Posted by: Miracule | April 5, 2009

Boi-ing : makes my face flawless


Product Name: Boi-ing
Brand: Benefit Comestics
Packaging: 3g
Price: USD$18 on Benefit Comestics

5 out of 5 stars

This is in fact my third boi-ing that i ordered. So sorry girls, something so good, how can i not introduce to you gals earlier? it’s very easy to use, can cover my dark eye circles, as well as the little inperfections (scars, marks and shadows) on my face. End result: Flawless looking skin for the whole day! No kidding! I love how “industrial-strength” it is! The last thing we want is to reach office looking so flawless and after lunch, the concealer melts away to reveal ugly looking you right? *laughs*


Product Description:
You name it, boi-ing hides it! This industrial-strength concealer camouflages dark circles, shadows & discoloration for a seamless, natural-looking finish without creasing or fading. It’s the concealer that goes the distance.

Tips and tricks:
With fingertip, dab boi-ing on areas you want to conceal. Pat gently to blend.



  1. Hi! is bo-ing powder or cream based? Can it conceal all different skin tones? How long can 1 boi-ing last? haha thanks for answering all my questions!

    • hi janelle,

      boi-ing is cream based. you have to swirl your finger tip over the boi-ing to “melt” it before dapping onto your skin. They have 3 tones to choose from. i used medium tone. 1 boi-ing can last close to 1 year. this is really good! haha

  2. wow! i thought since its only 3g it can last for at most 3 mths.. seems like its a value buy yea? thanks!! =)

  3. Hi Miracule .. the above benefits products did you purchase online or the outlets in Singapore ?

    Ive got a problem here.. could you help to recommend good sunblock for me .. I have sensitive skin and often breakout with aft sunblock application so i ve not use one for some time.. Howver is scorching lately.. and my fleckles are becoming obvious and im pretty worried .. so is there any u know that suits me ?
    Felicia ..

  4. Hi Miracule Ive tried the sunblock..its fantastic!! thank you so much .. do you have any good recommendation for pressed power suitable to sensitive & easily break out skin .. I will like to use it for touch up …

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