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Scrub the problems away, gently!

Product Name: Dermoglo MicroRenew
Brand: Dermoglo
Packaging: 15inch x 15inch in a sealed package
Price: SGD 36 from Dermaglow

(Special Offer: Enter coupon code COZY upon checkout to get Derm0glo at only $33! Save $3. Offer ends on 6 Feb 2010)

4.5 out of 5 stars

I came across this product on a forum and after reading so reviews on this cloth, i decided to order one to try out (when i ordered, there wasn’t this promo yet!!) i will tell you why i was entise to purchase later. Immediately after first trial, my skin is sooooooo smooth! Both myself and my mother agreed that my face was immediately fairer and matt too! If only i knew of this earlier then i could have use this during my pregnancy!

It’s been two week since i am using it now (on a daily basis). My acne scarring (those red marks) are visibily lighter and my open pores are smaller! There are lesser new pimples or acne formed (except the day where i ate durians). However, i can’t seem to be able to remove my blackheads just by scrubbing though, after scrubbing, i still require the blackhead extractor to remove my stubborn blackheads. Oh ya, my friend who came by to visit me and my baby on the fourth day of using the Derm0Glo, asked me if i went to do facial! She commented that my face looked radiant and the pimples scarring has lighten by so much! (and she has just seen me one week before too!)

One more thing that i observed, after using this once a day at night, it seem to have allowed my other skincare products to absorbed better and thus made them more effective! Hmm, one more reminder, please do not use this on existing pimples or acne, as you do not want to pick up the acne bacteria and spread it around on your face ya?

Thumbs up! i would say this is a must try! It’s so simple to use because all you need is just water and after using this cloth, you can see patches of brownish stained on the cloth! This shows that all the day’s dirt, pollution and dead skin goes onto the cloth! And all i do is just rinse the cloth under running water and viola! the cloth becomes clean again! Plus the fact that it’s afforable!

p/s: i bought 2 pieces of DermoGlo, one pink (i love the pink one sooo much) for my face and one white one for my body as it says that the Derm0Glo can work on stretch marks as well. Haven’t started using on my body yet! will update again when i tried for body and see if it can really lighten my stretch marks or not!

Product Desciption:
“Microdermabrasion is a skin treatment that helps to combat aging,
minimize wrinkles and pores, and diminish acne, scars and pigmentation.
It removes the top layer of dead skin cells and stimulates growth of new cells, thus revealing healthy, younger looking skin.”

DermoGlo MicroRenew is the best home microdermabrasion and the simplest and most effective skincare solution against Acne, Blackheads, Open pores, Scars, Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Age spots, Dull, rough skin, Stretch marks. Prevent, reduce or eliminate many skin problems without using chemicals, undergoing painful procedures, or paying for costly treatments. All you need is DermoGlo MicroRenew – the gentle and effective microdermabrasion skincare towel. As it removes impurities, dead skin cells, sebum and bacteria, it stimulates microcirculation, collagen production and cell renewal. That’s Deep Cleansing, Exfoliation & Rejuvenation all in one.

Yet all it uses is water. No chemicals. No harsh granules. No acids.
No pain. No downtime. Gentle even on sensitive skins. This is skincare at its simplest. And results at its best.

Results you can see:
– Baby smooth skin
– Dewy, glowing skin
– Reduced acne and blackheads
– Fewer lines and wrinkles
– Refined pores
– Lighter scars and stretch marks
– Diminished pigmentation
– Firmer skin
– Look and feel younger

What makes DermoGlo MicroRenew so effective

DermoGlo MicroRenew is made of millions of ultra-fine fibres 20 times finer than a strand of silk. The unique wedge shape cross-section of each fibre follows every contour of your skin surface to break down and lift off dirt, dead skin cells, sebum and bacteria.

The advanced scientific manufacturing process also creates a positive charge in the towel. Dirt particles and bacteria are negatively charged, thus causing them to be attracted to the towel like magnet. So much so that it eliminates up to 99.9% of dirt and bacteria on your skin.

Triple Action Skincare

Deep Cleanse – Reduce acne & blackheads Refine pores
Acne is due to excessive sebum, bacteria and clogged pores. Similarly, blackheads are caused by a build-up of sebum and dead skin cells.
DermoGlo MicroRenew removes pore- clogging dirt, dead skin cells, sebum and up to 99.9% of bacteria. With regular use, acne and blackheads are visibly reduced, while pores look more refined.

Exfoliate – Smoother, brighter skin Glowing, even complexion
Like microdermabrasion, DermoGlo MicroRenew gently but deeply exfoliates the outermost layer of skin to banish dullness. Skin looks youthfully radiant with an even tone and refined texture. Unlike conventional scrubs , there are no granules, acids or chemicals which
may be harsh on skin. All you need is water and DermoGlo MicroRenew!

Rejuvenate – Diminish wrinkles, scars, pigmentation Firm up skin, lighten stretch marks
As you scrub, the massaging effect stimulates cell renewal, improves circulation and enhances collagen and elastin production for firmer, younger looking skin. When new cells emerge, fine lines and wrinkles look less pronounced while age spots, scars, pigmentation and stretch marks are lightened over time. Guaranteed safe for use during and after pregnancy as no chemicals are involved.

Why DermoGlo MicroRenew is better
Better than normal facial scrub – gentler yet leaves skin smoother and cleaner
* Doubles up as body scrub – great for body acne, leaves skin smoother without the grit
* Chemical-free – uses only water
* Pain-free – ultra gentle to skin
* Fast – done in less than 3 minutes
* Saves money – cheaper than 1 session of microdermabrasion
at salons and clinics, one towel can be used more than 400 times (and lasts up to 12-15 months)

That’s right. DermoGlo MicroRenew can be washed and reused over 400 times. That’s equivalent to 400 sessions of microdermabrasion for the price of just 1 DermoGlo MicroRenew. In fact, it is even cheaper than 1 session at salons and clinics.

With DermoGlo MicroRenew, you’ll save money and see results.

As reviewed by SHAPE magazine, Nov 2009

We say:
When reviewed against 3 other more well-known brands of body buffing towels, DermoGlo MicroRenew came up as the softest of all.
And the only one that works on the face too.
Yes, we also cost more. That’s due to our quality that makes it ultra gentle on your skin (because exfoliation doesn’t mean sandpapering your skin!) And with just one towel for both face and body, it’s double the value!



  1. thx for the posting,im gonna try it myself.maybe it can help with my skin…

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