Posted by: Miracule | April 5, 2009

Speed Brow : Make your brows wow!

speed brow

Product Name: speed brow
Brand: Benefit Comestics
Packaging: 3g in a marcasra tube
Price: USD$16 on Benefit Comestics

5 out of 5 stars

The eyes are the window of a woman’s face. Other than the eyes, the eye brows will help shaped your face and leaves lasting impression as well. i simply love this quick-set brow gel! after applying the eye brow pencil to my eye brows, i will use this speed brow to brush through the hairs of my eye brow. it makes my eye brows more natural! especially with sparse thin eye brow hairs, the gel actually tint the hairs and makes the hairs looked fuller. no joke! this is a must have for me!


Product Description:
Tint, tame & set brows in record time with this brush-on gel that dries to an impeccably natural looking finish. One shade dresses up all brows! Lesson included.

Tips and tricks:
Brush onto eyebrows in light, upward strokes. With the tip of the wand, trace along brow contour to create a smooth line.

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