Beauty Cottage Powder Mask



New! Powder masks by Beauty Cottage.  (Soft Rubber Masks)

Brand: Beauty Cottage, formulated in USA
Type 1: 1 kg in a sealed packet, non-resealable at SGD 55 per pack
Type 2: 25 g in sealed packet, non-resealable at SGD 7 per pack

Directions for use:
1. Mix the mask powder with water at the ratio of 1:2.4 volume
2. Stir evenly until homogenized.
3. Apply a thin layer of 1 to 3 mm mask onto the face, avoiding the eyes and lips (Note, can be use after applying ampoule to the face for better effect)
4. After 20-30 mins of drying, gently peel off mask
5. Followed by Toner and hydration
6. Recommended to use twice a week


1. Soft Algae Powder Mask
* Especially Recommended for use with Ampoule to enhance your ampoule*

Deeply clean skin pores, remove dirt and impurities. Improve skin suppleness, firmness and elasticity. Moisturize and nourish skin. Provide nutrition to skin. Use for various skin treatment when apply together with Essence/Ampoule.

2. Black Mud Powder Mask
Deep cleanse skin. Remove excess dead skin cells. Stimulate skin natural renewal. Whitening skin, reduce skin spots and darkness. Supply nutrition to skin, keep skin young and smooth.

3. Grey Mud Powder Mask – *Recommended for a clearer complexion*
Rich in minerals which help to calm irritated and sensitive skin and stablised the pH level in the skin. Deep clean skin. Remove excess sebum. Clean and refine skin pores. Regulate and rebalance sebum. Anti-blemishes, control breakouts and purify the skin. Reduce blackheads and whiteheads. Supply whitening to skin, keep skin supple and elasticity. Keep skin fair and smooth.

4. Pearl & Milk Powder Mask
Gentle to all skin type. Provide moisturizing and lightening to skin. Leave you a smooth and fair complexion.

5. Vitamin C Powder Mask – *Recommended for radiance & anti-aging*
Gentle to all skin type. Provide lightening and rehydrating to skin. Increase skin moisture level and anti-aging.

6. Aloe Vera & Cucumber Power Mask – * Recommended For Sensitive Skin*
Gentle to all skin type. Help calm uncomfortable skin conditions. Provide calming and moisturizing to skin.

7. Peppermint Powder Mask – *Recommended for Acne skin*
Special formulated for oily skin. Help control skin sebum, calming down the skin. Refreshing and cooling down skin.

8. Placenta Powder Mask  *Recommended for matured skin*
Gentle to all skin type. Effectively smoothen and brighten skin. Help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Provide moisture and anti-aging to skin.



  1. hi have u used this before?

    • hihi,

      yes i used this mask. 🙂

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