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I am just a simple girl in my mid 20’s. I am currently in the midst of pursuing my Beauty Therapy Diploma from City and Guild for my personal interests. I am in the IT line for 6 years by the way, so you can call me a techie girl (or auntie) in some way. 🙂 I found out that i love to write about beauty. and yes, i do not mind being a freelance writer if you think i have (ehem) some talent in doing so. only if time permits cos i am pretty tied up with work and preparations for my baby coming my way. LOLx.

This Beauty Reviews site is born in late July 2007 for sharing my personal experiences and feel about the product which i have purchased and used. I didn’t found something similar then. 

I love to explore ways to look and feel better! My motto is to look good, feel good, be healthy and slim, and at the most natural methods and affordable costs available. Please do note that i am not a branded girl and i do not use branded cosmetics (yet). I am a strong believer in value for money products which delivers the best results at an reasonable price. I have tried SKII before and it aint suitable for me. I think we are young, so we should protect our skin and make ourselves stay youthful.

Hope it will be helpful to you~! if you have some products which you would like to purchase and would like it to be reviewed on, please feel free to drop a message here!

Do you love shopping too?

i love shopping~! (i guess every girls do!) the things i buy are mostly health, beauty and fashion related. (duh! Like which girl isn’t?) i love joining sprees~! Have you spree before? If you had, you will realised that it is damn addictive~! i love finding good bargains~! and thus, for the same thing, i try to find out where is the best place to get it… this applies to my another addiction of buying electronics products as well. Getting the best deals of camera, pda, phones, LCD TV etc etc!

Have you regretted some of your purchases?

Being a typical girl, I have purchase so much beauty products in my life! There were also so many products which i only used once because it does nothing near where what we thought it can do, or it claims to deliver….. Also, i love reading females beauty and fashion magazines and i made alot of purchase based on the reviews written by the magazines… But sometimes these reviews ain’t accurate as they might be paid thus i felt cheated when the products are not as good as i read it was…

Your opinions counts!

As this site is still a baby, there is still so much room for improvement!

Please do share with me if you like this site and if there is anything that i can improve on.

= )



  1. I love your website.
    Thanks for creating this website.
    keep up the good work 😉

  2. wow!!! Thanks! Thanks!! Thank you very much!!!

    i feel so happy to see this~!!!

    i will continue to share more~!

  3. hi Miracule , i love the way you review the beauty products….

    would u wan to contribute some relevant beauty posts for brides to be? especially on how to take care of their skin for their big day…drop me an email 🙂

    hope to hear from you soon.

  4. wow! hihi~! i didn’t know you will read my blog too!

    wow wow wow, so happi! keke! thank you thank you!

  5. hey, your blog is really good and gives a great insight into beauty. I was wondering if you could review everyday mineral make up. Your opinion on would mean a lot.

  6. Hello, i am new here and I was searching for a similar blog as mine, and I found yours. I really like it and it’s very inspiring. Keep up the nice work 😉

  7. hihi~! thanks! what is ur blog by the way?

  8. hey again, sorry for the late reply.
    it’s cosmeticsaware.wordpress.com.
    thanks for asking 😉

  9. Hello there i’m a young male model who is in university as well. I searched for wyas to exfoliate my skin (because guys to want to look good, feel good, and be healthy) and found your site. Amazing reviews. You are really good and experienced, keep up the good work.

  10. hello! ;D i have lots of questions for you! hope u can answer my doubts ): do drop me an email!!
    thanks. ;]]

  11. hi…

    interesting website you have lehhh…. i love reading all the beauty tips in your site…. cos i think as a woman… i am very vain & want to look good always & stay young forever.


  12. hi all, thank you very much for the encouragement!! it really spurs me on! i am so sorry cos of work commitment, i have been lagging behind in updates. Will provide more updates soon. i have alot of reviews lined up. but i do not have time to write them out for you to view yet! sooooo sorry!

  13. thanks for the great read…

  14. Heya,
    I remembered reading a post from you about a Marie France Reborn Wrap. But I dont see it anywhere on this web anymore.
    Any idea where can I get it cheap. Around <$9 ??

  15. u’ve a great blog

  16. 🙂

  17. Hey, nice site!
    I have something you MUST try.
    “Trilogy certified organic 100% rosehip oil”
    It is extracted from the fruits of the wild rose. I am an 18 year old guy with combination/sensitive skin which is acne-prone too. This oil absorbs in less than a minute, is cheap and easy to apply. It soothes my skin when it is irritated, makes it soft, and reduces acne. my scars are also less noticeable. i use it after cleansing before my clarins mens anti-shine gel moisturiser


    Take a look!

  18. hi johann,

    thanks for the compliments!

    yeah, i read many reviews on rosehip oil. is it moisturing? cos i have oily skin.

    i am currently using pure lotus oil from clarins and i am lovin’ it! it’s also make it soft and best of all, regulate the sebum secretions, to normalise my skin and helps clear acne. in fact whenever i have an ance appearing, i just dot on a bit of this oil and it flattens out in 3 days without inflammation.

  19. Yes it is moisturising, but it wont make you oilier. When I run out, I think I will try the lotus oil, it sounds good! do you have any other recommendations for sensitive/acne prone mens skin?

  20. tat’s good! which brand of the rosehip oil are you using?

    lotus oil is good. there is alot of raves about it. and 1 bottle of it can last really really really really long. given the fact that the sample bottle lasted me for almost a year.

    men skin is different from womens skin because its thicker and tougher. when u saying sensitive, does it mean prone to outbreak?

    are you applying sun block by the way? a correct thorough deep cleansing is a daily essential. i suppose you can do a gentle scrub daily to clear away the thick layers of dead skin. if ur face has alot of outbreaks nw, den u will need to see a doc for an antibiotic to apply first, else will worsen the inflamation.

  21. The brand of oil is “Trilogy”, follow the link above to see their website. Its made in New Zealand (where I’m from) so I think it’s good to buy locally!

    Yes, my skin is prone to outbreaks of acne but also has reactions to products, like redness, stinging, and sometimes dry rough patches.

    I exfoliate with a scrub once a week, use a mud mask once a week, and then use a willowbark and sea salt facial soap bar for everyday cleansing (it is very good, quite gentle but my acne has been much better since i started using it)

    I also have some redness in my cheeks which i was born with (i think its couperosa or rosacea) and im wondering what i can do to minimise that

  22. Hi I came to your blog while I google for Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection . Have just browse through some of your posting. You’ve created an interesting blog and I’d bookmarked your blog for my future reading about beauty tips 😉 Keep Up The Good Work .

  23. thanks amy, yeah, i am a beauty freak as well.

    if u have good tips do share with me as well. 🙂

    btw, clarins sun block is GOOD. 🙂

  24. hi johann,

    i read that rosacea need to see the doc for some medication which can reduce it. the medication will not be too expensive as well. u can try it?

  25. Eloow…

    ur site is quite interesting. very interactive too. im also a skin addict like you. i was just wondering if you’ve tried any product from KOSE? i happened to read a good review on their sekeisho black soap. it was good indeed and im lovin it. right now, im contemplating on trying out their other products but im seroiusly considering opinions from first-hand users. Do you have any thoughts on this brand?

  26. hi sachi,

    thank you thank you! so much! kose, i tried the collagen mask, and the black mask too. not the soap that you are talking about. so far, i do not really like this 2 prdt which i tried. thus nv reviewed on them. no doing me any good at all. waste of my $$. haha. but u are right, there must be something good in their range.

    possible to ask for samples to try out first? or buy samples from sasa to try out firsT?

  27. ohhh.. i see..
    maybe you can try the black soap. i highly recommend it for oily skin. i don’t usually use bar\ hard soaps because most of them make the skin dry but this really did a good job to my face. it cleans, and removes the oil but your face feels soft and supple afterwards. not tight and dry (as most soaps are)
    Plus!its very economical =) the soap lathers up quickly, so a little goes a long way. it could last for months =)

  28. hey! i love your reviews! it’s so intriguing how you find all this stuff out. congrats on losing that much weight! i need to know your secret!

  29. hi k,

    thanks! the secret to my losing weight is by detoxifying! i tried exercise, dieting and not eating etc. but nothing works better than detox! 🙂

  30. What about detoxifying that made you lose so much weight? Share!! Cldn be that you’re just eating clean every day right….or not…

  31. Hi Miracule,

    How can I purchase the meiji amino collagen? Any idea?

  32. By the way, what product of detox are you using that made you lose so much weight?

  33. Stumbled upon your blog to look for reviews on the Evian Brumisateur. Great blog you have. It is hard to find a sg writer with a acquired taste for cosmetic products! Keep it up!

  34. can i ask how you lose the weight before your wedding?

  35. wanna ask where dis u buy all the niuer’s and kevin’s products??
    any gd bargain webby??
    cuz a few spree is quite expensive. $3 per item when one may juz cause $15-20 or less if u buy 10 is like $30 which is quite a big percentage compare to the things u buy.

  36. i chanced upon your website and am loving it! btw, i read that you mentioned you have managed to slim down (at the right column), so mind sharing with us how you did it?

  37. Hi… I’ve got a question…

    You got some review on Beauty DIY by 牛爾 on his taiwanese website… I tried to register but I’m unable to as they need a taiwan number & taiwan address…

    Can teach me how to sign up as a member? Thank you so much…

    Kindly email me (it’s shown in the LEAVE A RESPONSE Column?) in regards to the details…

    Happy wedding~

  38. Dear Miracule,

    My skin type is like yours. Could you please let me know your what products do you use during the day?

    Many thanks

  39. Oh , r u from Singapore?
    Mind if i ask u where to get teatree oil? (Provided u’re in s’pore)
    I’ve acne,scar,blackheads ect. Oilyskin too
    Wad’s e best cleanser u recomend?
    All the best 😀

    • hi celeste,

      yeap! i am from singapore!

      i get the tea tree oil from pharmacies in SG like watson, guardian or bodyshop. 🙂

      recently i just started using the dermalogica skin clearing facial wash which i purchased from a spree from US and i think tat’s not bad for our skin types!

  40. useful tips….
    your comments on face slimming roller = how long does it take to see visible results..?
    thanks in advance for your reply
    any special tips on its use…

  41. Hi Miracule ..

    Just wana check hz old was your lovely baby le … have u started puree on her ? Is he taking it well .. Bck then i was alwd keepi track your new ptsd ..now i had a baby my own i was too busy to keep track .. can u guide me back which page i mus click where u update all your new ptrds..

    • hi fel,

      haha, congrats to you! my baby ( no longer a baby) is 21 months old now! how about yours? Is a prince or princess?

      you can start puree from 5.5 months onwards. just start a particular food and feed for 1 week to observe reaction . Then introduce another food the other week etc. i find that Carrot, potato, avocado is best. Sweet potato seems to make the baby gassy. You can mix with your breast milk too.. i fully breastfeed(latch and pump) for 17 months before i introduce powdered milk to him!

  42. Dear ‘whatever your name is’

    It seems that we’ve got quite a lot in common. Especially, when it comes to beauty and eat healthy.
    I am particularly interested in the collagen story and would like to ask you if you could provide me with some more details about where I can get that collagen poweder/supplement from.
    Hope to hear from you back soonest!

    • hi david,

      thanks for your message. i got the powdered collagen thru http://www.iherb.com. if you are buying for the first time, you can input code LIM954 for USD5 off your purchase!


  43. Hi i like this websitee, like u i also love to be always feel good and confident to myself. I am fan of beauty products.thanks for helping us to find the good quality product at reasonable price.keep it!please post more products that can lighten old scars(20 yrs ago scars) and keloids. Thanks!

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