Posted by: Miracule | February 5, 2010

Hiruscar – scar remover gel

Product Name: Hiruscar
Packaging: 20g in a tube
Price: SGD 25.90 from most local pharmacies

4.5 out of 5 stars

I went to see a GP nearby my house for diarrhoea recently and the doctor kept on mentioning about the severity of my pimple scars. -_-” i told him it happened during my pregnancy where i can have more than 25 pimples on the face at any one go! and now i am still breastfeeding… so how? what to do? When my son grows older then i go laser to remove the scars lo.. and he introduced me something called “Erase Scar Gel” for scars remover! He ask me to try it and i should see improvements in one week!

True enough, i applied the gel day and night and my acne scarring have improved alot, the red marks have faded and the pitted holes (old and new) seem to have smoothen out more! But SGD9 for a miserable 5g tube seems to be too expensive! Then, i chance upon this being sold in the pharmacy when i bring my son to the polyclinic for his vaccination! SGD25.90 for 20g seems reasonable! so i just bought and try! To my surpise, i actually prefer this better than erase gel as it’s more effective!

This Hiruscar gel is very light (lighter than erase gel) and get absorbs into the skin more easily after massaging for a while (wherus erase Scar gel doesn’t get absorbed into the skin but leave a layer on top of the skin. Hiruscar has a similar fragrance with Erase Scar (i think  because of similar ingredients) but i prefer the smell of Hiruscar as it is not as strong compared to Erase Scar Gel. 

About 3 weeks since i am using this Hiruscar now. The red marks have faded alot, now left the older scars which like light brown in colour. For pitted holes, this gel seem to have soften the skin texture. Those smaller pitted holes are not as noticeable as last time! i am really hardworking in using this now! Hopefully  in 6 months i will see better results!

p/s:  of course i am realistic enough to know that it will not heal my scars completely to smooth baby skin! Even if you go for laser you cannot remove it 100%.  so have to be realistic. at least this doesn’t cost a bomb and there is no downtime. 🙂

Product Description:
Hiurscar, a revolutionized “2 in 1 Recovery System” scar care product, is newly formulated in Switzerland from a renowned manufacturer with 40 years of experience in dermatological industry. The synergistic action MPS with Allium Cepa penetrates deep into the skin to regulate the re-generation of collagen to smoothen and soften scar tissue. With natural ingredients, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Vitamin B to moisturize, and to protect scar from ultraviolet rays, and to lighten the color of skin tissue to restore it to a soften and more natural appearance. Hiurscar “2 in 1 Recovery System” provides an effective solution to both new and matured scars. Continue application will help scars to appear less visible, smoother and softer.

Features & Benefits:

Directions for Use:
Hiurscar can be used on depressed and raised scars that are caused from surgery, accidents, burns, pimples as well as stretch marks. Message cream gently onto healed wound 3-4 times daily. To protect against scar formation, message gently onto the healed wound 2-3 times daily. Hiurscar is an effective solution for new and old scars of less than 2 years of age. Continue application will help scars to appear less visible, smoother and softer

Hiruscar is formulated for external use only. Do not apply to open wounds. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place.

* Clinically Proven MPS (Mucopolysaccharide polysulphate)
* Aloe Vera
* Vitamin E
* Vitamin B3
* Vitamin E
* Allantoin
* Allium Cepa


  1. I have just used the Hiurscar for about 2 weeks on my 4-month old surgery scar, I can already see some improvement. The scar is getting lighter and flatter. I am very happy with the results. Will keep using it as long as possible.

  2. Glad to know that I can find a good product in the market to solve my ger’s face problem as well as my ceasarian scar 🙂

  3. Hi there
    I have a keloid scar on my jaw line and has been there for the last 10 years. I have tried alot of ways to cure it but the results are no good. Can I use hiruscar on it?

    • hi joe,

      this is suppose to work. try it out as it’s quite cheap as compared to laser. 🙂

    • I am Filippino so scars show real bad and tend to be keloid, mine was on my knee and real bad, about the size of a baseball and lifted about 7cm and dark and painful. 1.5 year after the injury i went in for steriod injections into the keloid, the scar can be very old. it flattened the scar completely and made it lighter and smaller, now only 35% the size! Cremes will help a little bit but 4-6 injections cost is about 1000 pecos $20 US each series in the Philippines. it nk longer painful when touched or bumped, lighter and so much smaller. Then use the creme for minor improvement over time. good luck!

  4. hi do you think this will also work on stretchmarks?

    • hi anya!
      good qn! i never thought of it!
      but i doubt so.. stretch marks is caused by damages in the deep tissues layer..
      try googling mama mio. they seem to have a good stretch mark repair cream

    • stretch marks sadly, remain :((. But there are products which can help make it less visible. Try using cocoa butter cream; it helps a bit. I had my stretch marks removed with the laser technology and it really hurt alot since they were burning the layers off. No pain, no gain right? 😀

      • was it removed or it just lessen the visibility? i have stretchmarks too at the back of my knee 😦

      • Hihi, lessen visibility only.. To remove totally think needs doctor’s help.

      • Where can I buy this Hiruscar in Johannesburg South Africa
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

      • how much did it cost you girl?

  5. hi, i am so happy to read about this gel from ur blog. i have acne too and they always never fail to leave scars on my face!
    may i know how do u apply this? as in the procedure.
    if i am using pimple gel, can i use it together with hiruscar? wld it be before or after pimple gel?

    thanks 🙂

    • Hi jaz,

      It will be apply this before pimple cream. Try to wait a while till it absorb first, then apply the pimple cream.

      Do note that this scar remover is not to be applied on open wound. 🙂

  6. hi! i have cicken poxss scar. will hiruscar gel fade the scar?

    • Hi Eunice,

      This suppose to work on all scars. 🙂

  7. Is there no side effects if I keep using this for months?

    • Tanie,

      I don’t think so. Ingredients are all safe and moisturizing.

  8. Hi!

    I was looking for pix on this product and came upon your blog. It seems like the review you gave are really good and I can’t wait to use it on my keloid scar, thanks to the BCG jab.

    other than going for steroid jabs back then and various creams, i was anxious to get my hands on it for the past one month after seeing the advertisement in some mags.

    I managed to get it awhile ago and applied it, hopefully I’ll see good results after regular use.

    Really glad to see your feedback about this product here! ^^

  9. Hi,
    May I know where can I buy if it in Singapore?
    I went to Watsons and Guardian but can’t find it.

    • U can try pharmacy in polyclinic?

      • guardian sells!

  10. Interesting! I wonder if this would help my son who has a big scar on his face from a glass cut…..

    • Hi Sylvia,

      I would think yes! Definitely! I used a lil on my son’s leg (6 months old) for a rough ugle scar caused by insect bites and finally after one month plus, the scar healed and we couldn’t tell there was a mark there in the first place.

      I believe the sooner we apply the faster it heals. Jus be careful of him possiblily consuming it ok?

  11. i have black scar on my face..
    can hiru scar gel help me..

    • Yes, but definitely not totally. 🙂

  12. hi.i was losing hope for my stretch marks to fade away.i have tried lots of product but nothing had worked.when i red about this i want to try it and see how will it work for me.but im here now in japan so i dont know if there’s a product like this here.what do you think?please answer.thank you.

    • Hi, am really not sure where u can get this in japan. However I believe there are bound to be similar scar gel in japan! Just go to their pharmacy to take a look! Japan seems to be famous for their beauty products.

  13. Hi,
    Am just wondering whether Hiruscar can be used for old scars that are on the legs?

  14. Hi all! I’ve stumbled upon this webpage when searching for Hiruscar Gel via Google.

    Anyone knows which guardian / watson’s outlet / branch sells the Hiruscar Gel? I’ve been using this product for quite a long time now and many a times, i would usually go over to BKK to purchase it. Now then I know it’s sold in SGP so anyone here knows which guardian / watson’s outlet sells it, I would really appreciate it very much!! Have a nice day!

  15. do you think this is effective for old scars?

    • Hi,

      I believe it does help!

  16. hi, do have any idea where to get mama mio other than the website itself? have you personally tried it?

    • Hihi!

      Nope I have not tried it yet!! Been wanting to order but NO time!!! Tell me about being a working mom! Just by looking at how often I get to update my blog now you will know! I am grateful if I get enough rest! But I am so tempted to order a few mama mio products to use cos their reviews seem so good!

  17. do black spots can be remove using hiruscar?

    • It does fade scars, but dark spots I am not confident about it. Probably you should consider a spots whitener?

  18. black head can be remove by using hiruscar?

    • Hi Chris, this is not for blackhead remover. 🙂

  19. Hi! Can this help lighten those few years old ‘5 cents, 10 cents’ scars? Black, brown color type of scars

    • hi anna,

      yes, to a little extent. you might want to get a whitening moisturiser like Nivea to apply as well. 🙂

  20. My 5 yo son has scar in between his eyebrow and eye. Is it safe to use hiruscar? I am afraid if he rubs his eye and get contacted with
    his eye.

    • hi jessy,

      yes i applied this on my son’s leg as well! i would say it will be safe cos the gel gets absorbed into the skin!

  21. i have deep pimple scar..
    can hiruscar cure it? 😦

    • hi diyane,

      it wont cure it, but it will improve it

  22. Morning, just curious does it works on pigmentation?

  23. hi i really wanted to try this product… it available here in the philippines???

  24. Hi there,

    I’m so pleased to know that there is such a thing which at least have an effect or solved a problem for troubled skin!! I can’t wait to try it myself.

    I’m very much curious to know whether this Hiruscar gel promotes hair growth? Cos i hav read in one of e article. There’s this lady who is actively using this product, says so.

    I’m having spots on my face due to pimples/acnes.. What will be e outcome for it if i use it on my face? It will be a nightmare if there’s actually hair growing out of my face…hehe..

    Please advice.. asap!! thank u…

  25. hi … i m Grace
    i ve sensitive skin, can i use tis Hiluscar gel?

    • hi grace, yes, this is supposed to be suitable for sensitive skin

  26. I met with an accident in 2007. now, my face was scarred for life. the scar is hypertropic. can this hiruscar gel works on it?

    • hi dilla,

      i am sorry to hear that.. did ur doctor said anything that can help u? this scar remover is suppose to soften the scars and slowly flatten it.. it might help a lil

  27. hi.. can this product remove uneven surface on skin due to acne/pimples?

    • hi emy,

      yes, it helps to improve the pitted holes. 🙂

  28. hi, i have the same problem about scars im from the philippines recently i used erase solution for my scar it doesn’t work now my scar become red i got itchy i got the red dot i dont know what to do now..i want to try hiruscar do you think i will have effect with my scar even if it old i think it was more than 10years from now..thanks i hope you will give me some advice.

  29. I have plenty of white scars on my legs – Can Hiruscar help? Can anybody share their experiences using this cream on WHITE scars please?

    Many thnks!

  30. hi there.. wat if pimple scars that were 10 years of age? will it work?

    • hi Zai,

      i am sure my own pimple scars are over 10 years as well. haha.

      it will definitely help to improve but wont remove totally.

  31. i also have two scars beside my mouth.1.5 cm each.They are 6 years old. it i hate using concealers to cover them. but i just want them to fade more.Can I Use Hiruscar ? Does it work for red acne scars?

    • hi steve,

      yes for both your scars and the red acne scars. 🙂

  32. hi i want know hiruscar available in singapore .if available can u sent
    me address pls

    • it is available. just go to any watsons or guardian pharmacy to purchase

  33. hello. i have an old scar due to the stitches were not properly done. do you think this will help? the scar is already 10 years :\

    • hi Lai Yee,

      i believe it will help. however do not expect it to totally disappear. it will just help to improve. 🙂 aint no miracle gel. haha. 🙂

  34. i am using hiruscar for about 6 weeks now, and everyone said that my acne scar is reduced. Great! i only use it 1x a day, on night although they said that we should use it 2-3 times a day to take the maximum effect, and i still satisfied.

    thank you to Watson for advertising their hiruscar on Bus TV, so i can see and buy it! *lol.

    • hi turquoise,

      i am glad you have positive results using this gel too!

  35. hello there…how much is the hiruscar gel? thanks anyways…

    • my dear,

      i have stated in the blog that it costs SGD25.90 in singapore. 🙂

  36. Hi Miracule…I used to have good and smooth skin,recently due to
    allergy,a GP doctor give me some steriod and i take it without thinking
    much.But it a very wrong decision!! After 2 day,my skin start to turn
    into “Orange peel skin”with something like open pore or pit-hole look.
    Then,after a month,acne start to came out.About 7 to 8 around the
    I start to get stressed and couldn’t sleep everynight.I went to over 10 beauty salon for consulation,do 3 treatment at 3 salon but without valid
    valid.The pit hole(dry orange peel)look is still there.I lost confident in myself and keep looking back at those photo 2 month ago whereby my skin is still smooth looking.Was wondering does Hiruscar help me in anyway?I have quite sensitive and combination skin(As what told by beautician) and quite a few brown acne or pimple scar…..Thank you so much if you can give any advice or help.

    • hi stant,

      that’s very sad to hear! have you went back to the same GP? if i were you, i will go back to the same GP to find out what happened, before going for facials and all.. it could be a reaction or drug allergy and if you dont find out the root of problem, you might be damaging further by consultation by many different people (i.e., different beauticians etc) the steriod that you have is for applying or oral? hmm, i suggest you go back to the doctor first. the “orange peel skin” that you mentioned might not be scars. may i know how long did you take the steriod for?

      first of all, you might want to research if this is a possible side effect of the steriod you had first. i am not sure what is the name of the steriod you used. so below is some that i have googled.
      it seems likely to me that your side effect is called: • Sterility is also a possible side effect as the hormones in the body are altered during use of anabolic steroids. This can often be reversed or remedied with proper hormone treatments.

  37. Hi Miracule….The name of that steriod is call Prednisolone(the worst medicine i had ever taken in oral).I did went back to the GP doctor to consult him again,but he keep insist it because of the hot weather & not his fault and there is nothing wrong with my face.No choice i had to consult a dermatologist last week,he said that it really wrong of that GP doctor to give me steriod and it because of that,it cause hormone to be trigger and skin to become rough,oily and dry patch.He give me some acne and moisturizer cream to apply.I went back home to used it for a few day but the dry rough pit hole or open pores skin is still around.It was when i brought Hirscar on sunday after hearing so much of your good review.I used it for this few day and could see a little little result today(Thursday) after using for 4 days.Although my skin is still dry patch,but at least it doesn’t look as that bad as on last week,and my mood start to cheer up a liitle little bit.I will still continue to use it and hope that it could bring me miracle and restore back my old look again..Thanks for you concern,you are really nice.

    • hihi stant,

      i took prednisolone before many times! it’s quite a common med that we know to buy straight off the pharmacy… i think it shouldnt be so serious? maybe the GP might be right. 🙂 so did your dermatologist gave u anything to regulate the hormones back?

      am glad the hiruscar helped u. 🙂 dont worry too much k? worry & stress can also caused acne. 🙂 u will surely get back to your old self! 🙂

  38. hi
    wish to check can the above gel help in the double eyelid surgery scar to disappear or lighten it?

  39. hi there

    need some help if the gel can help to lighten the reds marks at my arm there?

  40. hello, i was searching online on how to cure pitted holes & came across yr blog.

    i was wondering does hiruscar gel helps to cure pitted holes? my pitted holes r so obvious i get so upset by looking at my face…

    pls advise. thks.

    • hi dear,

      as i mentioned, it will only improved pitted holes slightly, not totally removed it.. but since i had pitted holes and i tried laser twice before, i must tell u that even laser also just improved it slightly only. 🙂 same as chemical peel, microdermasion, and the rollers with needles… so, why waste that much money when you can buy this to try and it’s painless! 🙂

      • hi miracule,

        thanks for yr reply.

        may i know how bad are yr pitted holes?

        i tink mine is quite big. i even resorted to using pimple cream to “fill up” the pitted hole cos the hole is so big! i thought the skin inside the pitted hole will grow back but it didnt! i was shocked!

        its worst when i put on makeup cos can see the pitted holes so clearly…!

        u said hiruscar scar removal gel will improve pitted holes slightly, but will it mimise the pitted holes? will the pitted holes become smaller & not so obvious?

        pls advise

  41. Hi Miracule….Talking about prednisolone,it took cause skin problem if you do a search on the web,perhap i have a great allergy toward it,that why cause me so much harm when i took it that time.Initially,i used the cream that the dermatologist had given me(Acne cream=Clindagel & Bioderma Sebium AI)but doesn’t really help before i switched to hiruscar…It had been a week plus since i use hiruscar.So far my skin even up a little little bit,but the dry patch of skin(pitted holes or open pores) is still around and it cause me so much stress & sadness.Today(Wednesday) is not too good with 2 acne pop up and slight redness on my cheek area.All i knew is i regret so much that i had taken “Prednisolone” that i blame myself everday.It had turn a good skin into a bad & lousy skin just in overnight…I was wondering will my skin ever be restore back to my normal skin again..Do you have and advice or help that you can give me?Thank you so much.

  42. Hi! Came across your site while searching for hiruscar for acne scars. Bought hiruscar a few days back for a scar on my legs and was deliberating if its suitable to apply on the face. Just like to check if you know if its ok to apply on the acne itself? I have quite a number of acne scars and am afraid that when I apply on the scars I might accidentally ‘touch’ my pimples with it. :/ Thanks in advance! 🙂

  43. hi miracule. i’m happy i found this review.
    one question though, did you experienced hair growth on the area where you applied the hiruscar cream? Bec. I found on the other blog that she experienced hair growth on parts where she applied the cream, so she won’t recommend using it on the face. I’m just afraid more hair will grow if I apply it on the acne scar on my face. will wait for your reply. thanks and more power.

  44. Hello

    I just want to know which one is better. Hiruscar or Maderma? Thanks.


  45. Hello, can I use hiruscar to my chicken pox scars?right now my spots are still fresh, please advice me if its ok for me to use it…thank you

  46. hi. a got plenty of cat scratches and bites on my legs. they turned brown (they are so visible coz i have a fair complexion).. can this be helpful in whitening them?

  47. Hi,i am currently using the Hiru Scar Gel,i’ve been recovered from the wounds when accidentally slipped off from motorcycle,it left a scar about a pen size and after 3 weeks using the hiru scar gel,it fades off!!but how long should i continue to use it?could u please give some advice?thanks in advance.:)

  48. just bought a tube of 20g hiruscar at watsons @$25.90 in singapore to test out whether can flatten my 4 years old keloids.

    wish me luck!

  49. hi i have these dark spots on my legs and stretch marks . its really noticeable can i use hiruscar to help it lighten and reduce its visibility .? where can i buy this product .?

  50. Well I have just bought the Hiruscar gel from the nearest pharmacy shop near my town in Seremban, Malaysia. I having a lot of ugly scar after having the motorcycle accident. And I am urge to look for solutions. Looking for miracle result, thanks for the posting. God bless. 🙂

  51. Can i use it for chicken pox scars as well?

    • yes, i believe you can.

  52. I have lots of acne marks and dark spot throughout my face, can I apply hiruscar on whole face?

    • yes, u can apply on whole face. 🙂

  53. Hi, is the question of hair growth being avoided here? Seems like there are a few queries on this but none answered. Appreciate if Miracule or someone could kindly revert.


    • Sorry, I didn’t have any issues with hair growth at all. And it seems like there isn’t an ingredient that “promote” hair growth but more for hydration and lightening. Maybe someone else can reply on this to share if there is hair growth issues. 🙂

  54. super appreciate the prompt reply! you have a good rest of the day ya =)

  55. Hey thanks for the valuable info, with a unique point of view.

  56. hi hiruscar, im 27 yrs, old and i have a pimple marks, and dark spots im in saudi arabia is your products help my problems? im looking forward to keep in touch with you. is your product available in local pharmacies in middle east. thanxx god bless

    • Hi,

      Very sorry. I am not hiruscar. This is just a review that I wrote. You might want to google hiruscar for your answer.

  57. I’m glad to hear about this product. I have had many pimples on my face. These pimples have continuely come out on my face for many year. Nw i still have pimples on my face. The pimples leave many pink and dark scar on my face many year, may be 4 or 5 year. I don kno if Hiruscar can treat my scars. I’ve not tried it yet. can anyone tell me if this product suitable for my condition? Thanks in advance!

    • hi donald,

      this product can helps to fade scar and minimise the pit holes. but you can’t use it on existing pimples. you need to clear up the pimples first.

  58. I hope I can buy this here in the philippines..

  59. hi..i just got chicken pox last leaves deep scars on my face and it was so depressing..what will be the effect if i use this product?answer me please..

    • hi jelly,

      i do not produce the product, but i believe it can help to lighten the marks and make it not as obvious.

  60. im gonna try this hope this will help me coz im having trouble becouz of this acne scars and red marks

    • Good Luck Jessie! 🙂

  61. Hiruscar can use on pimples? can reduce pimples?

    • Hi Siti,

      Sorry for the late reply. It’s not advisable to apply onto pimples.. it doesnt heal pimple. just lighten and reduce scarring

  62. can hiruscar help fade my brown spot ?i have brownspot in my face,because i used maxi peel when i’m 17 yrs old,,and now im 25 yrs old my cheekbone have a lot of brown spot..plz help me..thanks..more power!!!!

    • Hihi, for brown spots, it could be because when u did the peel last time, you didn’t do ample sun protection.. I doubt hiruscar will be effective. You should look for whitening products that target brown spots. 🙂

      • Hi miracule, i’ve bought the gel but would like to ask what are the sequence to apply the hiruscar gel? right after 3 steps cleanser, toner and moisturiser or just cleanser? What bout sometimes when want to apply mask?

      • Hi ance,

        U apply after moisturizer. Just think of it as a medicine you wanna apply on affected areas, so definitely u have to cleanse the skin well first. If you would like to use mask, use the cream as the last step.

  63. Hi! I have this keloids in my chest. It started as a small pimple for about 10 years now. Can hiruscar treat my keloids? Can I also use hiruscar even in a small scar?

    • Yes you can use hiruscar on any scars. It will help to improve but won’t make it disappear totally if you get what I mean. 🙂

  64. Hi, i finally bought hiruscar. I hope it will gradually solve my scars issue on my skin. I have bought so many expensive creams/gels for my acne and scars but it all came to hardly any use. I hope this gradually works wonders 🙂 Heard a lot about it so hope this is a break through although i know it wont completely clear them but at least it will get better with proper n timely usage 🙂

  65. Hello,
    Can Hiruscar helps to remove the scar on my leg ( dark brown/black )? Its been with me for more than 5 years now… Not sure if Hiruscar can help to solve the problem that i have 😦

  66. where the hiruscar gel is found i want address of the medicine got

  67. hello Miracule,

    i have a scar on my knee i think it’s 14 years old.. can hiruscar help to fade my scar.?,, please reply

    • Hi Liza,

      Yes, it will help improve but won’t remove totally. 😉

  68. from where i get this produut……..?i live in pakistan….

  69. I from Malaysia.where can buy it?

    • Hi Ken,

      I am sure you can get it from a Watsons or other pharmacy. 😉

  70. Hi Marcule,

    Do you think that Hiruscar gel is safe to be used on pregnancy woman? I just found out this product last two days and would really like to give it a try on my light acne scars but I am now at my fourth month pregnancy. By the way, this gel is used before the skin care product or after? Thanks !!! and like your review and glad for sharing.

    • Hi,

      I wouldn’t use anything at all when I was pregnant. Just wanna play safe. 🙂 but if u really wanna use, I think this hiruscar is fine. Definitely a no no is anything with vitamin A and antibodies…

  71. where did you buy here in japan??? is it possible that my 14 years scars be remove???

    • Hi, am not sure where u can get it in Japan though.. In Singapore, we can easily get it from any pharmacy. 🙂

      Like I said, it improves but not remove. 🙂

  72. where did u buy it here in japan? is it possible that my 14 years old scar can be remove by this product??

  73. Does hiruscar gel works on sandfly scars?

  74. hi i have a scar on my leg and its about 8years now since i got tne scar its already flat. will hiruscar still help??

  75. did the scars sell in malaysia? i really need it!

  76. did it sting?

  77. Reblogged this on CheonsaDiana's Reviews and commented:
    I have to try this one! :O Hope it’ll be effective. *fingers crossed*

  78. is this product can also remove frekcles?

  79. hii…where can i buy hiru in malaysia?????

  80. Hi, Acne Mark and pimples can cure ma actually by using this hiru ??

    • Hi, yes. 🙂

    • Not cure pimples. But improves the scarring.

  81. hi, can pregnant women use hiruscar? thanks

    • To play safe, I don’t use when I am preggie. Congrats on your pregnancy! 🙂

  82. I just had alar surgery n the scars look deep both side, hiruscar can remove it r not? n how long it would removed ?

  83. hello Miracule! can hiruscar remove my pimple scar? tnx!

  84. what is the difference between pimple scars and pimple marks? does hiruscar can improve or remove pimple marks or “pekas” brown spots due to pimples?

  85. I used for three hiruscars but it still has alot scars.How can I reduce it.

  86. hiii! I’ve been using this for quite some time now but then
    it leaves a layer on my skin, and the layers are quite thick, it
    peels off sometimes too. Is this normal? I think i might’ve applied
    it too much. What should I do? Any ideas?

  87. Hi, I’m from the province of Agusan del norte. Where can I buy that scar remover in a place like ours? Will it be available in the leading drug stores? How much does it cost?

    • Hi dear, sorry I am not sure. It’s available in leading pharmacies in Singapore and Malaysia. I believe should be available in your country too?

      • Hiii. I m from India. Where from i buy this product in India.

  88. I’ve just started to use Hiruscar, may I checked what would happen if I apply on an open wound, will the scar getting worse?
    I’m looking forward to see the good results of this wonderful product

    • Hi, it’s stated not to be applied to an open wound. So it’s better to follow. I have no idea what will happen cos I didn’t dare to try. 🙂

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