Posted by: Miracule | May 12, 2008

Benefit Cosmetics: your skin so natural?

Product Name: Realness of Concealness
Brand: Benefit Comestics
Packaging: a 5-in-1 Palette in a nice small box
Price: SGD$62 at Benefit Counters in Major Shopping Stores

4 out of 5 stars

This is my first ever Benefit product and i am so glad that i am so good at choosing a good product! As quoted on their website, “this mini fake-it kit has it all!” In one sentence, this is the product that helps me to have a all-natural look, together with my favorite BB Cream!

This all-in-one palette has:
* boi-ing 1.20g / net wt. 0.04oz
* high beam 2.5g / net wt.0.09 oz
* lemon aid 1.0g / net wt. 0.03oz
* lip plump 2.5g / net wt 0.09oz
* ooh la lift 2.5 g / net wt. 0.09oz

Product Description:
Sometimes a little concealing and perking up is all you need. It doesn’t take a makeover, just this crafty little kit containing our famous concealers and enhancers. Kit contains: lemon-aid to correct discoloration on eyelids; boi-ing to hide even the darkest under eye circles; ooh la lift to brighten, lighten and tighten the eye area; lip plump to prime, smooth, and plump lips; and high beam to give your skin an ethereal glow.

I do not have the ingredients list.

My Personal Review:
Though i do not have the ingredients list, however, so far this is really good. No outbreaks.

* Lemon aid : Now i understand WHY we need to apply this concealer on our eyelids. It helps to make the eyelids more even-colored. And act as a base for the eyelids. Eyeshadows stayed better & longer!

* boi-ing : Now i know why it’s stated Industrial strength concealer! WOWEE! WOOTS this is one of the best and only eye concealer that i LOVE! It’s a must get! Really covers the darkest ever eye circles, yet looking natural.

* high beam : Highlighter for Upper Cheeks and Eye Brow Arch

* lip plump : Prime, smooth and plump lips. Wait for it to dry before applying lipgloss or lipstick

* ooh la lift : Dot on the eye area, helps to lift and brighten the eye area. Helps to reduce puffy eyes too!



  1. Hi can know where exactly can i get this product?

    as i did not hear of this brand before ..thanks..

  2. hi felicia,

    u can get it at tangs studio. I think in singapore, only tangs got the cosmetic counter.

    the brand is called benefit cosmetics. it’s a hit in US.

    like MAC, Bobbi Brown etc.

  3. Hi Miracule,

    Is Realness of Concealness available in Sg? The last time I checked, they didn’t have this product in the Sg benefit counter…

  4. i guess should have now bah.. this prdt is so popular and good and won so many awards leh.! and its’ really good! my mini fake it kit that that i cant do without!

  5. hi, the realness of concealness (mini kit) and ooh la lift are not available in Singapore.

    but, u can still get the individual items like lemon aid, boi-ing, high beam and lip plump.

    Benefit outlets are at Tangs Orchard and Robinsons Raffles City. Have fun!

  6. yes, i realised the outlets in tangs and robinsons go not carry everything. but the individual items can be purchased separately.

    especially recommend bo-ing and lemon aid. i really love it alot.

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