Germany Ampoules


Brand: Sensual (Formulated in Germany)
Packaging: Box of 10 vials, 3.8ml per bottle, can be recapped.
Can be kept after opening, store in fridge and must be used within 3 days.
Price: $35 per box


Differences with France Ampoules:
– Formulated in Germany
– 3.8ml each
– More concentrated
– Can be recapped



Types and Descriptions


1. Hydrating
Function: Anti-aging, enhance skin complex, moisturizing.

2. Lightening Ampoules
Function: Whitening, clarifies dark spot, lighten pigment.

3. Beauty lifting
Function: Strengthens skin elasticity and firmness of double cheek.

 4. Pure Vitamin C – *RECOMMENDED*
Function: Detoxfies the skin

 5.  Soothing
Function: Diffuse redness, softening effects

 6.  Anti wrinkle
Function: Improve skin texture, minimize fine liners

 7.  Eye care – *RECOMMENDED*
Function: Increase the hydration, reduce the wrinkles and fine line

 8.  Regenerating – *RECOMMENDED*
Function: Result in glowing complexion, smoother & softer

 9. Purifying – *RECOMMENDED*
Function: Regulates excessive sebaceous section, antiseptic effect on acne and pimple skin.

 10. Beauty shine care – *RECOMMENDED*
Function: Improve skin texture and leave skin clear matt

 11. Scar – *RECOMMENDED*
Function: Strengthen the epithelial structure

 12. Collagen – *RECOMMENDED*
Function: Anti wrinkle complex, rehydrate, anti ageing, collagen and elastin strengthener.

 13. Bust Care
Function: For bust lifting action, restore elasticity

 14. Tightening
Function: Reducing the pores dilation

 15. Oxygenerating – *RECOMMENDED*
Function: Rejuvenate and repair the skin aggressions


Click on image to view larger and clearer ingredients list



  1. Is the eye care used purely for eye?

    • hi sun,

      yes it it. 🙂

  2. can review the products u recommended?

    • hi fang,

      yes noted! i will post them up slowly when i have the time. 🙂

  3. Hi. do you have the ingredients?

    • hi lynn,

      yes, i have. please leave your email and i will email it to you. 🙂

  4. Pls let mi know when u are gg to open the next spree~~ i wan to get some for my photoshoot next May.. thanks!

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