any advice you can give on what i should to so there’s optimal effect? ❤
    thank you so much!

  48. hi!

    im trying to lose 3 kilos (its like almost 6 pounds i guess). im trying so hard, doing pilates 2-3 times a week, cardio 4 times a week and diet! i lost almost 15 pounds then all of a sudden it stopped! no more loosing weight since 3 months now! im planning to try 4321 😦 hope it works…

    • Girl, dun be dishearten. There is a certain limit to the amount of weight where we can lose. Probably some detoxification can help you to lose some weight now to rid the toxins in your body, afterwhich, ur exercises will be more effective. 🙂 Good Luck!

  49. Hi Miracule,

    I had came across your website sometime last year, and after I changed my laptop, I forget to paste this address in my Fav.

    As I was googling, I found your website again. Thrilled…and read on your website again…same…i was very worried about taking pilss, but after hearing so many review about this, I feel so tempted to try the detox…can anyone that have tried this, revert back on your progress? coz, I sincerely hope to get more feedback before trying out…

    Thanks Miracule for your superb posts…keep us updated with more write up…especially the slimming one..

    • hey mag,
      thanks for your comment! so happy that you enjoy my posts. 🙂
      yeah, i am those scady cat that do not like to take slimming pills! i believe many people are taking this ultimate cleanse as i saw people spreeing for it on spreehouse on livejournal.
      me and my sister takes it and we both slim down tremendously, healthily. 🙂
      it will be good if others who took it too can share the same!

  50. Hi Miracule,

    read on ur web today. Further read on some stuff and saw ur side bars write up….ooOohhh din know that you are pregnant!! Congrats…

    Hope that you are doing well with ur little miracle..

    take care…

    • hi Mag,

      thanks!!! ya! i am quite heavily pregnant now! didn’t thought it will be so soon! i got pregnant like less than 3 months after my wedding! hurhurhur. but it’s truely a blessing!

      i will take care, u too!

  51. hi have just take the detox tea , i am 95kg i am asking will i lose the weight coz i went to lose 40 kg plz help me

    • hihi… a good way to kick start weight loss program will be detoxification first. you can try the Ultimate Cleanse, also available on It really help your body rid all the toxin and waste and you will feel more energetic and lively. After which, you ought to be doing your exercises and maintain a healthy diet. 🙂

      by the way, can i check with you if you are 45kg before you become 95kg? That is because, if you are born big boned and tall… there is a limitation to the weight that you can lose…

  52. Hi Miracule, yr website is great! I’m going to order the set frm iherb. Will update soon if it works for me.


  53. hi, i actually finished the detox program.. sad to say i havent reduced any kgs… guess it didnt work on all ppl.

    • hi angela,

      you only take this 10 vials detox booster? actually, my regime was to start off with the detox booster, 1 vial a day in the morning. i did not combine with any special dieting or exercises at all. However a point to note is that my appetite is lesser while taking the detox booster. once i completed this 10 days program, i followed immediately with the Diet and Detox Liquid ( However my weight did not drop further and it has maintained at 45kg.

      then i rested for 1 mth. watch out wat i eat.. cut dwn on fatty n high carbo food etc

      after which i started the nature’s secret ultimate cleanse, which is cleanse the internal system like ur kidney, liver, digestive system, skin etc de.. tat make me poo poo normally like twice a day? and i really find it very good! i feel good and my energy level is good as well! it also made my weight drop slightly further to about 43.5kg just before my wedding!

      i tried many ways of slimming… i find that without detox-ing, it’s REALLY very difficult to lose any weight at all…

      you can check out about ultimate cleanse here.

  54. Hi.. I bought the 4321 detox liquid.. and had finished it haha. OK but i want to ask.. its a 10 day prog but i only finish the bottle in 15 days?

    Oh yea after finishing one bottle, i can still continue drinking the next bottle right? The booster is the one that can be used once every 45 days?

    • hi niz,

      probably you are taking lesser than what is required as cup that comes with it offers a measurement for you to take.
      but of cos, they are generous as well, it will definitely be more than 10 days, mine is about 11 to 12 days. 🙂

      yup, u are rite on both.

  55. hi can i ask for 4321 detox liquid when u are taking for 10days..did u eat your normal meal or only drink this throughout the whole day?thank you

  56. i’m on 4321 detox is it safe to continue if i’m pregnant or trying to concive?

    • hi dear!

      sorry for the late reply! if you are trying to get pregnant or is pregnant, please stop using all kinda medicines or supplements other than those the gynae gives to you. if you are unsure, please check with your gynae. 🙂

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