Posted by: Miracule | November 8, 2011

How i arrived at My Virgin Brow Job

What is the thing that 99% of the women in modern cities cannot leave home without?

For me, other than $$ and my iPhone, it’s the drawing of my eyebrows!!

If you ask around, most women, regardless of those with thin balding brow arches with hairs so fine and lost tails (like me) or those whom are blessed with thick bushy brows (like my sister).. The one makeup product that we will really use finished and replenish is the eyebrow pencil. Drawing the eyebrows takes so much skills as well as need to take into consideration the time, mood, skin, events going to etc etc. One of the reason why I dislike swimming or outdoor activities is because the eyebrow which I drawn painstakingly will melt after a while… 😦 (and ironically, painstakingly is used here because I can spent so much time but the brows simply do not balance!) if our eyes are the windows to our faces, then the eyebrows are like the roof and structure. It is something on the face when you can change it a lil’ and you look drastically different! Be it a curve, or the angle or the sharpness and the length… If you want to go nude or makeup less, you will still do something about the eyebrows and eyes.

Anyway, enough about the rantings from me. I have gone so frustrated to drawing my eyebrows, especially since I became a mom where beauty sleep time is so precious. I have been researching again and again on doing creative eyebrow embroidery or brows resurrection etc. And I have tried to convince myself NOT to do it again and again, until recently.. I just paid for a package at browhaus to do eyebrow resurrection with them. If you want to know more about what it is, just google “eyebrow resurrection”. My bigger worry now will be that my eyebrow job might not even be able to last 3 months… Because of my super oily skin and also of my AHA facial wash I am using now… I shall ask more about this with the therapist tomorrow!

The price is hefty! Very very hefty for something that is only suppose to last 8 to 24 months only (depending on your skin conditions). But in the end I still chose to go with them because of:

1) it’s my first time! I am afraid of how it will turn out. Whether too Aunty or blotched job or etc. So 8 months sounds reasonable for me to decide if it’s good for me before i will go for something more “permenent”. Just like when I permed my hair for the first time, I asked for the biggest available curls so that I won’t have a shock after the session. So it had to be something easy to “reverse” or live out of.

2) by far, browhaus is the only establishment that does marketing. By marketing, it means that there are many very clear before and after pictures. I have found many proper reviews online where people post the before and after pics, daily pics after the job etc.

3) so far, based on the images which I asked politely from forum folks or seen by people whom posted online. It seems like only browhaus is able to create the very fine lines in directions which is closet to our own hair growth. I do want to look natural. Thus my choice to paying the money and trying it.

4) it’s the only big establishment where I believe if it’s not well done, I will rant of it online and it’s name will be tarnished and people will be warned. I think they should be ok as they will need to train every therapist to deliver the same good work right?

Ok! Today is the eve of my brand new life! Still feeling a little jittery though. I hope it will be good tomorrow and I do not need to “repent and regret”! (if you are a singaporean that voted this year, you will know what I mean by that.. It means to be stuck in a bad situation)

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or endorsed for this and thus i will be able to offer the most honest opinions. I really paid the hefty $ from my own pocket all because I had enough of being a great mom and wife, but ended up with panda eyes, a few wrinkles around the eyes, eyes bags, dehydrated skin and loss of elasticity, the spare tire and loose skin that you can never shake off due to pregnancy.. The list goes on. I just want to feel good about myself all over again. And I hope my next post is all about me feeling very good!!


Bye bye my eyebrow pencil and hello to convenient beauty!


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  2. I just paid for a package at browhaus to do eyebrow resurrection with them.I had quite a good first time experience at Browhaus Singapore.

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