Posted by: Miracule | June 16, 2011

Ginvera Green Tea Nude BB Cream

Product Name: Green Tea Nude BB Cream
Brand: Ginvera
Packaging: 25ml in a tube
Price: SGD 13.20 (20% off now) from Watsons

4 out of 5 stars

After being a mom, what is the thing that is always not enough? *TIME*. Thus i become a faithful user of a BB cream, reason being there is really not enough time to even sleep.. so it really save me alot of time to just apply an all-in-one makeup base.

Walked past watsons the other day, an poster caught my attention. “Ginvera also have their own BB cream now?” i asked myself. if you have used the green tea marvel gel before, you would have quite like ginvera for the nice tea smell and ultra light texture of their products. so of cos, being a sucker like me, i just went in to buy a tube to try out. 🙂 🙂

i must say, of all BB creams i used, this is one of my favorite!

1) natural color that blends into skin to create an even complexion with a slight glow. it looks 水汪汪.

2) texture is like serum, quite watery thus very easy to blend onto face and spreads out quickly.

3) It feels like water on the face, no oil at all.

4) Doesn’t clogged my pores or caused breakouts

5) Concealing power is so so only though. which is ok with me currently cos i wanted to achieve a nude natural makeup look which of cos should show some scars and dark eye rings.. haha. you will definitely need to conceal with another concealer if you want it to be flawless.

After applying the BB cream, i complete the makeup by pressing on my Skin79 Hologram Pearl Pact and oohlala~ i have this really nice glowy look already!


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