Dear Readers,

It’s been a long long time since i am away from spreeing ampoules! As you know, i temporary stopped the sprees cos i was pregnant with my second prince! Now that my bb is born and confinement is over, i am back to take your orders for ampoules & beauty related products again!

The closing date for this spree will be on 23 Aug, Friday at 12pm. Ampoules estimated to be ready for collection or delivery from 26 Aug 2013  onwards.


If there are other products that you are looking for, please feel free to contact me at tinkene@gmail.com for more information.

Cheers with Love,

Please email your questions to tinkene@gmail.com for faster response. 🙂 Currently only spreeing for in Singapore only.

If you would like to join the mailing list, please add a comment below with your email address. Your comment will be in private mood for confidentiality. 🙂

– – – –


1) Read the ampoules descriptions by clicking on links below and send your order list to tinkene@gmail with Subject: Ampoules Spree
2) Wait for reply and invoice
3) Make payment as per email
4) Ampoules arrived and wait for Postal Mail or arrange for self collection from Seng Kang


– Spree close on 23 Aug 2013 (Fri) 12pm sharp.
– Items estimated for collection by 26 Aug 2013.
– Please use your name as per your order when transferring the payment.
– I will provide updates to the best of my ability. Updates will be done via emails.


– Due to time constraint, distribution is strictly by post only for orders 4 boxes and below. There is free local postage for every order.
– Please add $2.24 if you want registered post.
– Free Registered Mails for orders 3 boxes and above.
– Note that I am not responsible for lost mails however I have never encounter lost mails before thus I trust singpost.
– for bulk orders, meetup collection to be arranged at my place at Seng Kang at my convenience


** Read the reviews of some of the ampoules by clicking on “Ampoule” on the Category Drop-down list on the right.

What are Ampoules?

Ampoules are airtight glass containers that are filled with a concentration of highly active ingredients. Ampoules usually contain botanical extracts, vitamins and enzymes in various combinations and do not have any preservatives or chemicals due to the airtight packaging. These ampoules are designed to address every skin conditions and deficiency. Ampoules can have remarkable effects on various skin conditions, irritations, hyper – pigmentation, as well as, aging. Visible results are achieved within a short time after application. Ampoules are commonly used in beauty salons during facials/before make up application. You can use it for special occasions or incorporate it into your skincare regime. Makeup lasts longer as it is helpful in controlling sebum and makes our face looks less oily. Skin feels very soft and hydrated after application.
Application: To obtain maximum results, carry out the treatment of 10 to 15 days. After careful cleansing, distribute the content of the ampoule evenly over the face, neck and decollate. Apply light massage with pinching movements until the ingredient is fully absorbed. Then apply day cream or foundation in the evening before applying any night cream. No Toner is required after application of ampoule. Do not used on open wound or peeling skin.

{Please click on the below product pages to access the ampoules and mask information}


PRO-Q Facial Masks formulated from France
Beauty Cottage Soft Masks formulated from USA


PRO-Q Ampoules formulated from France – Cheapest and good for maintainence
Beauty Cottage Ampoules formulated from USA – Claimed with Natural ingredients only
Sensual Ampoules formulated from Germany – Highly concentrated, best for night usage


Body Slimming Ampoules formulated from France

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