Posted by: Miracule | June 24, 2008

Super Collagen??

Product Name: Super Collagen, Type I & III Powder
Brand: Neocell Labs
Packaging: Extremely Fine powdered form in a plastic container with a spoon provided. (198 g)
Price: USD11.96 at

5 stars out of 5 stars

I have been taking Meiji collagen for almost 8 months and i do not feel much benefit cos maybe because i am an oily skin person to begin with. Meiji Collagen seems to be for the skin only. i have found this super duper goody collagen and why i super recommend it is because i had a bad fall on the tail bone of my spine. Doctor took xrays and said that my bones are ok, but since it’s more than 2 weeks and still hurts badly she suppose i hurt some Ligaments. i was supposed to go for MRI scan but it’s really expensive and i thought why not wait for another week more. And amazing! i haven’t completed my first bottle and it really works for me! My back do not ache anymore, and i am seeing improvements in me overall, not just for the skin, but it’s collagen for the whole body such as muscles, bones, ligaments, skin, nails and hair! read more to find out!

Warning though, it taste horrible! i mixed with apple cider vinegar (which is also taste horrible!) haha

Product Description:
Collagen (collagen hydrolysate) is a complex structural protein that maintains strength and flexibility of skin, ligaments, bones, joints, muscles, tendons, gums, teeth, eyes, blood vessels, nails, and hair. SUPER COLLAGEN TYPE I & III is 100 % pure collagen protein that provides the major building materials for growth and maintenance of a healthy body. When Super Collagen is taken internally, the body receives the raw materials it needs to supplement the collagen found in all of these areas. Super Collagen is enzymatically processed into its amino acid form with a very low molecular weight, which can be utilized 100 % by the body.SUPER COLLAGEN is neutral in taste and specially formulated in an easy to take powered form. It works synergistically with Vitamin C and it is recommended that it be mixed with orange juice because of its high vitamin C content or taken along with a Vitamin C supplement.*

Extremely good for:

  • Joints, Tendons, Ligaments
  • Bones, Muscles
  • Skin, Hair, Nails
  • Weight Control
  • Pure & Natural
  • Total Body Health
  • Suggested Use:
    As a daily dietary supplement dissolve one scoop of Super Collagen Dietary Supplement with one spoon of water or orange juice then add 6- 8 ounces more liquid, and stir vigorously or use blender for best results. For optimum nutritional benefits, drink as suggested on an empty stomach and do not mix with other protein powder/supplements. Wait 30 minutes before eating.


    Super Collagen Protein derived from 100 % pure pharmaceutical food grade collagen.
    Contains no sucrose, starch, yeast, wheat, corn, cholesterol, fat or dairy products.
    Allergy Warning: May contain sulfite residues.


    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Scoop (6.6 grams)
    Servings Per Container: 30
      Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Calories 22  
    Collagen Types I & III 6.6 g 0 %
    Total Carbohydrates 0 g 0 %
    %Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
    The Values represent average grams of amino acid per 100 grams of edible portion and may vary
    Glycine 22.80%
    Proline 13.80%
    Hydroxyproline 13.00%
    Glutamic Acid 9.50%
    Alanine 8.50%
    Arginine 7.90%
    Aspartic Acid 5.70%
    Lysine 4.20%
    Serine 3.30%
    Leucine 2.90%
    Valine 2.40%
    Phenylalanine 2.00%
    Threonine 1.90%
    Isoleucine 1.30%
    Methionine 0.78%
    Histidine 0.77%
    Hydroxylysine 0.70%
    Tyrosine 0.40%
    Cystine 0.08%


    1. I recently purchased Super Collagen on ebay for USD24 (including delivery). I am from Malaysia and have heard excellent reviews on the product hence decided to try it for myself. I cant wait for my shipment to arrive! If it really is as good as you say it is, then I’m gonna ditch my Meiji and switch to Super Collagen for good. As it it, Super Collagen is only 3/4 the price of Meiji!! 🙂

      • so far how do you feel after using super collagen product? 🙂

        • my backs and joints are no longer as pain as last time. nails and hair appeared healthier! you?

    2. hi, so where can u buy this collagen from?? & how do you lost ur weight (6.5kg) pls share… thk alot.. 🙂

    3. Does this Collagen thing reali work?? but i read the ingredients dun have CoQ10 or Shark Cartilage for bones…. i m using Taut GNC now.. too ex leh.. wana cut cost.. does GNC sell Super Collagen NeoCell Labs too??

      lastly how much total (including shipping) to ur house for 1 box of this neocell?

      love diana

    4. Thanks for such an important articles about Anti Aging. This is a very needed because my friend sis is suffering from anti aging and i want to help her.
      so please guide me.

    5. Hi..Is this pdt available in Singapore? Does it help with acne? I would love to try it but afraid that it will exacerbate my skin…

      • hi jay,

        i am afraid that it’s not so much for acne, but more for wrinkles and hydration. 🙂

    6. where to have buy collagen this product

      • hi yulki,

        you can get it at pharmacies. there are brands such as Meiji and others.

    7. is this suitable for girls 18 of age? or am i too young to try it out?

      • hi joey,

        nope. you are not too young to try it out. 🙂 the aging process starts much earlier than we thought it was.. so you will be great if you start now! and u will look young forever! 🙂

    8. it great article for me. I like it thank you for good information

    9. Where can I buy this in the Philippines? I live in Manila.



      • hi dear,

        i am really not sure. this product is also not available in Singapore. i ordered from and have it shipped directly to me. the shipping is really fast and sometimes they have promotions, thus can be really cheap as well.

        • How do you order from iherb? shipment by airmail or DHL? When received the product, do we need to be at home?

        • hi LGC,

          i usually order direct shipment via DHL currently because it’s much cheaper if you compare shipping via VPOST. yes. someone needs to be at home to receive, but the problem is, you will not know when the parcel will arrived. usualy very fast in 3 to 5 days.

    10. Hii !!! how much do they sell in singapore? can i get inwatson etc etc? cos i dun see any results from meiji!! TIA!

      • hi RR,

        i dun think this product is available in SG. i ordered them online at 🙂

        same, i do not see any results by taking meiji as well.

    11. Is super collagen only for women? Can a man use it as well?

      • hi joe, of course man can take it as well! all humans have collagen in our bodies!

    12. i just bought 2 bottles from iherb. it’s very cheap. Each only cost US$10.72 and convert to sgp is around S$15. *happy* hope it works well on me. Will post my comment 2 mths later after i try on this product.

    13. Oh by the way, can anyone tell me how much of super collagen should i take each day? This is my first time trying out collagen and i have no idea how much to take for a start. I am 25 years old this year. Hope i am not too late to join in collagen club… 🙂

      • it’s never too late for anything! 🙂 hmm, i only take like once a day only. 🙂

      • Lynn Wong,

        Understand you’ve bought and taking Neocell collagen powder since Nov 09. How’s the result now ? Is it as goods as Miracule said ?
        I found out this site while checking out for Nouvelle NVII collagen. Would like to start a brand that really have effective result. So far have been trying few brands but does not see any significant improvements on my skin Thank u.

        • Dear Tay,

          Sorry for the late reply.. hmm.. i got the product around end of dec.. becos i order using the cheap shipment which only cost abt SGD$6.. I waited for one month plus before they send it to my house. next time i’ll try using DHL. 🙂 anyway, i have been using the product for one month plus.. I can see improvement on my skin tone but sometimes i was wondering izzit becos i’m using Astaxanthin products plus super collagen that give me the effects. I’m using the combination of both product together at the same time becos i am buying the two product together at the same time.

          Anyway, i find that my make up is much easier to apply on my skin and i dun feel that my skin so dry up compare to last time. I can’t comment much on it becos i only use it for a month plus. So far so good, there is no side effect…. i decide to continue with this product.. 😉 Hope this help you.

    14. hi Miracule, ur site give lot of information that very useful to me ^^

      but i wonder is iherb is safe? cos i find a disclaimer on their site saying their products sold through the web site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. become a lil bit scared..ehe

      • hi eve, so far so good! try to read up on reviews and if u aint sure, u can google abt the product to find out more first before ordering! 🙂

    15. HI, can a pregnant woman take this super collagen too?

      • hi sorry for the late reply! i would suggest not to take anything during pregnancy except for what your gynae gives… it’s better to be safe than sorry!

        collagen is actually ok during pregnancy, but.. u never know the content you see, remember the china’s melamine added into baby’s milk powder case?

    16. Hi, i just wonder which one better if you compare between Neocell and Meiji collagen powder, especially the effect for the skin. Or there are the same effect? Need your opinion, thanks a lot dear 🙂

      • definitely the neocell is better. 🙂

    17. hi, how do we know if it contain pig/pork collagen?

      • Hi Ida

        What u asked is very interesting. So far I have not seen or heard collagen supplement developed from pigs yet. If there is I will be horrified! Then again non of the collagens on the market has halal certification too. Something to ponder over….

      • hi ida,

        i never tot of that. seem like no collagen on the market has the halal certificate. 🙂

      • Hi Ida,
        To answer your question. This collagen is derived from bovine gelatine. Bovine gelatin is obtained from collagen from cattle, primarily hides and bones.
        Agree with Miracule as there is non halal certification for collagen yet.

    18. came across your blog while searching for collagen, may i know are you still on neolab super collagen and is it really good in terms of healing?thanks.

      • Hi, am not taking neo labs at the moment cos still breastfeeding and yes, it’s effective for healing. IMO, it’s definitely better than those collagen supplement in the market.

    19. Thanks for the reply.Wld like to know can it be taken for long term cos i am also suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and any recommendation for other supplements too?

    20. hi, i’m taking neocell collagen, and i can see the different. like my skin tightening. i just wanna know, if i stop taking it will my skin sag ? will it be more wrinkle than before?

    21. Hi, I have been using neocell collagen (powder) together with the liquid hyaluronic acid (blueberry liquid) and it really works wonder! Collagen is better to go with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Anyway, if you plan to get anything from , please use this discount coupn – OFU707 . It is $8 off for the month of March! =)

      • Yes! I uses my neocell together with now food hyaluronic acid, cherry flavour. It’s great too! And right now iherb has a promo, can use anyone referral code to get usd8 off the first order! 🙂 I sometimes create a new account so that I can get extra off. 😀

        Another code that you can use is LIM954

    22. Hi, i was wondering should i get neocell powder type or pill type. which is better?

      • Hi Isa,

        i personally feel that powder form is better, easier to take than pills. 🙂

        • what about the effect? Is it powder can be more absorb into the body?

        • Hi isa,

          I would think both are the same. Actually both are powder form, just that one is kept inside those soluble capsule for easier taking. I.e, you can bring the capsules out but it’s difficult for you to bring the powder out.

        • I personally think powder form is better. Better absorption. I mix it with juices (vitamin C) to cover the unpleasant taste. Just great!

    23. Hi there. just bought 2 tubs of neocell on Will keep u guys posted on results. By the way i thought u guys may find this info i found on their website useful. “Super Collagen™ is derived from pharmaceutical food grade bovine collagen that is extracted from the dermal layer.” Bovine is cow so should not be a problem for those who do not eat pork. 🙂

    24. hi, Miracule
      have run through all the answers that u gave abt Neocell collagen but when click i don’t c the come ?

    25. Hi, just want to inform you guys that I emailed Neocell asking about whether their product contains any pork or not. And they replied with No, their products doesnt contains any pork.
      Im moslem and that’s very important for me.

      I stopped taking this product recently because I found out that Im pregnant. Still have a half tube left and I switch to use them to mix with my masker or night cream and use them topically.

      I noticed that Miracule is breastfeeding, are they save for breastfeeding mom?
      (Cant stand if I have to wait until stop breastfeeding :cry:, as my first son breastfeed until he turns 3yo)

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