Posted by: Miracule | November 10, 2011

The Virgin Brow Job

On how i arrived here, just read my previous post on How i arrived at my Virgin Brow Job

I do not have time to do alot of typing now, so i will just share some images. 🙂 I will be back to this post to edit when i am free…  🙂

This is taken while i was on my way to Browhaus @ Holland Village. The therapist whom did the BR for me is Pinkie. Of cos, i will never leave home without drawing my eye brows and above is drawn using the ZA Brow pencil

The first shape drawn by the therapist… i am like “HUH!?!!”

She re-drew for me. after many many requests and adjustments etc, i was also kinda tired and just told her to continue to the hell of it… but it’s funny, cos after the numbing cream she will wipe off everything and inked from there.. so i was very glad the results were nothing like wat was drew above..

This is for fun. Hee, the numbing cream was applied.. dont i look like La Bi Xiao Xin when he is old??

I was getting a little tired of waiting and thus doing a lil cam whoring for fun.

Immediately after BR. The skin around is quite red and i felt like my skin is burning and itchy.. Pinkie said that she never encounter a customer that has this problem, thus it may be due to me using AHA facial wash that resulted in the thinning of skin and thus more sensitive.

Hurhur, i am actually very pleased! i never had bushy eyebrows before so this seems very good for me.. at least now i have clear and defined brows.. and is strand by strand.

Close up. This is the reason why i paid such a hefty price. So far  images i have seen from others who did their creative or 3d eyebrow emboidery else where, the lines were thicker and lesser.. but i love how Browhaus does the fine and thin lines to make it look like my own eyebrows..

Ok, this is how i look further away. you cant really see the redness and no one can tell i did this job before. Which is what i wanted too… i wouldnt want some ignorant people to shout “Hey you tattoo your eyebrows!!” i want to look pretty, naturally and if possible, conveniently.

that’s all for now! 🙂

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