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Common Acne Treatment Mistakes by Mario Badescu Skin Care

Hey girls, i am so into Mario Badecus recently! i have purchased and tried a few products and they really work! will share the reviews with you probably next week when i start clearing my leave! Luv, miracule.

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Acne is frustrating to deal with and worse, there is no actual cure. In our quest for clear skin we have to realize what is truth and what is fiction. With so much out there, it’s important that we get our skin care information from reliable, trusted sources.


While the sun’s rays can seem to make an improvement on erupted skin, the long term effects of sun exposure are too risky and dangerous. Acne prescriptions can make skin much more sun sensitive so is necessary to use a high sunscreen to protect delicate skin. Hyperpigmentation (brown or red spots) caused by acne is going to be slower to fade away and may even darken with sun exposure. Sun exposure is not a quick fix or solution to acne and is detrimental to the health of your skin and body.

Popping pimples

Dirty fingernails on the skin, unsanitary conditions and improper squeezing techniques all can cause further infection, spreading of the acne and permanent scarring. A dermatologist or licensed esthetician should be the only people extracting pimples for you. If you have a pimple that is very swollen and painful, an anti-inflammatory like Advil and a warm compress on the skin can alleviate the discomfort until you can seek professional treatment.


Regular exfoliation is necessary to prevent pores from being clogged up with dead skin cells which in turn will prevent pimples from forming although scrubbing on openly erupted skin is a recipe for disaster. Grains in exfoliating products can burst open the small pimples and spread the bacteria around the face. Stimulating oily skin can also cause the oil glands to go into overdrive, not to mention causing further irritation to delicate skin trying to heal. Avoid scrubbing near or on open eruptions on the skin.

Over washing your face

Since acne is not a skin disease caused by poor hygiene or “dirty” skin it is not necessary to over cleanse. Gentle daily cleansing will remove excess oil from the skin and not strip the skin of necessary moisture and hydration. Excessive cleansing with high detergent products can stimulate the oil glands, causing more congestion and pimples along with possibly dryness and irritation.

Avoiding fried foods and chocolate

There is a common myth that fried foods and chocolate cause acne. Extensive studies shows this to be untrue although eating a diet of junk food especially food high in processed sugars, is not good for the body, including the skin. Load up on vitamin-rich fruits and veggies for their antioxidant protection. Practice moderation always with high calorie and high fat foods. Some studies show that diets high in dairy (due to the hormones in dairy products) can trigger acne though nothing is 100 percent proven. Overall healthy diets will improve the body, skin included.

Using very hot water to cleanse and rinse

Hot water can damage delicate capillaries in the skin causing a red, blotchy look as well as stimulate oil glands into overdrive. Tepid water for a thorough rinsing is always best.

Eliminating moisturizer

All skin needs moisture and hydration especially when acne treatments effect the moisture levels in the skin, particularly medications like Retin A and Accutane. Non-oil moisturizers are best for acne prone or acne erupted skin since they will not clog pores. Hydrating gels feel very light and non-greasy on problem skin. A daytime moisturizer with sunscreen is highly recommended to protect from hyperpigmention and the sun’s aging effects.

Note: Extracted from Mario Badescu

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