Posted by: Miracule | October 25, 2008

Bridal 101 Number 1: Slimming

Attention all brides to be! i will be sharing some of my personal experiences while preparing for my wedding. Hopefully this will be helpful for you.

Bridal 101

Number 1: Slimming

On top of the 101 things that needs planning and preparations, the last we want is to look water bloated or flabby. Afterall, it’s only once in a lifetime where we put on the wedding gown and take all the bridal pictures. Others might not remember how you look 10 years down the road, but you will, forever…

What was before:

Metabolism rate slowed down tremendously. As work stress piled higher, pay increases and i began eating more and more to reward myself for the hard work.

Afterall, if one is not able to eat all the yummilicious sinful food.. what’s life about? I also stop exercising and the lazy bug lived in me. once i passed 25 especially, my metabolism seem to halfed but the amount of food i take remains the same. 

From my usual 43kg, i went to 46kg, to the peak of 49kg in a year!! I am short, standing at 1.58m. 45kg is the ideal weight using the BMI index, but i feel that the average BMI index has increased over the years to accomodate everyone who is putting on weight. haha. Don’t you feel the same too? those who are at their ideal BMI weight, always look a little round.

My butt is so big, my thighs are big, my arms are big, my face is round. just imagine, i look like a water bag. haha.


What i tried:

Desperate, I tried eating only breakfast, or eating very little. But i realise it doesn’t help, cos in the weekends, when i go out with families, i will eat alot during the dinner, or the company lunch or dinner.. worse till i began having gastric problems as the food intake is irregular.

i also tried exercising, however i am not able to disipline myself to exercise regularly 3 or 4 times a week. i was doing 50 sit-ups every night before i sleep till i gave up totally. it’s just too much hard work for me… 😦

Then i turn to organic food. Breakfast and dinner, i am eating oats with nuts and raisins etc, or salad with potatoes. But i realised i gain more weight, probably due to the intake of carbohydrate food, which i am not able to convert into fuel for my body system..


What i will not do for sake of slimming:

* I will not take slimming pills (fear of Slim10/Andrea Decruz scare)
* i will not not eat at all
* i will not spend too much money thus
* i will not go to slimming centres
* I will not pay to go to Gym


What i found:

With some research, i realised that the first step to effective slimming, is to revert your body back to its natural self, and thus the usual metabolism rate. How do you do that? Not by eating or exercising?

It’s by detoxing! Getting rid of the toxin accumulated in your digestive systems for the past 20 over years! Imagine cleaning your liver, kidney, blood, stomach, and your intestines! Once these are clean, your body will be able to function as per last time, thus your metabolism rate will also increases slightly (will never be back to when we are in puberty stage la). Your body will start burning and working again. Imagine an old machine that needs servicing. This is different from Slimming, as there are not pills taken to burn fats or make you feel not hungry.

I started off with an easy and light detox program to kick start and let my body system adjust. Note: if you started off too harsh, the effect might not be as good.

In Feb 2008 at 49kg

1) Detox Booster 10 Daily Doses for 10 days

2) Diet & Detox, Diet Liquid for 10 days

3) Ultimate Cleanse for 10 days

After the program Weight: 43.5kg

In Oct 2008 at 43kg 

1) Detox Booster 10 Daily Doses for 10 days

2) Diet & Detox, Diet Liquid for 10 days

3) Ultimate Fasting Cleanse Kit for 5 days


  1. hihi! where u buy these products?

  2. Thanks for the tips on slimming.

    Just wondering if you have carry-out the 10 day slimming program at one go? Or you start Diet & Detox, Diet Liquid after you have completed Detox Booster 10 Daily Doses?

  3. Hi dear, may i know do u take normal meals when u r on the detox diet? or u just rely solely on water and the vials?

  4. Hi dear, im truly amazed with your commitment to your blog. By the way, my wedding is due next year in October and I’m looking forward to lose at least 10 kg. About your tips, detox booster, after the 10 days, when u consume the diet liquid, do u still need to consume the detox booster still or just the diet liquid itself. And after the 25 days, do u repeat the cycle? when u consume the detox booster, we don’t have to eat aniting isit?

  5. hi miracule,

    so u mean after u took the 1st detox product for 10 days, u switch to the 2nd product? but how does that last u from feb to oct? sorry im rather confused. and i really need to lose some weight! lol.

  6. hi, which website did you order the Detox Booster 10 Daily Doses and Diet & Detox, Diet Liquid ? Did u order from Vita springs direct or?

  7. My wedding is fast approaching.. Thanks for the tips..

  8. Hi,

    Is the drink & smell very eazy to drink?

  9. how’s ur wedding?

    • it went on great! 🙂

      now u see why i dun have time to blog anymore! enjoying all the time i have! *winks*

  10. hihi..

    i am confused..i could not find detox booster at guardian but i bought intensive detox seems the same ..just that there is a change of name?

    would you have any idea? thanks..=)

  11. hi gal..

    do you happen to know is the “intensive detox” same as the “detox booster”?

    thanks a lot in advance! =)

  12. babe, for the “ diet & detox” is this purely a water diet? or do you eat as per normal?

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