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WordPress on mobile

Miracule has just installed WordPress on her iPhone and with that, she hopes to reply to you as soon as possible. 🙂

Sorry for slow replies sometimes, as I am really busy with jugging work, home, romance with hubby, a very cute & fun 2 year old boy and on top of that, trying my best to look very good still! (Ha! It really ain’t an easy feat though.. Try not having enough sleep for the past 2 years.. This is the life after for a mom.)

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My Beauty Reviews on Facebook

It is a dream of all women to want to look younger, prettier, healthier, slimmer and much much more!

Thus the birth of this blog that you are reading ( where i hope to share my experiences while seeking for the youthful potion , I hope to share my personal experiences and knowledge about beauty related topics, particularly on the products which i have personally purchased and used.

Over the time, i have also recently created a facebook page. I hope to be able to build up a interative community where every members can share reviews of the beauty products you used too! it’s no longer a one way recommendation like the blog but here, everyone can share information about the products you like!

Let’s look and feel good together!

Join me at Facebook Page for My Beauty Reviews now!

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Reviews of Laneige Products added onto Facebook!

Hi dearies,

i have just uploaded a couple of reviews on Laneige products onto the facebook page.

Please click here for more information and sharing!

See you there! 🙂

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Therapeutic Dermalogica Formula


Product Name: AHA Facial Wash For Oily and Acne-Prone Skin
Brand: Therepeutic Dermalogica Formula
Packaging: 237ml in a tube
Price: can’t remember, have to check again

5 out of 5 stars!!

This currently works BEST for me! remember when i was pregnant, i was plagued by horrific acne issues where i got up to 20 acne on the face at any time?? as i was still breastfeeding, the hormones problem continue and the acne was a permanent visitor on my face. -_-“”” i can’t use any antibiotics from the doctor too..

how i wish i use this earlier but it’s all good! my face is very clear now! of acne, of scars and of blackheads and all!

the facial wash is very good.. it doesn’t dries the face, neither does it sting at all. this combination currently helps me save a lot of time as well. i do not use facial scrub very often now, masks once in a while.. oiliness is further controlled by the mild astringent, and the mild astringent also removes other impurities still on the face, and allow other products like ampoules to be absorbed better..

i heart! Plus!! A lil dot is all i need every wash, the bottle goes a long way!

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Posted by: Miracule | June 16, 2011

Ginvera Green Tea Nude BB Cream

Product Name: Green Tea Nude BB Cream
Brand: Ginvera
Packaging: 25ml in a tube
Price: SGD 13.20 (20% off now) from Watsons

4 out of 5 stars

After being a mom, what is the thing that is always not enough? *TIME*. Thus i become a faithful user of a BB cream, reason being there is really not enough time to even sleep.. so it really save me alot of time to just apply an all-in-one makeup base.

Walked past watsons the other day, an poster caught my attention. “Ginvera also have their own BB cream now?” i asked myself. if you have used the green tea marvel gel before, you would have quite like ginvera for the nice tea smell and ultra light texture of their products. so of cos, being a sucker like me, i just went in to buy a tube to try out. 🙂 🙂

i must say, of all BB creams i used, this is one of my favorite!

1) natural color that blends into skin to create an even complexion with a slight glow. it looks 水汪汪.

2) texture is like serum, quite watery thus very easy to blend onto face and spreads out quickly.

3) It feels like water on the face, no oil at all.

4) Doesn’t clogged my pores or caused breakouts

5) Concealing power is so so only though. which is ok with me currently cos i wanted to achieve a nude natural makeup look which of cos should show some scars and dark eye rings.. haha. you will definitely need to conceal with another concealer if you want it to be flawless.

After applying the BB cream, i complete the makeup by pressing on my Skin79 Hologram Pearl Pact and oohlala~ i have this really nice glowy look already!

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Mybeautyreviews is on facebook!

Hi ladies,

i am sorry for the non-updates because i find it difficult to find time to come up to wordpress to blog with an active toddler. (yes! my baby is already 20 months old now!)

i am pleased to announce that My Beauty Reviews is now on Facebook as well. 🙂

This move is to promote more regular updates as well as better collaboration with you all, fellow beauty lovers like me.

Do join the page by clicking here.

See you!

Posted by: Miracule | February 5, 2010

Hiruscar – scar remover gel

Product Name: Hiruscar
Packaging: 20g in a tube
Price: SGD 25.90 from most local pharmacies

4.5 out of 5 stars

I went to see a GP nearby my house for diarrhoea recently and the doctor kept on mentioning about the severity of my pimple scars. -_-” i told him it happened during my pregnancy where i can have more than 25 pimples on the face at any one go! and now i am still breastfeeding… so how? what to do? When my son grows older then i go laser to remove the scars lo.. and he introduced me something called “Erase Scar Gel” for scars remover! He ask me to try it and i should see improvements in one week!

True enough, i applied the gel day and night and my acne scarring have improved alot, the red marks have faded and the pitted holes (old and new) seem to have smoothen out more! But SGD9 for a miserable 5g tube seems to be too expensive! Then, i chance upon this being sold in the pharmacy when i bring my son to the polyclinic for his vaccination! SGD25.90 for 20g seems reasonable! so i just bought and try! To my surpise, i actually prefer this better than erase gel as it’s more effective!

This Hiruscar gel is very light (lighter than erase gel) and get absorbs into the skin more easily after massaging for a while (wherus erase Scar gel doesn’t get absorbed into the skin but leave a layer on top of the skin. Hiruscar has a similar fragrance with Erase Scar (i think  because of similar ingredients) but i prefer the smell of Hiruscar as it is not as strong compared to Erase Scar Gel. 

About 3 weeks since i am using this Hiruscar now. The red marks have faded alot, now left the older scars which like light brown in colour. For pitted holes, this gel seem to have soften the skin texture. Those smaller pitted holes are not as noticeable as last time! i am really hardworking in using this now! Hopefully  in 6 months i will see better results!

p/s:  of course i am realistic enough to know that it will not heal my scars completely to smooth baby skin! Even if you go for laser you cannot remove it 100%.  so have to be realistic. at least this doesn’t cost a bomb and there is no downtime. 🙂

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Scrub the problems away, gently!

Product Name: Dermoglo MicroRenew
Brand: Dermoglo
Packaging: 15inch x 15inch in a sealed package
Price: SGD 36 from Dermaglow

(Special Offer: Enter coupon code COZY upon checkout to get Derm0glo at only $33! Save $3. Offer ends on 6 Feb 2010)

4.5 out of 5 stars

I came across this product on a forum and after reading so reviews on this cloth, i decided to order one to try out (when i ordered, there wasn’t this promo yet!!) i will tell you why i was entise to purchase later. Immediately after first trial, my skin is sooooooo smooth! Both myself and my mother agreed that my face was immediately fairer and matt too! If only i knew of this earlier then i could have use this during my pregnancy!

It’s been two week since i am using it now (on a daily basis). My acne scarring (those red marks) are visibily lighter and my open pores are smaller! There are lesser new pimples or acne formed (except the day where i ate durians). However, i can’t seem to be able to remove my blackheads just by scrubbing though, after scrubbing, i still require the blackhead extractor to remove my stubborn blackheads. Oh ya, my friend who came by to visit me and my baby on the fourth day of using the Derm0Glo, asked me if i went to do facial! She commented that my face looked radiant and the pimples scarring has lighten by so much! (and she has just seen me one week before too!)

One more thing that i observed, after using this once a day at night, it seem to have allowed my other skincare products to absorbed better and thus made them more effective! Hmm, one more reminder, please do not use this on existing pimples or acne, as you do not want to pick up the acne bacteria and spread it around on your face ya?

Thumbs up! i would say this is a must try! It’s so simple to use because all you need is just water and after using this cloth, you can see patches of brownish stained on the cloth! This shows that all the day’s dirt, pollution and dead skin goes onto the cloth! And all i do is just rinse the cloth under running water and viola! the cloth becomes clean again! Plus the fact that it’s afforable!

p/s: i bought 2 pieces of DermoGlo, one pink (i love the pink one sooo much) for my face and one white one for my body as it says that the Derm0Glo can work on stretch marks as well. Haven’t started using on my body yet! will update again when i tried for body and see if it can really lighten my stretch marks or not!

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spree for ampoules again

hey girls!

i am restarting the ampoules spree again! 🙂

please see spree page for more details. 🙂

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Common Acne Treatment Mistakes by Mario Badescu Skin Care

Hey girls, i am so into Mario Badecus recently! i have purchased and tried a few products and they really work! will share the reviews with you probably next week when i start clearing my leave! Luv, miracule.

– – – – – – – – – –

Acne is frustrating to deal with and worse, there is no actual cure. In our quest for clear skin we have to realize what is truth and what is fiction. With so much out there, it’s important that we get our skin care information from reliable, trusted sources.


While the sun’s rays can seem to make an improvement on erupted skin, the long term effects of sun exposure are too risky and dangerous. Acne prescriptions can make skin much more sun sensitive so is necessary to use a high sunscreen to protect delicate skin. Hyperpigmentation (brown or red spots) caused by acne is going to be slower to fade away and may even darken with sun exposure. Sun exposure is not a quick fix or solution to acne and is detrimental to the health of your skin and body.

Popping pimples

Dirty fingernails on the skin, unsanitary conditions and improper squeezing techniques all can cause further infection, spreading of the acne and permanent scarring. A dermatologist or licensed esthetician should be the only people extracting pimples for you. If you have a pimple that is very swollen and painful, an anti-inflammatory like Advil and a warm compress on the skin can alleviate the discomfort until you can seek professional treatment.


Regular exfoliation is necessary to prevent pores from being clogged up with dead skin cells which in turn will prevent pimples from forming although scrubbing on openly erupted skin is a recipe for disaster. Grains in exfoliating products can burst open the small pimples and spread the bacteria around the face. Stimulating oily skin can also cause the oil glands to go into overdrive, not to mention causing further irritation to delicate skin trying to heal. Avoid scrubbing near or on open eruptions on the skin.

Over washing your face

Since acne is not a skin disease caused by poor hygiene or “dirty” skin it is not necessary to over cleanse. Gentle daily cleansing will remove excess oil from the skin and not strip the skin of necessary moisture and hydration. Excessive cleansing with high detergent products can stimulate the oil glands, causing more congestion and pimples along with possibly dryness and irritation.

Avoiding fried foods and chocolate

There is a common myth that fried foods and chocolate cause acne. Extensive studies shows this to be untrue although eating a diet of junk food especially food high in processed sugars, is not good for the body, including the skin. Load up on vitamin-rich fruits and veggies for their antioxidant protection. Practice moderation always with high calorie and high fat foods. Some studies show that diets high in dairy (due to the hormones in dairy products) can trigger acne though nothing is 100 percent proven. Overall healthy diets will improve the body, skin included.

Using very hot water to cleanse and rinse

Hot water can damage delicate capillaries in the skin causing a red, blotchy look as well as stimulate oil glands into overdrive. Tepid water for a thorough rinsing is always best.

Eliminating moisturizer

All skin needs moisture and hydration especially when acne treatments effect the moisture levels in the skin, particularly medications like Retin A and Accutane. Non-oil moisturizers are best for acne prone or acne erupted skin since they will not clog pores. Hydrating gels feel very light and non-greasy on problem skin. A daytime moisturizer with sunscreen is highly recommended to protect from hyperpigmention and the sun’s aging effects.

Note: Extracted from Mario Badescu

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