Posted by: Miracule | July 13, 2009

Freebies up for grabs and trial!

oh my god! it’s like a dream come true! i MUST share this with you girls!


where can you get your hands on more than 120 different beauty products for sampling and for FREE!?

With so many products to choose from, how would we know which products/service suits us the best? Buying each new product is totally not practical and we are not quite sure if the money spent is worth it. And many reviews that we have read might not be the same as for ourselves because everyone has different skin & conditions! We all wanted to know: Will this product work for me? Will i have outbreak after using this product? Clearly, this is a problem to be solved! It is obvious that, YOU need to try the product then you will know! is Singapore’s 1st Online Sampling Hub that actively promotes “a try before you buy concept”, an online platform that allows you to choose the products you want to try with no pressure from any sales assistant or anyone. You can now try the products at your comfortable place without feeling pressurized at all. BEST of all, samples are FREE! Samples that are found within will be FREE of charge and members will only need to pay for the minimal postage fee found here . Good deal? Save more moolahs? So why wait, join by clicking on the below and enjoy!

please do remember to come back and share with me any great products that you have tried as well!



  1. Ahh those in Singapore are so lucky!!
    I wish they ship to overseas 😦

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