Posted by: Miracule | July 17, 2009

Beauty Cottage Tree Tree Clarifying Ampoules


Name: Tree Tree Clarifying Ampoule
Brand: Beauty Cottage, Formulated in USA.
Packaging: 4ml x 10 vials in a box
Price: S$25 per box 

5 stars out of 5 stars

This particular ampoule is good for oily/combination skin prone to breakouts and blemishes! One vial of ampoule can be used about 4 to 5 times Though i would recommend you to use 4 time during day and night application, to finish one vial within 24 hours after opening. This ampoule has helped to clear up my blemishes and also helps to control my oil secretions in the day and allows my makeup to stay longer. For more usage details, please click in to read more

Product Information:
Reduce and clear breakouts and blemishes. Calm down oily skin condition.

1) To open an ampoule, gently placed a folder tissue over the top of the ampoule, covering the line on top of the ampoule vial
2) Apply a gentle force to break the ampoule, concentrating the force at the break-line
3) Using the same tissue, wrapped around the top part of the broken ampoule and disposed immediately to prevent accidental cuts
4) Pour out the desired amount of ampoule onto your palm and a
pply the ampoule gently on cleansed and dried face, especially on blemish areas.
5) Folder and roll another tissue paper (cotton wool) and stuff into the opening of the ampoule vial with remaining ampoule
6) Store in a cool, dry and level surface
7) To be used within 24 hours to ensure “freshness” (which also means effectiveness)


i used this ampoule during the days when i am having outbreaks.

As a daily skin treatment:
I usually break the ampoule at night, and apply after cleansing (no toning required), dapping especially on the troubled areas, followed by my own moisturiser when the ampoule has been fully absorbed by skin.  i will usually followed through for about 10 days until the breakouts have gone. (Note: important not to squeeze the pimples, as the bacteria will spread to cause more pimples)

As oil control:
In the mornings, after cleansing & drying the face, i will pour out about 20 cent coin portion and apply onto the whole face, dapping more onto the T-Zone and oily areas. When the ampoule is fully absorb by skin (dried), then i will start my makeup. Face remains matt for longer period, makeup stays long as well as skin are less irritated by the makeup and pollutants.

As a mask:
Once every few days, i will also mixed one-quarter of this ampoule (about 20 to 50 cent portion) together with a small bottle of pearl powder (you can buy from traditional chinese medicine halls) to create a mixture and leave on overnight as a leave-in mask. Dap the remaining mixture on blemishes and pimples. In the next morning, wet face with water and rub (it will appear like a fine scrub) to remove the dead skin cells. Face appear refine, fairer and matt. Pimples become smaller, acne appeared to be flatter. The reddish scars are less obvious.

Intensive Treatment:
Use as per in beauty salon, Pour and use all contents in one vial and apply onto the whole face. Applying a cold mask thereafter. (this is difficult and very messy to do at home)



  1. Hi Miracule, congrates on your pregnancy !! =) me also working towards it however still no little fel … is there any special tips to work it out ?? Miracule where could i get the above Ampoule from ?

    • hi fel~!
      thanks so much! it’s like a little miracle that just happens! we aint planning for a baby yet.. so i guess, if u take things naturally, it just happens, dun give yourself stress. haha. when i just got married, i was so afraid that i might get pregnant cos we didnt do contraception. but that one time we tot that it will be safe.. it wasnt! haha!

      Good Luck & waves baby dust onto you~

      you can order the ampoules from me, as i org the ampoule sprees.. look under the spree page above, besides about me. 🙂

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